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Season Six

105 Tough Boys - 1990-9-17

A group of youth vigilantes, are taking explosive measures to blow away the crack ring in their neighborhood.

106 Humanity - 1990-9-24

Romania, an elite corps still loyal to their dead tyrant Ceauscescu sabotage a plan to uncover his secret files. In the chaos following their assault, MacGyver tries appealing to an agent's sense of humanity.

107 The Gun - 1990-10-1

MacGyver and a crazed anarchist search for a gun used in a 20 year old assassination and a present-day cop killing. Its needed to clear a friend accused of the shooting.

108 Twenty Questions - 1990-10-8

MacGyver tries getting Lisa Woodman to admit her drinking problem that's already led to her involvement in a string of burglaries.

109 The Wall - 1990-10-22

MacGyver seeks to reunite an East German expatriate and his granddaughter Maria. But the granddaughter may be in cahoots with two agents who want a stash of gold in the old man's possession.

110 Lesson in Evil - 1990-10-29

Dr. Zito, a nemesis of MacGyver's, escapes following a sanity hearing. The crazed man leaves a trail of clues intended to give MacGyver a crash course in evil.

111 Harry's Will - 1990-11-5

MacGyver's grandfather wills him a Nomad station wagon. Some crazy crooks and an elderly ex-con believe a treasure is hidden in the Nomad and come after Mac.

112 MacGyver's Women - 1990-11-12

MacGyver dreams he is back in Serenity, after an embarrassing scene with Maria, Lt. Murphy, and Jenny. In the dream he must rescue all three ladies from the Hole in the Wall Gang and their ruthless leader, Kid Curry.

113 Bitter Harvest - 1990-11-19

A farm-worker turns up dead while investigating a grower's possible use of illegal pesticides. MacGyver picks up where he left off.

114 The Visitor - 1990-12-3

A desperate rural family is conned by a couple of "extraterrestrials" promising to transport them to a utopian planet for a price. MacGyver comes to their aid.

115 Squeeze Play - 1990-12-17

MacGyver helps a former baseball player who's being blackmailed by a counterfeit-memorabilia ring.

116 Jerico Games - 1991-1-7

MacGyver reunites with his high-school sweetheart. She's now the embittered wife of a media-mogul sponsoring an international sports competition.

117 The Wasteland - 1991-1-21

MacGyver must halt a land developer from creating an environmental ruin. Meanwhile the man's son and daughter are planning to run their father out of the family business.

118 Eye of Osiris - 1991-2-4

A cranky archaeologist and his adventuresome assistant get MacGyver's help searching for Alexander the Great's tomb. But their work's cursed by a vengeful villain.

119 High Control - 1991-2-11

A parolee with the will to go straight needs MacGyver's aid to battle his old biker gang that wants to blackmail him.

120 There But For The Grace - 1991-2-18

MacGyver poses as homeless to investigate the murder of an old high school friend.

121 Blind Faith - 1991-3-4

Pete Thornton's old girlfriend, a political dissident, is in danger as she seeks to expose the atrocities committed in her Latin American country. (Pete openly admits to MacGyver that he has glaucoma.)

122 Faith, Hope, and Charity - 1991-3-18

MacGyver is tracking the endangered gray wolf, when he's side-tracked by mobsters, he gets help from two charitable women Faith and Hope.

123 Strictly Business - 1991-4-8

Murdoc comes out of "retirement" to hit the one elusive target: MacGyver.

124 Trail of Tears - 1991-4-29

A Native American advocate and electric-company representatives are disputing over land The situation gets nasty when both parties are willing to take extreme actions.

125 Hind-Sight - 1991-5-6

Awaiting the operation to treat Pete Thornton's glaucoma, MacGyver and Thornton look back on the adversities they've overcome in the past.

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