IWC Wrestling at Butler Fair

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I went to a local IWC Wrestling show at the Butler Fair in 2003-06-28. The show was decent overall but the main event between Dusty Rhodes and Jerry the King Lawler was yawn-inspiring to say the least.

After the wresting event the 93.7 WBZZ DJs were assembled to perform several songs including "No Sleep to Butler" - inspired by the Beastie Boys No Sleep Till Brooklyn. The intern Amy Angle was a hotty! I met Bubba but was too nervous to say hi to Amy.

Below are some photos from the evening. The quality of some is not very good - I was still learning how to use my digital camera.

On the first row: WWE's D-Lo Brown & Dusty Rhodes, D-Lo again, Jerry Lawler & some cute chick, Lawler & D-Lo. Second row: Some IWC guy, Dusty again, The King talking to that chick, Another IWC guy. Third row: Dusty Rhodes relaxing on the wall, Bubba the Bulldog from WBZZ, Getting ready for a tag match, some dude. Fourth row: That dude got leveled, then slammed, guy in a mask, D-Lo. Fifth row: Some IWC guy, Lawler and Dusty squaring off in the last 3 pictures.

wwe_P6281122.JPG wwe_P6281125.JPG wwe_P6281128.JPG wwe_P6281130.JPG
wwe_P6281132.JPG wwe_P6281134.JPG wwe_P6281136.JPG wwe_P6281139.JPG
wwe_P6281141.JPG wwe_P6281142.JPG wwe_P6281147.JPG wwe_P6281149.JPG
wwe_P6281153.JPG wwe_P6281155.JPG wwe_P6281158.JPG wwe_P6281167.JPG
wwe_P6281168.JPG wwe_P6281206.JPG wwe_P6281207.JPG wwe_P6281215.JPG

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