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Stone Cold Steve Austin plays the role of Jake Cage on CBS's Nash Bridges. Jake Cage is a tough, street wise cop, a lady's man, and smarter than what most assume him to be - a character true to Steve Austin's Stone Cold attitude.

Appearances: Season 4 (1998-99) | Season 5 (1999-2000)

Appearances During Season 4

Pump Action (1999-02-26)

I missed this episode. A synopsis is available at It doesn't mention Steve Austin's role though.

Season Finale: Goodbye Kiss (1999-05-14)

Jake Cage (Austin) starts out competing with Nash (Don Johnson) on a case but ends up working with him. During one of the opening scenes Jake Cage rolls up to a house on a street bike with Stone Cold's theme song (buy) playing, and proceeds to kick in the door and chase the suspect out to a waiting Nash. Later Jake asks Caitlin, Nash's girlfriend, to go out with him. He had been taking fox trot lessons to impress her. And he beats up a group of Karate students as well. Also Jake Cage likes to use impressive words, like 'mendacious', and he confesses that watching the Weather Channel relaxes him.

I thought Steve Austin's role, while not much different than his role in the WWF, was executed very well. Unlike Hogan's exploits into TV and Movies, Stone Cold seemed to give his character more life. He played the role more as an actor than a wrestler doing a guest appearance. I can't wait to see more of Steve Austin in TV and films.

Appearances During Season 5

High Society (1999-10-22)

Austin Nash puts Caitlin and Jake Cage (Stone Cold Steve Austin) undercover at a Nob Hill wedding to capture a Robert Vesco-like felon. Jake needs etiquette lessons for the assignment, and Caitlin is in charge of them. Meanwhile, Nash and Joe steal a Stradivarius violin to test a wealthy man's security system and Evan and Harvey are at odds over Evan's involvement with a girl. Cage continued his attempts to charm Caitlin, and she admits that he does have his charming moments.

Get Bananas (1999-11-19)

Nash (Don Johnson) and Joe (Cheech Marin) are hired to stop the Simian Liberation Army, a group of animal rights activists, from kidnapping a celebrity chimp (Bananas) and returning it to Africa. The chimp takes a liking to Nash, prompting his manager to ask Nash and Joe to be his full time security but they decline.

Jake Cage (Steve Austin) has been undercover for the past month infiltrating the Simian Liberation Army which is headed by an international fugitive. Cage attempts to steal the chimp to use as bait, but Bananas shuts off his bike allowing Nash to catch them. Cage later steals Bananas anyhow and takes him to the Simian's ship. Nash and Joe arrive there, Cage's cover is blown and they get locked up. Bananas swipes the keys and Nash reluctantly trades a kiss for them. Then Cage and the rest take out the Simian's and capture the fugitive.

"As soon as I grabbed (the chimp) he started rubbing the back of my head, kind of like a romantic type of thing," Austin said on Live! With Regis & Kathie Lee. "They're actually twin chimpanzees and actually took a liking to me, which was cool." Concerning the rumors of a possible spinoff featuring Cage, Austin replies, "It might lead to something and there's been talk of that, but I've been around this thing long enough that I never believe anything really 'til I see it or 'til it happens."

Jackpot-Part 1 (2000-05-05)

Nash gets a tip that a hit is out on the Chief of Police. Nash tries to warn the Chief but too late. Nash's sole purpose is to find the killer. When Nash and Joe return to the SIU barge they find Caitlin has moved in the Embarcadero station - cramming the area with additional personnel and desks. Joe finds out he is sharing a desk with Jake Cage (Stone Cold Steve Austin). During their brief encounter Cage shows an affinity for porcelain turtles. Harvey and Evan pick up Tony B and he admits his trucking company is moving drug money to Vegas where Jimmy Zee's people fly it to Mexico. Harvey and Evan arrest Ellen, Tony's contact and Nash figures out that she's actually an undercover DEA agent. Nash follows a lead that turns up a truck filled with drug money. Ellen wants to use the truck to complete her assignment while Nash wants to use it as bait to catch McNair and Jimmy Zee - the guys responsible for the Chief's murder.

Nash arrests McNair, and offers to let the DEA interrogate him in exchange for a meeting with Zee. But McNair escapes from the DEA agents. Ellen meets Zee in Vegas, reveals she's DEA and wants to make a deal. He accepts. Meanwhile Jake Cage was guarding the money truck but DEA agents stormed in and took it. Realizing the double-cross Nash and Joe head to Vegas.

Steve Austin wasn't fighting as much this time. He made several brief appearances but no serious action due to his recent spinal surgery.

Jackpot-Part 2 (2000-05-19)

Nash and Joe go after McNair in Vegas. They end up going to a modeling contest where Vivian Reef tells them that McNair is stalking her. McNair alerts Jimmy Zee that Nash is in Vegas. When Caitlin realizes Nash is in Vegas, she sends Jake Cage to bring him back. Jake surprises him, then slaps handcuffs on him and starts dragging him out. Joe knocks out Cage and they take him to their room where they convince him to help find the Chief's killer.

Nash arranges for Ellen, the DEA agent, to introduce him to Zee as a pilot to fly the drug money to Mexico after agreeing to help her bring down the drug cartel behind the Chief's murder. Nash ends up bringing in Tony B as himself, since he's already undercover as the pilot. Evan and Harvey go undercover as well they chase after McNair and Evan gets shot, fatally. Nash and the DEA take down McNair and Zee's men at the airstrip. When McNair tries to fly away, Nash blows the plane out of the air with a rocket launcher. Caitlin decides to move back to Washington D.C.

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