Stone Cold Steve Austin's Custom Made Belt

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When Stone Cold Steve Austin first became Federation Champion, after defeating Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XIV, he obtained a title that was recently purchased by Vince McMahon. Just after Fully Loaded, July 1998, Austin traded in the official Federation Championship and started carrying his own custom-made belt. The new belt was much better suited for him, featuring a skull, rattlesnake, and more attitude. Austin reined champion until September, at Breakdown, when Kane and the Undertaker pinned the Rattlesnake simultaneously. Mr. McMahon snatched the title and ran from the arena screaming at Austin, "You don't have it anymore, it's mine!"

The next day, 1998-09-28 on RAW, Mr. McMahon came out with the custom made gold and announced that he planned to hang Austin's custom belt on his mantle. Then he put the belt around his own waist and mocked Stone Cold. Later that evening, Steve Austin attacked McMahon in the Zamboni incident and was arrested. While being led away by police, Austin promised, "I ain't done with ya yet Vince - not by a longshot!" The following week, Austin attacked Vince in the hospital (an episode also featuring Mr. Socko's debut), though he did not recover his custom belt.

In October, Vince wanted Austin to humble himself, making the Rattlesnake the special referee in Kane vs Undertaker, at Judgment Day. Stone Cold knocked them both out, administered a three count and declared himself the winner. Mr. McMahon fired him on the spot. The next night on RAW, Austin took Vince hostage making him literally squeal like a pig with a toy 'Bang 3:16' pistol. Vince sent Shane out to sign Austin to a new contract - with the stipulation that he could not attack the owner without sufficient physical provocation. The contract guaranteed one title shot as well.

Austin was unable to recapture the WWF Championship, at Survivor Series when Shane double crossed him. At the Royal Rumble, instead of simply tossing Vince over the ropes and winning the match, he beat on him until The Rock distracted him, and Mr. McMahon got the win. With a little help from Commissioner Michaels, Austin got another shot at WrestleMania. Austin overcame months of difficulty and finally regained the title. So its understandable that Austin would not want to wear any 'official' Federation Championship, he wants his title not Vince's.

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