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Richard Dean Anderson: the Man

Richard Dean Anderson first wanted to become a professional hockey player. However, after two accidents where he broke each arm he decided to change professions. While deciding what to do, at age 17 Anderson biked 6,000 miles across Canada with friends, eventually riding alone for 33 days. Like his TV persona, MacGyver, RDA is a rugged outdoorsman with a passion for hockey, car racing, skydiving, and skiing.

In addition to his interest in sports and his love of hockey, Richard enjoys travel and playing his guitar. He composed the original piece, Eau d'Leo, used in MacGyver. Preffering the country-rock guitar style of artists like Steve Earle, RDA has considered Leo Kottke to be his musical idol for years. Richard is a founder of the Celebrity All Star Hockey team, a group of hockey enthusiasts from the sports and entertainment worlds, who play for charity in NHL cities throughout the country.

Some past love interests include: Deidre Hall, Sela Ward, Marlee Matlin, Katarina Witt, Teri Hatcher, and Lara Flynn Boyle. Richard and April Proz celebrated the birth of their daughter, on August 2, 1998. Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson. Richard spends his time between Vancouver, Los Angeles, and his cabin in northern Minnesota.

Richard's thoughts turn to acting...

Given his parentage Richard's interest naturally turned to performing. He admits acting seemed foreign to him, but he saw it as a way to accomplish some fantasies. Anderson studied drama at St. Cloud State College and Ohio University, then moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a street mime and juggler, a jester-singer, and stage manager. Eventually he was cast in "Superman in the Bones" at the pilgrimage theatre. He also wrote, directed, and performed in shows at the theme-park, Marineland.

Richard gained national recognition in 1976 as Dr. Jeff Webber of General Hospital. After five years in that role, he left for prime time television. He appeared in two short-lived television series for CBS, as the eldest brother in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and as a hot-shot Naval pilot in Emerald Point N.A.S., along with numerous guest appearances in other series.

In 1985 Richard Dean Anderson stars in MacGyver.

Here's how he won the role: He had been called in for an audition, and asked to "cold read" an unfamiliar script. Being nearsighted, he asked to wear his glasses for the reading, and that simple unselfconscious act immediately convinced the show's producers that they had found the right man to become their unpretentious hero. MacGyver ran for seven successful years, and continues to enjoy popularity all around the world.

Gekko Film Corp.

Richard and partner, Michael Greenburg, signed an overall deal with Paramount Pictures to develop and produce several films and series for television for their own production company, Gekko Film Corp. Their first project cast RDA as MacGyver once again. Richard was both star and executive producer of two MacGyver movies for television, aired in 1994 to critical acclaim. The next project was the 1995 TV series Legend for UPN.

Richard Dean Anderson's Film Appearances

General Hospital (1976 - 1981)

RDA played the role of young resident and neurosurgeon Dr. Jeff Webber.

The Facts of Life 1981

RDA guest stars as Brain Parker. In the episode: Brian and Sylvia.

Today'S FBI 1981

RDA guest starred in the episode: The Fugitive, as Andy McFay, a childhood friend of Al Gordean. Andy McFay was a dispatcher in a trucking company who helped in an an armored car robbery, was caught, and imprisoned.

The Love Boat 1982

Guest starred in the episode: Cold Feet, as Carter Randall, Julie's cousin. Carter is on the cruise with his fiancée Muffy, and begs Julie to help him back out of the wedding by getting Muffy to fall in love with another man. The "other man" ends up being Carter, in a cowboy disguise.

Young Doctors in Love

Richard plays the mini-role of Vanilla.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Based on the 1954 MGM musical, the story centers around the seven McFadden brothers. Richard Dean Anderson plays the eldest brother Adam McFaddan.

$2500,000 Pyramid 1982 and 1983

Guest in the CBS Television game show twice.

Emerald Point N.A.S.

A series about two families at the Emerald Point Naval Air Station. Richard Dean plays the role of lieutenant Simon Adams, a hot-shot Naval pilot. Set somewhere on the coast of the Southern United States. Rear Adm. Thomas Mallory is the man in charge, a widower and father of three daughters. Celia hates the Navy but is married to a Navy lawyer who likes it. Kay (Stephanie Dunnam) has eyes for a handsome young pilot, Glenn (Andrew Stevens), who's engaged to Hilary Adams, a calculating chameleon and Kay's best friend. The youngest daughter Leslie (Doran Clark) has made Dad proud by graduating from Annapolis.

Battle of the Network Stars

Guest contestant.

Macgyver 1985 - 1992

MacGyver originally aired Monday nights on ABC. Starring Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver, a resouceful, friendly, mild mannered, former special forces soldier and later a 'troubleshooter' for the Pheonix Foundation. MacGyver aired for seven seasons from 1985 through 1992. USA Network aired reruns for several years afterward and most recently WGN began running the show. (See the MacGyver page for more details on the show).

Odd Jobs

Richard Dean guest stars as Spud. Max and five other boys are moving, each going their own way; one becomes a waiter, the other a professional mover who goes to work with a bunch of idiots. Eventually the five start their own moving company, and borrow $20,000.00 from the maffia, getting themselves in big trouble. It turns out, that the two idiots who also work for the moving company, steal cars. The five friends solve the mystery of the lost cars, and all is well. However, Max wants his girlfriend Sally, back. She has to pick between Max or Spud - she picks Max.

Ordinary Heroes

Starred as Tony, opposite Valerie Bertinelli, in this remake of the 1945 movie: "Pride of the Marines". A few years earlier Tony moved in with Maria, and asks her to marry him giving her the ring moments before leaving for duty. Tony adn Ken, two friends, get wounded by an explosion in Vietnam and Tony awakes to discover that he was blinded by the explosion. Tony and Ken's friendship is tested to the limits. Maria visits Tony against his wishes and runs out after seeing him. Tony returns to his hometown to receive an award. During a dinner Tony and Maria settle things.

World of Audubon

Guest host in 1989 and 1990

In the Eyes of a Stranger 1992

Richard starred as a disillusioned cop, Jack Rourke, opposite Justine Bateman. In the subway a strange man is adressing Lynn Carlson about a hiding place for stolen money. Wearing headphones, she's unable to hear him. A second man enters the carriage, and the first kills himself. Lynn gets 24-hour police proctection. Lynn falls in love with Jack Rourke, one of the officers. Step by step Jack crosses more borders. Is Lynn really as honest as he thinks she is?

Through the Eyes of a Killer

RDA is a psychotic stalker pursuing Marg Helgenberger. Laurie desides to leave her boyfriend, Jerry Tharlton, who is cheating her. She finds a new apartment that needs a lot of work. At the office she receives unexpected help from Ray Bellano, who is a master builder. Their romance seems to be dominated by dark forces, and the apartment seems to be communicating with Ray. Laurie discovers the secret of her house, but is it in time to stop a bloodbath?

The Lost Treasure of Atlantis

A two-hour made for TV movie starring RDA as MacGyver. Macgyver, his archaeology proessor, and an old friend search for the legendary treasure of Atlantis, but an enterprising Englishman and his partner want the treasure for other reasons.

Trail to Doomsday

Another two-hour made for TV movie starring RDA as MacGyver. While celebrating the birthday of his good friend Paul in England, a shooting occurs. Paul and his daughter Elise are killed. Mac investigates with the help of Natalia, he soon discovers a secret nuclear weapons facility.

Beyond Betrayal 1994

Joanna Matthews (Susan Dey) is hiding and living under the name Emma Doyle, in an attempt to escape her abusive husband. Normally that might be easy but Bradley Matthews (RDA) is a police officer. Though he appears to be a good police officer, the real Bradley is a cool, calculating, sociopath. This chilling performance of an abusive husband caused Daily Variety to remark, "credit Richard Dean Anderson with a performance so creepy that masks of his character could be Halloween bestsellers."

Past the Bleachers 1995

Richard Dean Anderson explored the opposite end of the acting spectrum in a powerful and touching performance as a father grieving the loss of his young son. It's summer in Sedgebury, Vermont and baseball season started. Several people's paths are crossing eachother. Bill Parish (RDA), still mourning the loss of his son. Hilton Burberry, who organizes the baseball games is still looking for a new coach. Lucky Diamond, a mysterious 10-year old mute child. And Ed Godfrey, a senior citizen realizing that he's getting old. They're all important for Lucky, who may finally have a chance for a family.


Richard portrayed Ernest Pratt a gambling, womanizing, hard-drinking writer who reluctantly takes on the role of his literary hero, Nicodemus Legend, in a lighthearted blend of western and science fiction. Pratt has created Legend in his own image, and all the novels are written in the first person. Because of this, many readers believe that Ernest Pratt is Nicodemus Legend.


Following the premature cancellation of Legend, Richard signed with CBS television, and filmed a pilot episode for a new series Firehouse. As Lieutenant Michael Brooks, he leads a team of New York City firefighters. But Firehouse was never aired.

Pandora's Clock

A NBC miniseries, this four-hour pandemic thriller cast Richard as James Holland a 46 year old former fighter pilot, now serving as a 747 captain for Quantum airlines. An airliner full of holiday travelers suddenly becomes a pawn in a game of international intrigue when a passenger collapses apparently from an unknown virus so deadly that it can kill millions within days. Unable to find any airport in Europe that will allow him to land, Holland must weave through the potentially lethal maze of biological warfare, international terrorism, and political deceit to ensure the safety of his passengers in this harrowing race against the clock.

Newton's Apple

Guest host.

Stargate SG-1

A new science fiction series, based on Stargate, MGM's 1994 hit film. Richard Dean Anderson plays Colonel Jack O'Neill. Visit the official site.

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