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On 2000-03-18 WWE superstar The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) hosted NBC's® Saturday Night Live. Musical guest was AC/DC in their national TV debut. AC/DC (at ODP) performed Stiff Upper Lip (Buy) and Shook Me All Night Long (Buy).

Sidenote: I can't believe a group that's been going for near 30 yrs was never on national TV until now. Then again they are legendary without having done so.

SNL opened with Vince, Big Show, Mick Foley, and Triple H talking backstage about not fighting with the Rock. Vince delivers the, "Live from New York, its Saturday Night!" Shortly after Rock makes his entrance -- Triple H, Mick, and Show make their entrance into the stands. All the WWE people on the show were pretty funny; Big Show surprisingly so.

The Skits: Rock dressed in drag, as a monkey-man, Clark Kent, sang a love song where he was joined by Mick and Show, and several others. Hunter and the boys got involved a couple times which was a nice touch IMO. It's not often that the host brings along a support team.

I had not watched SNL in a couple years and this one had me laughing my butt off. These modern WWE superstars are truly talented in many genres.

Appended: 2002-10-06 The Rock hosted SNL a second time some time ago. I misplaced my recording of it before writing more of a summary... At any rate I don't remember it being as funny as his first appearance. Of course he didn't have several WWE stars supporting him and the SNL cast had changed as well.

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