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(2000-01-03) The Rock enters the ring at the opening of Raw to a tremendous reception in his hometown of Miami. "Finally, the Rock has come back...home!" Rock's still angry about the way Mick Foley was fired and challenges Triple H. Triple H and Stephanie walk out on the stage and Hunter replies, "There's nothing I'd like more than to kick your ass..." However, Triple H has already booked himself against the Big Show for the WWF Championship. So he announces the first ever Handicap You're Fired Match: Rock vs three opponents - and if the Rock loses he's fired. Furthermore, to keep things fair, Triple H declares that anyone who interferes will be fired. The Rock asks, "Just who might my opponents be?" Then interrupts Hunter's response - "It doesn't matter who you had in mind!" Triple H decides to give him a preview anyhow as DX members X-Pac and New Age Outlaws storm the ring.

Too Cool with Rikishi vs Dudleys, Meanstreet Posse assault Rikishi and the Acolytes chase them backstage. Then Rikishi gets involved ending the match and we are once again treated to a dance routine. Backstage, Acolytes remark that they could take the Posse with one arm tied behind their backs. Triple H and Stephanie overhear and make the match. Still determined to end Kurt Angle's winning streak, Triple H tells Blackman he'll be fired if he hits Kane during his match with Kurt Angle. Angle vs Kane, Blackman enters the ring as if to hit Kane but nails Angle instead. Kurt Angle gets the victory via disqualification. Stephanie points out that Angle is still undefeated, to Hunter backstage. Then makes her way to the ring with three referees to announce her decision concerning the undecided IC Title match last Thursday. She invites Chyna and Jericho to the ring, then announces that Chyna and Jericho are BOTH the Intercontinental Champion. Stephanie elaborates, only one can defend the title at a time and if either loses they both lose. Hardcore Holly demands a title shot and Chyna accepts. Chyna and Jericho retain the title after Y2J assists Chyna.

WWF Championship Match: Triple H vs Big Show, DX waits on the stage area. Triple H clobbers Show outside the ring, Show recovers and gets several near wins, then when the referee is distracted by an approaching X-Pac Hunter delivers a low blow and pedigree for the win. Triple H is three-time WWF Champion. D-Generation X celebrates in the ring, and later backstage, as Show leaves the arena. Boss Man and Prince Albert defeat Test and surprise partners Mae and Moolah. Acolytes get clobbered when the Dudleys join the Posse. Several DX videos are shown making fun of Mick Foley. Cage Match: Jeff Hardy vs Al Snow, Snow chains the cage shut after shoving Terri inside as well. Terri aids Jeff when Snow tries to break his leg and Matt gets his fingers smashed when he tries to climb the outside of the cage. Jeff leaps off Al's back and over the wall for the win - but Terri is still inside. Al goes after her but Matt manages to climb in and smack Snow with a chair then take Terri to safety.

Rock barges into the DX locker room nailing Gunn and Road Dogg before making a quick departure. Triple H and Stephanie take their usually seat on the stage for the Handicap You're Fired Match: the three DX members attack Rock as Hunter makes the match no-DQ. Rock has some moments of offense but DX dominates the match. Rock gets clobbered in and out of the ring until he surprises DX and levels all three of them, Rock hits the People's Elbow and goes for a cover but Mr. Ass pulls the referee out. Road Dogg gets a chair and heads back to the ring. Mick Foley materializes from the fans, takes the chair and flattens all of DX including Triple H before disappearing. Rock gives Mr. Ass Billy Gunn a rock bottom and gets the victory.

(2000-01-06) As SmackDown begins Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley is discussing last Monday's events with D-Generation X backstage. Their punishment for not beating the Rock: X-Pac vs Big Show, Mr. Ass vs Acolytes, Road Dogg vs somebody, and Triple H's opponent will come from a random lottery. Furthermore, if Mick Foley shows up he'll be arrested. Big Show gets disqualified when he shoves the referee, he proceeds to chokeslam the referee then levels X-Pac. The co-IC Champs, Chyna and Jericho vs Hollys. Prior to the match Y2J says he won't need Chyna's help, during the match Chyna ignores a tag then flattens Jericho giving the win to the Hollys. Several video segments show a Mankind impersonator making fun of Mick Foley - the real Mankind clobbers the impersonator. Backstage, Tori asks to use Stephanie's bathroom. Then Road Dogg is looking for Hunter and Steph sends him into the bathroom - walking in on Tori. Handicap Match: Mr. Ass Billy Gunn vs both Acolytes, Road Dogg enters to help and the Acolytes fight NAO into the crowd. Meanwhile, Kane demands a match with Road Dogg. Dogg just returns to the locker room only to be sent back out for his match with Kane and Hunter says if Gunn interferes he's fired. X-Pac distracts Kane giving Road Dogg a chance but Kane recovers and gets the victory. Backstage, Triple H informs Steph that Kurt Angle will face the Rock.

Rock vs Angle, Angle declares, "I should be the People's Champion..." Rock replies, "You annoyed the Rock. Take those medals...turn them sumbitches sideways, and shove 'em straight up your olympic ass!" Angle put on a better show than usual. Blackman made his way to ringside and Rock knocked him aside, Blackman tried to get involved again and the Rock pulled him in the ring, grabbed the kendo stick, and nailed Blackman and Angle giving the match to Angle by DQ. Angle celebrated his undefeated record in the ring, and the Rock returned to deliver a People's Elbow. Edge, Christian, and Jeff Hardy defeat the Dudleys and Snow. Afterward, Snow levels the Dudleys with Head. Test pulls off a win against Boss Man despite Prince Albert's repeated interference. Kaientai get a surprise win against all three members of Meanstreet Posse.

Backstage, the roster gathers for the lottery drawing of Triple H's opponent. Hunter and Stephanie draw the name: Andre the Giant. They insist its for real and draw Moolah when the try again. Triple H decides to have Howard Finkel draw the name so no one suspects them of rigging the lottery. Finkel spills all the balls then picks Rikishi to receive the WWF Championship shot. Triple H appears angry as he leaves for the ring. WWF Championship Match: Rikishi Phatu vs Triple H, Rikishi sends Too Cool backstage then proceeds to clobber the champ. DX watches backstage with no desire to help Triple H. Rikishi gets several near wins, then Triple H kicks out of his finishing move and tries for a pedigree. However, Rikishi counters and gets another near win. Stephanie hands Triple H a chair and distracts the referee while Hunter drills Rikishi with it. Amazingly, Rikishi kicks out. Steph hands Hunter the title belt and he clobbers Rikishi losing the match by DQ but keeping the Championship. Rikishi gets right back up and goes after Hunter again, two chairshots later and he still stands right back up, then joins Too Cool in a victory dance. An angry Triple H looks on from the ramp.

(2000-01-10) As Raw came on the air the entire locker room surrounded the ring, then The Rock entered the ring. D-Generation X watched questioningly from backstage as the People's Champion began to speak. "You're probably wondering why we're all out here. They've asked me to be their spokesperson..." The Rock calls out Triple H and Stephanie. The couple walks out on stage alone, the rest of DX refusing to accompany them. "We can work something out," Stephanie states. "Know your role, and shut your mouth!" Rock proceeds to inform Hunter and Steph that he has several topics to discuss and, "If you don't meet our demands. We're all ready to walk out. And form the WRF - World Rock Federation. First topic, reinstate Mick Foley." Triple H quickly agrees, saying they were planning to do that anyhow. "Second, my matches of late - Pink Slip on a Pole, You're Fired Handicap...should never happened again." Stephanie agrees. "No one else to be fired without just cause." "Sure." Mick Foley enters through the crowd as his music fires up, and joins Rock in the ring. Mick thanks the fans and Rock. Then challenges Triple H at Royal Rumble, with some special stipulations to be announced later. Hunter accepts. Rock announces his plans to win the 30 man rumble for his title shot at Wrestle Mania, whoever the Champ may be. Then Mick and Rock make some suggestions for matches, implying everyone walks if Triple H and Stephanie don't agree: Mr. Ass vs partner Road Dogg, X-Pac vs Triple H, DX vs Acolytes. Hunter and Steph agree to the matches and begin to walk away. "The Rock's not finished. The Acolytes won't be alone. Their partners are the Rock and Sock Connection."

Backstage, DX is arguing among themselves. A sign up sheet has been posted for other matches. Mick Foley has his imposter tied up backstage and tortures him during the course of the show. Road Dogg vs Mr. Ass, Road Dogg pulls off the victory and an upset Billy Gunn refuses a handshake after the match. Hardy Boyz defeat Angle and Blackman. Val Venis retains the European Championship against Edge. Afterward, Edge (who's engaged to Val's sister) tells Val that he won't be the best man at the wedding - Christian will. The possible confrontation ends with hugs all around. Also, that weird video clip and orange lights played again. Hollys defeat co-Intercontinental Champs Jericho and Chyna. Triple H vs X-Pac, non-title, X-Pac does well but Triple H gets the win after Stephanie trips Pac. Too Cool and Rikishi defeat Headbangers and Snow. After the match Snow levels the Headbangers with Head. Godfather and D'Lo Brown vs Dudleys ends when the Dudleys go after the hos. Backstage, Mick releases his imposter but warns him not to leave the room. Then Mick flirts with Tori, slapping her bottom. Kane rushes into Mick's locker room and clobbers the Mankind imposter chasing him from the arena, believing it was the real Mankind. Test and Big Show get a quick win over Boss Man and Prince Albert. After the match Albert shoves Boss Man, the two are about to clash when Show chokeslams them both.

Bloody Mick Triple H and Steph make their way to the ring, slowly the rest of DX follows. The Acolytes and the Rock and Sock Connection enter and the battle erupts. After several minutes Mankind ends up in the ring with Triple H, Mick extracts some revenge clobbering the champ. Triple H tries to tag out but DX refuses and heads backstage. Rock and Acolytes give chase. Mankind pulls out Socko, Stephanie tries to interfere and Mankind is about to introduce her to Mr. Socko when Hunter recovers. Triple H nails Mankind with the ring bell then a pedigree on the announce table, followed by a second pedigree in the ring for the win. Triple H continues to clobber Mankind. However, a bloody Mick Foley pulls off his mask and attacks Triple H hammering him until Hunter retreats up the ramp with Stephanie. A crazed Mick Foley stares at Hunter as Raw closes.

(2000-01-13) As SmackDown begins, Triple H and Stephanie enter the ring and address Monday's events. Hunter apologizes to the rest of DX, then announces several matches to prove his sincerity. First, NAO vs Bradshaw and Faarooq - individually in handicap matches and if the Acolytes interfere with eachother's matches they lose their title shot at Royal Rumble. Second, X-Pac and Triple H vs Big Show and Rock. Then Triple H calls out Mankind, the Mankind impersonator enters the ring and grovels at Hunter's feet. This provokes the real Mankind to step on to the stage, "Enough." Mankind announces a stipulation to his match at Royal Rumble; it'll be a Street Fight. Then continues as he pulls off the mask, "I'm naming a substitute...Cactus Jack." Mick charges the ring and attacks Triple H. The imposter smacks him with a chair and gets clobbered for the effort, Hunter slips away. Later, several Cactus Jack highlights are shown.

New Age Outlaws defeat Bradshaw, despite a good start. Rikishi and Too Cool get a win over Hollys and Snow, Snow levels both Hollys after the match. Too Cool has a new dance routine. Gangrel vs Test, Luna nails the referee ending the match, Test slams both Gangrel and Luna before leaving. Hardy Boyz vs Boss Man and Albert, Boss Man is distracted after Albert inadvertently runs into him allowing the Hardys to get the victory. Boss Man and Prince Albert brawl outside the ring until officials separate them. Backstage, Chyna tells Tori that Chris Jericho has a thing for her. After she tells Kane, he demands a match with Jericho. Edge and Christian defeat Blackman and Angle after Val Venis distracts the Lethal Weapon from the Titan Tron. New Age Outlaws defeat Faarooq, Bradshaw clears the ring with a club. Godfather and D'Lo defeat Headbangers, that weird video and orange lights plays again. Kane easily defeats Jericho after a distraction by Chyna.

Triple H and X-Pac vs Big Show and Rock, Hunter tries to instigate problems between Show and Rock with Big Show already angry for being called a 'jabroni' on Monday. The Rock tags himself in after Show refuses to tag him. X-Pac nails Rock with a chair before he can land the People's Elbow and Big Show avoids a tag. The next time Rock tries to tag Big Show, Show refuses and steps away from the ring. Hunter takes the win after a pedigree. Big Show returns to the ring to deliver a chokeslam to the People's Champ.

(2000-01-17) Cactus Jack enters the ring to fire off RAW. He speaks about his upcoming match with Triple H and reminds Hunter of their match in September 1997 at Madison Square Garden where Cactus was victorious. Cactus Jack continues, "This Sunday at Royal Rumble. I will kick your pansy little ass." Then challenges Triple H to a non-title match tonight. Triple H responds from the stage then all of D-Generation X storm the ring. The Rock heads for the ring to help Cactus Jack but Big Show clobbers him, then Show goes after DX. The Acolytes join the brawl and clear the ring.

Hardcore Championship Match: Boss Man vs Test, they immediately fight into the backstage area and into a restroom using any weapons available. Finally they return to the ring and Prince Albert attacks Boss Man. Test lays out both men with the nightstick and becomes the new Hardcore Champion. Godfather and D'Lo vs Edge and Christian, Edge goes to check on one of the ladys when Christian accidentally knocks her from the ring apron and misses a tag. D'Lo catches Christian off-guard and gets the win. Godfather tells them they can have the hos anyhow, and the engaged Edge is chased to the locker room by three of them. Backstage, Boss Man and Prince Albert start fighting. Albert gets knocked into Tori's dressing room. The distraught Tori requests Kane vs Albert and Stephanie agrees. Kurt Angle vs mystery opponent, Steve Blackman. Angle remains undefeated with an assist from the British Bulldog much to Stephanie's delight. Jerry the King Lawler introduces the participants in the first ever Miss Royal Rumble Swimsuit Competition: Terri, Jackie, Luna, Ivory, Kat, and B.B. Ivory calls him a pervert and refuses to participate but Luna and Jackie say, "If we're in so are you." The ladys start fighting and officials break it up. Then Mae young makes her way into the ring and tries to show her 'puppies' but Mark Henry and Moolah arrive to prevent it.

Acolytes vs Triple H and X-Pac ends when the Outlaws join the fight and DX clobbers the Acolytes. Rock interviewed backstage. He congratulates Austin on a successful surgery, "That means three things: One, you can go hunting again. Two, you can go fishing again. Three, you can bring your ass back here where it belongs." Jeff Hardy vs Buh Buh Ray Dudley, ends when their respective partners get involved - Dudleys destroy the Hardys. Intercontinental Championship Match: Jericho vs Rikishi. The Hollys attack Rikishi when the referee goes down, Rikishi takes them both down. Chyna gives Rikishi a low blow then starts arguing with Jericho, Rikishi flattens both of them and is about to give Chyna the big butt drop when Hardcore nails him with a chair ending the match. Too Cool takes care of the Hollys as the co-Intercontinental Champs depart. Kane clobbers Prince Albert for a win. Backstage, Cactus Jack talks to Big Show and Rock trying to get them to work together.

New Age Outlaws vs Rock and Big Show, Rock knocks Show out of the ring then takes on both Outlaws. Big Show doesn't offer a tag, just walks around the ring until he yanks Rock out and goes after NAO - referee allows it. Road Dogg gets a chair but doesn't use it when he sees Rock flatten Big Show with a chair behind the referee's back. NAO takes the win. Then Rock returns to give Big Show the People's Elbow.

(2000-01-20) As SmackDown came on the air D-Generation X was backstage discussing last Monday's events. Then Triple H gave the Outlaws the night off and X-Pac vs Test for the 30th entry into the Rumble. He also mentioned that Cactus Jack wasn't in the arena so there shouldn't be any trouble. Big Show makes his way to the ring, says he should apologize but doesn't then states his intentions to win the Rumble and go on to take back the WWF Championship. He continues, "I hate the Rock." Then calls out the People's Champ. Rock responds from the stage, goading the Big Show, then heads for the ring. However, before he enters Kane appears with Tori at his side, and she declares Kane will win the Rumble. Kane stalks toward the ring but Triple H and Stephanie walk on to the stage and he turns to listen. "No matter who wins the Rumble, you still have to face The Game at Wrestle Mania...since you're all so eager." Hunter pauses to consult Stephanie then announces a first ever Triple Threat Over The Top Rope Lumberjack Match, with the other 27 participants as the lumberjacks. Rock begins to speak to Triple H and Big Show clobbers him from behind then goes after Kane, Rock grabs a chair and lays out both Kane and Show.

X-Pac vs Test, X-Pac gets the number-30 slot at the rumble with the help of NAO. Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman and Al Snow defeat Angle and British Bulldog. Matt Hardy vs D-Von, Buh Buh Ray takes down Jeff and the referee ending the match but the Dudleys continue to pound Matt. They drag him up on stage and Buh Buh prepares to drop Matt off the stage on to two tables but Jeff comes outta nowhere to save his partner. The Hardys drop Buh Buh Ray off the stage then Matt leaps on to D-Von leaving the Dudleys destroyed. Backstage, NAO head out to a local bar. The Acolytes find out and soon follow them. Too Cool and Rikishi Phatu vs Hardcore Holly, Chyna, and Jericho, all six end up in the ring, Chyna gives Brian a low blow and tosses him out of the ring. Jericho tosses Scott Taylor out leaving it 3 on 1, the referee ends the match. Hardcore levels Chyna, Jericho nails him, then Rikishi flattens all three of them before giving Chyna the big butt drop. Boss Man vs Prince Albert ends when the referee loses control of the match and calls for the bell, the two keep fighting until officials finally separate them. Viscera vs Crash Holly, that strange video played again, Crash makes a solid attempt but can't get the win. Apparently Edge has been chosen as a judge in the Miss Royal Rumble contest and during his match with Gangrel; Luna, then the rest of the ladys surround him - he finally gets counted out when Mae Young kisses him. A disgusted Edge heads backstage.

Acolytes arrive at the bar and a fight breaks out, NAO slips out while the Acolytes take down several patrons. Triple Threat Match: Kane vs Big Show vs Rock, three giant egos collide. Rock nearly falls out but pulls himself back in and counters a tombstone from Kane, but Show tosses him over the top rope then slams Kane. The Rock jumps back in the ring and gives Show a rock bottom but Kane tosses him out a second time. Kane lifts Big Show over the top rope when Show charges at him and takes the victory. The lumberjacks fill the ring. After the ring gets cleared Triple H and Stephanie enter the ring. Hunter reminds Mick Foley of Royal Rumble 1999, and promises to do worse than Rock did. He warns him not to let his children watch. Cactus Jack arrives, "You're right, my children don't need to suffer anymore...I'm not worried of what they'll see happen to me. I don't want them to see what their father's going to do to you." Cactus assures Triple H that he'll bring some surprises to Royal Rumble, then decides to give his children watching at home and the fans a preview. Cactus Jack attacks Triple H, they fight around the ring, Cactus counters a Pedigree and delivers a pile driver on top of the announce table. Then he levels Hunter with a chair and celebrates in the ring as a stunned Stephanie attends to her bloody husband.

Royal Rumble

(2000-01-23) Kurt Angle vs a mystery opponent, and the mystery opponent was Tazz in his WWF debut. (That's what the weird video and orange lights has been about the past couple months.) Tazz defeated Angle with his controversial sleeper hold - essentially choking out Kurt Angle. Tazz won the match, but Angle has yet to be pinned in singles competition. First-ever Tag Team Table Match: Hardy Boyz defeated the Dudley Boyz in a brutal match.

Miss Royal Rumble 2000 Swimsuit Contest:
Contestants: B.B., Kat, Terri, Tori, Luna, Jackie, and Ivory. Judges: Former WWF stars Sgt. Slaughter, Tony Garea, Fabulous Moolah, Johnny V, and "Classie" Freddie Blassie along with Late Night with Conan O'Brien's Andy Ritcher. Jerry 'The King' Lawler was the MC. Ivory, Terri, Jacqueline and B.B. all shed their robes, Luna refused to, then The Kat removed her robe to reveal a bubble-wrap bikini underneath. Lawler thought the competition was complete but Mae Young made her way out and insisted that the crowd wanted to see her puppies - she succeeded in whipping them out. Luckily Federation censors and Mark Henry were able to block most of it out. Nontheless, she impressed the judges and Mae won Miss Royal Rumble 2000.

Triple Threat Intercontinental Title Match: co-Champions Chris Jericho and Chyna vs Hardcore Holly, after Jericho was tossed out of the ring, Chyna dropped Holly with a pedigree but Hardcore kicked out. Later, Chyna had Holly in a submission hold when Jericho came from behind and gave her a bulldog. He finished her off and got the victory. Jericho is the undisputed Intercontinental Champion. The Rock was interviewed and guaranteed he'd win the Rumble. Tag Team Championship Match: New Age Outlaws vs Acolytes. The referee got knocked out and couldn't administer a count for the Acolytes. X-Pac distracted the Acolytes long enough for Billy Gunn to drop Bradshaw. The referee recovered and the Outlaws retained their titles.

WWF Championship Street Fight: Triple H defended against Cactus Jack - the most sadistic side of Foley. They battled out into the crowd then back to the ring where Cactus pulled out a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire from under the ring. They both clobbered eachother with the gruesome weapon - Triple H was bleeding profusely. Cactus drug Hunter over to the announce table for a piledriver but Triple H countered and collapsed the table. When they returned to the ring, The Game handcuffed Cactus Jack and hammered Foley with a chair. However, the twisted Cactus Jack was enjoying himself - encouraging Triple H to keep hit him. Before Hunter connected again The Rock nailed him with a chair and a cop unlocked Cactus. Jack promptly took Hunter to the Spanish announce table and delivered a piledriver. Back in the ring, Cactus dumped a bag of thumbtacks in the ring as Stephaie made her way to ringside. However, Triple H used them against Cactus dropping him on top of the tacks followed by a pedigree. But Jack wouldn't stay down. After a second pedigree on top of the tacks Triple H retained the title. However, as The Game was being carried out on a stretcher Cactus Jack rose up and chased after him. He drug Hunter back to the ring and nailed him one more time with the barbed wire club. Cactus walked out with thumbtacks still stuck in his head and body.

Rumble. (highlights below) D'Lo Brown and Brian Christopher were first in the ring followed by Mosh, Kaientai attacked all three - they weren't in the Rumble and were soon escorted out by officials. Christian entered followed by Rikishi, who quickly tossed everyone out except Brian. Scott Taylor entered and the three did their dance, then Rikshi tossed both members of Too Cool out. Blackman and Viscera entered and got tossed right back out by Rikishi. Gangrel entered. Then Kaientai attacked again but were tossed back out, Boss Man entered followed by Test, British Bulldog, Gangrel, Edge, and surprise entrant Bob Backlund. Together the six men got Rikishi over the top rope. Jericho hit the ring and eliminated Backlund - who then walked through the crowd campaigning. Crash Holly entered followed by Chyna who went right after Jericho, eliminating him but getting eliminated herself by Boss Man. Next in the ring was Faarooq. Meanstreet Possee attacked and were soon tossed out but not before weakening Faarooq, who the Boss Man shortly tossed out. Road Dogg, Al Snow, then Venis entered followed by another appearance by Funaki of Kaientai. Prince Albert and Hardcore Holly were followed by The Rock who quickly took out Boss Man and Crash. Mr. Ass entered then Big Show. Show easily tossed out Test and Gangrel. Bradshaw hit the ring next and was attacked by the Posse and quickly eliminated by NAO. Kane and then Godfather entered along with another short appearance by Funaki. Finally X-Pac entered at no. 30. Gunn tossed Road Dogg out, then got eliminated by Big Show. Kane went under the ropes then NAO distracted the referees from seeing Pac get eliminated by Rock, so X-Pac got right back in and eliminated Kane. Big Show easily tossed Pac over the rope, leaving the Rock and Big Show. Rock hit the People's Elbow but Show didn't stay down. He retaliated with a chokeslam then carried Rock to the rope and tried to toss him over. But Rock held on and Show fell out himself. The Rock is the Rumble winner. As the Great One celebrated Big Show returned to the ring and threw him out - they were engaged in a stare down as Royal Rumble ended.

Order of Entry

  1. D'Lo Brown
  2. Grand Master Sexay Brain Christopher
  3. Headbanger Mosh
  4. Christian
  5. Rikishi Phatu
  6. Scotty 'Too Hotty' Taylor
  7. Steve Blackman
  8. Viscera
  9. Big Boss Man
  10. Test
  11. British Bulldog
  12. Gangrel
  13. Edge
  14. Bob Backlund
  15. Chris Jericho
  16. Crash Holly
  17. Chyna
  18. Faarooq
  19. Road Dogg
  20. Al Snow
  21. Val Venis
  22. Prince Albert
  23. Hardcore Holly
  24. The Rock
  25. Mr. Ass
  26. Big Show
  27. Bradshaw
  28. Kane
  29. Godfather
  30. X-Pac

Order of Elimination

  1. Mosh
  2. Christian
  3. D'Lo Brown
  4. Grand Master Sexay
  5. Scotty Too Hotty
  6. Steve Blackman
  7. Viscera ALL of above by Rikishi
  8. Rikishi by Boss Man, Test, Bulldog, Gangrel, Edge, and Bob Backlund
  9. Backlund by Jericho
  10. Jericho by Chyna
  11. Chyna by Boss Man
  12. Faarooq by Boss Man
  13. Bulldog by Road Dogg
  14. Edge by Venis and Snow
  15. Boss Man by Rock
  16. Crash Holly by Rock
  17. Test by Big Show
  18. Gangrel by Big Show
  19. Bradshaw by NAO
  20. Val Venis by Kane
  21. Prince Albert by Kane
  22. Hardcore Holly by Al Snow
  23. Godfather by Big Show
  24. Al Snow by The Rock
  25. Road Dogg by Mr. Ass
  26. Mr. Ass by Kane
  27. Kane by X-Pac
  28. X-Pac by Big Show
  29. Big Show by The Rock
  30. Rock wins

(2000-01-24) A bandaged Triple H makes his way to the ring with Stephanie at his side. They speak about his victory over Cactus Jack last night and his upcoming match against the Rock at Wrestle Mania. Big Show interrupts and enters the ring, "You've never given me a rematch. Last night I was robbed at the Rumble. Now I need a favor - me vs Rock for the number-one contendership." Show claims Rock's feet hit the ground first, Hunter says show me the proof. Rock enters, "Triple H, your days as champ are numbered." After the Rock was finished, Hunter turned to Big Show and suggests a match: you and me vs Rock and a partner. Big Show agrees and Rock is prepared to take them both on himself.

Backstage, Hardcore Holly clobbers Chyna then Jericho attacks him before the official can break up the fight. Al Snow and Blackman vs Edge and Christian ends when Edge appears to be unconscious. Venis runs in to check on him and B.B. performs some mouth-to-mouth. IC Title Match: Jericho vs Hardcore, Chyna comes to ringside and tries to trip Hardcore but gets leveled. Then Holly grabs a chair but Jericho nails him before he can use it. Back in the ring, Jericho gets tied up in the ropes distracting the referee. Chyna enters and plants Holly on a chair with a pedigree. Jericho takes the victory and Chyna raises his hand. Dudley Boyz interrupt the Hardy Boyz interview and offer a handshake out of respect. Too Cool gets defeated by Viscera and Crash Holly. Kane vs X-Pac quickly spills outside the ring, then Pac kisses Tori. Kane starts to carry the hysterical Tori away but gets nailed by a chair from X-Pac.

Tag Team Championship: Hardy Boyz vs New Age Outlaws, Dudleys watch from ringside after setting up a table. Buh Buh pulls the referee out of the ring before he can count the Hardys to a win and then the Dudleys stomp the Hardy Boyz before dropping Terri through the table. Angle vs mystery opponent, Angle speaks about his match at Rumble, then Tazz makes his way to the ring chokes out Angle. Acolytes defeat Godfather and D'Lo Brown. Mae Young is crowned Miss Royal Rumble 2000, the other ladies start fighting trying to rip eachother's tops off. Test vs Boss Man, Stevie Richards attacks Boss Man dressed as Test. However, the real Test recovers and clobbers Richards. Rock enters alone to face Big Show and Triple H. Then Rikishi Phatu steps into Rock's corner. Rikishi and the Rock appear to be in the lead when Hunter gives Rock a low blow and NAO attacks Rikishi ending the match. Triple H misses Rock with a chair as Cactus Jack arrives in the ring with a 2x4. Cactus levels both Show and Hunter.

(2000-01-27) Smack Down opens with Mr. Ass vs Al Snow, Blackman hits the ring but Billy Gunn gets the kendo stick and levels both Snow and Blackman. Snow wins by disqualification. Cactus Jack, Mick Foley, enters the ring and speaks about Royal Rumble - giving due respect to Triple H. Then calls the Champ out. Stephanie struts to the ring and gets in Jack's face, she slaps him after he insults Hunter, then scurries from the ring when an angry Cactus Jack dares her to do it again. Then Cactus says he's leaving for the night.

Edge and Christian defeat Dudley Boyz, but Dudleys destroy them after the match. Viscera defeats Hardcore Holly, then Crash joins him to attack Viscera. Kane demands X-Pac, Triple H tells agrees to give him X-Pac Monday if he can beat Big Show tonight. During the match, X-Pac makes his way to ringside distracting Kane. Then D-Generation X storms the ring and clobbers Kane. They tie him to the ring post as Pac relates a holiday story that was mostly censored, Tori embraces Pac in the end. Later, Kane wanders out into the night. Godfather and D'Lo vs Too Cool ends when Godfather calls the ladys in the ring for a party. Mae Young and Mark Henry interrupt to announce her pregnancy (Huh?!). Backstage, Tazz challenges all three members of Meanstreet Posse. Hardcore Title Match: Gangrel vs Test, they fight outside the arena then back in. Luna gets involved but gets slammed and Test retains the title. Tazz easily defeats the Posse but gets attacked by Angle. Angle puts him in his own chokehold. IC Title Match: Jericho vs Crash Holly, Jericho gets a submission win while Chyna keeps Hardcore from interfering. Rock vs Rikishi, somehow Rock pulls out a rock bottom but Rikishi recovers and lands the big butt-drop. However, Big Show attacks them both before the three-count. Triple H joins in and Too Cool gets flattened when the try to help.

(2000-01-30) Halftime Heat. Boss Man vs Prince Albert ended in a disqualification when Boss Man got tied up in the ropes and Albert hammered him with the nightstick. Then the Acolytes defeated the Headbangers. Kurt Angle got a win over Mideon. The Rock vs Rikishi match from Smack Down was reviewed along with highlights from Royal Rumble. Jim Ross visited Stone Cold Steve Austin at his ranch in San Antonio to see how the Rattlesnake was doing. Austin spoke briefly about how he got into wrestling and what it means to him. "You're already an icon, why risk coming back?" Austin was confident of a good recovery and a return in 3 to 4 months. He insisted he would not return unless he was 100%. "They told me to quit last time," referring to his match with Owen Hart (early 1997), "and I proved them wrong." Then Austin went on to tell that he and Debra are engaged and will marry soon.

(2000-01-31) Benoit, Malenko,... Raw opens with a Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs Snow and Blackman. Former WCW members Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, and Eddie Guerrero were seen in the front row. Jim Ross related that they walked out on WCW, but were not under contract to the WWF. Their presence was soon felt when Road Dogg took a swing at one of them and they hopped over the rail and leveled the NAO. The rogue wrestlers went backstage where Cactus Jack greets them and thanks them for accepting his invitation. Then Mick Foley takes them around backstage to meet some of the other guys. NAO argue with Triple H about the attack. Big Show provides a witness for Hunter, Jim Dawson - security, that says Rock's feet hit the ground first. Triple H tells Show to get video evidence.

Christian defeats D-Von Dudley with an assist from Edge, then the Dudleys clobber them until the Hardys arrive in the ring and take out the Dudley Boyz. Backstage, the Posse gets flattened by Cactus Jack's guests. Later the Posse offer to pay the Acolytes for protection, they agree, then Bradshaw decides to start the APA - Acolytes Protection Agency. Soon after the APA gets another client: the Dudley Boyz. Handicap Match: Big Show defeats Too Cool. As Show is about to leave the Rock speaks from the Titan Tron and further insults Big Show. Rock vs Angle, when Angle tries to walk away to save his undefeated record Tazz shoves him back in the ring. Rock hits the People's Elbow and gets the victory - Kurt Angle suffers his first official defeat in singles competition. X-Pac with Tori vs Jericho with Chyna, Chyna trips Pac then drills him with an elbow but Tori nails Jericho while the referee is distracted and Pac takes the victory.

First-ever Lumberjill Snow Bunny WWF Womens Championship Match: The Kat (blond without the wig) vs new-comer Hervina. Hervina got the victory after Jackie knocked the Kat down. As Michael Cole interviewed the new Womens Champ Hervina, he realized it was Harvey Wippleman. The ladies all attacked Wippleman. Backstage, Foley asks Triple H and Stephanie about signing the former WCW guys. The reply, "We'll think about it." Hunter later informs them his answer is 'no' and kicks them out. Hollys defeat Viscera in another Handicap Match. Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs Matt Hardy, D-Von tosses a chair to Buh Buh but Matt uses it instead getting DQed. The Acolytes step in to protect, and together with the Dudleys they take out the Hardys and Edge and Christian. Triple H vs Kane, Kane doesn't show and when Hunter's about to go look for him Cactus Jack makes his way to the ring. "You threw my guests out...four men I actually like." A fight breaks out and when Triple H tries to back up the ramp Malenko, Benoit, Saturn, and Guerrero drag him back and the five old friends destroy The Game.

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