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Wrestling Highlights

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[ Chyna and The Kat ] Chyna began her Federation career as Hunter Hearst Helmsley's valet. She aided him in winning matches and when he joined with Shawn Michaels to form D-Generation X, she became an integral part. Over time her character developed, giving her a stronger personality. She was 'involved' with Mark Henry at one point. Her ring time increased as she was involved in some mixed-gender matches along with various members of DX.

Chyna followed Hunter to the Corporation when D-Generation X fell apart. On 1999-08-09 Chris Jericho debuted, who Chyna later developed a rivalry with, and Chyna gained number one contender status for the WWF Championship with Triple H's help. The next RAW Triple H demands a shot at Chyna to get the number-one status, Chyna wins with Mankind's help. Then by Commissioner Michael's order she faces Mankind and loses - ultimately this ends in a Triple Threat scenario at Summer Slam. Eventually Chyna went off on her on, developing a rivalry with Jeff Jarrett. She defeated Jarrett becoming the first woman to hold the WWF Intercontinental Championship at No Mercy 1999. Along with Jarrett's title she took one of his valets, Miss Kitty - now known as The Kat. There was speculation during this time that Chyna might rejoin the recently reunited D-Generation X but that has yet to happen (2000-06-07).

Chyna's rivalry with Chris Jericho began 1999-10-24. The two met at Survivor Series where Chyna retained the IC Title after a grueling match. The next night on RAW Jericho abducts Chyna and smashes her thumb with a hammer. They continue the rivalry till Armageddon where Jericho defeated her becoming the IC Champ. Chyna congratulates him and for the next several weeks helps Jericho to hang on to the title, finally admitting that she was waiting till her thumb fully healed before her rematch. Chyna took on Jericho 1999-12-30, however the victor was not clear. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley made a first time-ever ruling that made Chyna and Chris Jericho co-Intercontinental Champions on 2000-01-03. Chris Jericho and Chyna defend the title, both alone, and together, holding on to it until 2000-01-23 at Royal Rumble where Chyna, Jericho, and Hardcore Holly competed in a Triple Threat match which named Jericho the undisputed IC Champ (Jericho later loses the IC Title to Kurt Angle at No Way Out). Additionally, Chyna was the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble match but was eliminated by Boss Man.

Since the Rumble Chyna has stayed close to Jericho, often aiding him in matches whether out of respect or once again waiting to win the title back...who knows. She also participated as Jericho's partner in numerous tag matches. By February Chyna has developed somewhat of a friendship with Too Cool and Rikishi Phatu, even joining them for a dance (2000-2-28). And has gotten into some skirmishes with the Radicals (Benoit, Saturn, Guerrero, and Malenko).

I'll probably add some detail here eventually, until then you can still search for other highlights in the Summaries.

Joanie has been involved with New Japan Pro-wrestling since she left the WWE.

Joanie Laurer was at an auto show in my area during February 2003. I met her and got a couple autographs. I wrote a separate article about the event.

Videos and Books

Playboy - Joanie Laurer, Nude Wrestling Superstar VHS.

Chyna Fitness (VHS)

Chyna: If They Only Knew 304 pages Hardcover.

Tonight Show

2000-02-11 Chyna appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show. She discussed how she got involved in pro-wrestling and the difficulties of being accepted in a male dominated profession. She joked about her implants as being an investment - she could auction them later when she didn't need them. And at Jay's prompting she gave her weight as 196 lb., height 5' 10" - and her current bench press as 365 lb.

3rd Rock From the Sun

2000-03-14 Chyna appeared on 3rd Rock. She played a police officer, who ended up crying because everyone always wanted to fight her. In this comedy role Chyna showed a broader range than what the WWF allows her character. There were several references to Chyna in the WWF during the show as is the case with Austin's role on Nash Bridges.

Chyna appeared on 3rd Rock several times thru the season. Episode synopses are available at (They were when I original wrote this at any rate - I don't see them now. You should find some at the Open Directory though.

Pacific Blue: Kidnapped

[Chyna and Mario Lopez] 2000-03-19 Chyna assumes the role of body-building safe cracker Tonya Sweet. Pac Blue opened with Chyna tossing several cops around the precinct until they shove her in a cell. Chyna's partners kidnap a pregnant McNamara (Paula Trickey) to negotiate her release. Lt. T.C. Callaway (Jim Davidson) tries to interrogate Tonya but doesn't get passed the violent and arrogant attitude. T.C. later tries to talk to her in her cell and she knocks him out of the way and charges for the door, leveling a couple uniforms and bodyslaming one on a desk before she gets hit with a tazer. Several officers drug Tonya, without the Lt. knowing, and manage to get some intel out of her. Meanwhile McNamara tells one of her captors she's pregnant and gets some sympathy - but his partner shoots him when its found out. With D.A. Blake, McNamara's boyfriend, constantly arguing and eventually helping - Lt. Callaway breaks policy and takes Tonya to trade for McNamara. As the girls walk passed eachother T.C. gets shot in the leg and Tonya nearly gets away in her partner's van. McNamara shoots the driver causing the van to crash, Tonya climbs out of the wreckage and starts pummeling the Lt. until McNamara nails her with a board across the head. In the aftermath, McNamara decides not to tell either T.C. (a one night stand) or her boyfriend that she's pregnant.

Chyna is dressed in typical WWF Chyna fashion. While she got to do a good bit of fighting and threats - she gets to do that on WWF. Much better than Rena Mero's appearance, and more involved than Hunter's. Both Sable (Rena Mero) and Triple H appeared on episodes of PacBlue prior to Chyna.

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