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Season Seven

Filming of MacGyver has moved back to Los Angeles.

126 Honest Abe - 1991-9-16

MacGyver is at the Bar Mitzvah of his friend's son when the boy's grandfather, Abe, gets MacGyver tangled in a web of international intrigue involving an eccentric Caribbean dictator and a high-tech helicopter.

127 The 'Hood - 1991-9-23

MacGyver moves into a Bohemian section of town after losing his houseboat to fire. MacGyver springs into action when a young woman in his new neighborhood stumbles into trouble with hit men.

128 Obsessed - 1991-9-30

MacGyver's recurring nightmares of Murdoc have him sleepless and edgy as he provides security at a deposed dictator's criminal trial.

129 The Prometheus Syndrome - 1991-10-7

MacGyver's efforts to help smoke out a psychopathic arsonist turn personal.

130 The Coltons - 1991-10-14

The Colton family aids an Amerasian girl fleeing from the Chinese Mafia. She's the lone witness to a Chinatown murder. MacGyver only appears briefly at the beginning and end of this episode. It was intended as the pilot for a spinoff series, which never happened, based around the Colton family.

131 Walking Dead - 1991-10-21

MacGyver's in deep trouble when a group of Haitian extortionists kidnap a friend's activist daughter turning her into a zombie.

132 and 133 Good Knight MacGyver - 1991-11-4 (Part 1) 1991-11-11 (Part 2)

Part 1 A hard bump on the head sends MacGyver back in time to King Arthur's Court. His futuristic ways threaten Merlin's magic, but they also may prove that Merlin was not behind the assassination attempt on the King.

Part 2 Attempting to clear his family's name, MacGyver accompanies Merlin on a quest to free Galahad's beloved Cecilia as well as foil Morgana's wicked plan. Morgana has discovered gunpowder. MacGyver's first name was revealed in this episode.

134 Deadly Silents - 1991-11-18

MacGyver helps an old silent-movie comedian whose only remaining prints of his work are stolen.

135 Split Decision - 1991-12-2

Earl Dent, MacGyver's boxer buddy, fights to retain custody of his daughter. However some bad bookies want him to dive in his comeback bout.

136 Gunz 'N Boyz - 1991-12-16

A Challenger Club youth takes the blame for shooting a gang member. The gang member was actually murdered by a weapons dealer who exploiting street violence.

137 Off the Wall - 1991-12-30

MacGyver helps a young graffiti-artist and his grandmother, who've been evicted by a slum-lord to make way for a development project.

138 The Stringer - 1992-4-25

MacGyver's last regular-series adventure. MacGyver takes on a Chinese dissident's dangerous cause and gets help from an unexpected source - his son.

139 The Fountain of Youth (the "lost" episode) - 1992-5-21

Jack Dalton convinces MacGyver to join him on a search for the fountain of youth in Kabulstan. After discovering a land that appears to be a real Shangri-La the two find themselves battling nuclear terrorists.

140 Lost Treasure of Atlantis (2 hour made-for-TV movie) - 1994-5-14

MacGyver, his archaeology professor, and an old friend search for the legendary treasure of Atlantis. An enterprising Englishman and his partner want the treasure for other reasons.

141 Trail to Doomsday (2 hour made-for-TV movie) - 1994-11-24

While celebrating the birthday of his good friend Paul in England, a shooting occurs. Paul and his daughter Elisa are killed. Mac investigates with the help of Natalia, he soon discovers a secret nuclear weapons facility.

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