The Kat - formerly Miss Kitty

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[ Chyna and The Kat ] Stacy Carter took the persona of Miss Kitty when she debuted (1999-08-23) as an assistant to Debra, Jeff Jarrett's valet. When Jeff Jarrett headed south (WCW), after Chyna defeated him at No Mercy 1999 Miss Kitty showed up with Chyna and sporting a new look complete with black wig. After Miss Kitty won the Women's Championship at Armageddon she insisted on being called The Kat.

I'll try to add some details in here... (Appended 2002-10-05, maybe I'll add something someday. You can still read about some of her action in the summary archive.)

The Kat was cheated out of the title on RAW 2000-01-31 in a First-ever Lumberjill Snow Bunny Women's Championship Match against new comer Hervina - who turned out to be Harvey Wippleman (Harvey was defeated by Jackie 2000-02-03).

The Kat's career in the WWF stayed at about the same level and eventually the push left and she was seldom seen. When her contract was not renewed, her (at the time) boyfriend Jerry 'the King' Lawler walked out on his contract as well.

From reading articles at Lawler's site their relationship took a turn for the worse and they split up. After a time the King met with Vince McMahon and got his old job as a commentator back. (Thankfully! Paul Heyman filled in while Jerry Lawler was out, and that was annoying.) I'm not sure what Stacy Carter has been doing since then.

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