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WrestleMania XVI

(2000-04-02) Here's a synopsis of the events. Overall, WrestleMania was not that great this year. BUY: WrestleMania XVI

Bull Buchanan and Boss Man defeated Godfather and D'Lo Brown.

Hardcore Holly wins 13-man Hardcore Battle Royal to become Hardcore Champion. The title changed hands 10 times during the 15 minutes with Hardcore winning it at the last second.

T and A defeat Al Snow and Steve Blackman

Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Edge and Christian vs Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz. Granted the match was rehearsed, but the three teams put on a heck of a show of aerial moves and ladder stunts. These stars all took genuine risks to put on the best match at WrestleMania. In the final moments, Christian and Edge dropped Matt Hardy, from a table perched atop two ladders, through a second table below. Edge and Christian grabbed the titles hanging overhead to win the Tag Team Championship. The new Tag Champs: Edge and Christian.

Cat Fight: Terri with Fabulous Moolah vs The Kat with Mae Young, special referee Val Venis. The winner must throw her opponent out of the ring. Kat tossed Terri out twice but Val was distracted by Mae. Finally Moolah yanked Kat out and rolled Terri in, Venis got his attention back on the match and gave it to Terri.

Chyna and Too Cool defeated Perry Saturn, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko.

Two-falls Triple Threat Match: Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle. After a flying headbutt, Benoit pinned Jericho to win the IC Title. Jericho pinned Benoit to win the European Title. Angle was irate after losing two titles without being pinned himself. Understandably so, would've been better to have two matches. Ironically, Jericho won the Euro strap by defeating the IC Champ.

Rikishi Phatu and Kane vs Road Dogg and X-Pac with Tori, Kane tombstoned X-Pac for the win. Afterward, Too Cool and the Famous Chicken appeared. Rikishi, Too Cool, and the Chicken danced. Kane stood by staring at the chicken, assumed to be Pete Rose (who attacked Kane last year in a chicken costume). Kane went after the chicken at the finish of the dance, Pete Rose came from behind with a bat - but Rikishi grabbed the bat. Pete got chokeslammed and then an ass to the face.

Fatal Four Way Elimination Match: Triple H vs Big Show vs Mick Foley vs Rock. Rock eliminated Show. Triple H Pedigreed Mick twice, the second time on top of a chair after a viscous chair-shot. Foley headed out, then returned and smacked Hunter with the bard-wire bat before leaving. Rock and Triple H battled, Vince and Shane got involved at various times. Shane busted Vince open and Vince was taken backstage. Rock hit Triple H with a Rock Bottom but couldn't make the cover. Shane tried another chair-shot to Rock, but Vince sprinted in and grabbed the chair - then nailed Rock. The Rock managed to kick out, only to get nailed again by Vince. Triple H retains the title. Afterward, Stephanie and Vince hugged. An angry Rock returned to the ring and leveled Vince and Shane with Rock Bottoms. Steph got in his face and slapped him, Stephanie got Rock Bottomed too. Then Rock knocked Triple H off the ring apron and dropped the People's Elbow on Stephanie.

Now, before anyone gets too upset over Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's actions...Let's all remember this is entertainment. They're acting. Stephanie, certainly got hurt - but not nearly so bad as it appears. And I seriously doubt Dwayne would ever really treat a woman this way.

(2000-04-03) Shane makes his way to the ring at the opening of RAW. He tells Vince he's proud of him, and challenges Rock. Triple H and Stephanie join Shane in the ring. Stephanie talks about what happened to her at WrestleMania. Then Triple H calls out the Rock. However, Vince enters the ring next. After embracing Stephanie and shaking hands with Hunter, he hugs Shane as well. Then Vince says he wants the Rock. Backstage, Rock arrives in a limo. European Championship: Guerrero vs Jericho, Chyna accompanies European Champion Jericho. When the referee goes down, Chyna administers the three-count for Jericho then drops him and revives the referee - who counts Guerrero to the victory. Chyna raises the hand of the new European Champ Eddie Guerrero and leaves the arena with him. Backstage, Stephanie asks Vince to let Triple H face the Rock. And later Shane makes a request that he face the Rock.

DX vs T and A, Test and Albert display alot of power moves. But DX pulls off the win with a double-team while the referee is distracted. Angle attacks Finkle backstage. Intercontinental Title Match: Benoit vs Tazz, Saturn approaches the ring when Benoit gets locked in the Tazzmission. Tazz shoves Benoit into the ropes, knocking Saturn down and then clobbering him. Meanwhile Benoit recovers and takes the win. Tazz attacks them as they head up the ramp. Backstage, Shane talks to the Big Show - Show says he has no hard feelings and that he's going to cut loose. Michael Cole introduces Tag Champs Edge and Christian, they smugly invite the Hardys to the ring. As the Hardys get to the ring apron, Dudleys head down the ramp. Edge and Christian nail the Hardys then slip away as the officials break up the other two teams. Big Show vs Rikishi ends when Too Cool gets over anxious and cause a DQ. During the match Show mocks the worm, then watches Too Cool dance from the stage.

Vince, Shane, and Triple H draw straws backstage and Shane gets to face the Rock. Big Show is back in the ring, he insists there's more to him than chokeslams and headbutts - then dances to Too Cool's music. He got a decent reaction from the crowd. Show can be funny so maybe we'll see a more interesting Big Show now. His music gets cut suddenly by the Rock who declares, "Vince, you made the worst mistake of your life last night." Then asserts that he will be WWF Champ again. Too Cool joke about Big Show's dancing in the locker room. Later, Big Show asks Grand Master if it was really that bad. Not liking the answer, he plants Sexay through a table then walks off with his goggles. Hardcore Title Match: Crash vs Hardcore, they quickly pull out all sorts of weapons. Acolytes show up and pummel Hardcore then allow Crash to regain the Hardcore Championship. Apparently, he hired the APA. Posse attack Crash at the stage - trying the 24/7 rule. (I thought that was supposed to end after the Battle Royal.) Angle defeats Venis with a submission after a pretty good match. Kane vs Bull ends with Kane getting cuffed to a ringpost and pummeled, Bearer goes down to after trying to use a chair on Bull.

Shane vs Rock, Vince joins Shane in the ring and delays the referee from starting the match. Rock sprints to the ring chasing both McMahons out. Rock chases Shane up the ramp and gets ambushed by Triple H. Hunter clobbers Rock back down to the ring and tosses him in for Shane as the referee finally starts the match. Triple H and Vince continue to land cheap shots as Shane dodges the Rock. Suddenly the Rock slams Shane, which brings Vince up on to the ring apron. Rock swats him away, and takes down the referee in the process, but gets Pedigreed by Hunter. Shane rolls on top and the referee eventually counts two but the Rock gets a shoulder up. Triple H grabs the referee and Vince steps into the ring with the WWF Title belt. Rock takes down both McMahons then picks up the title belt. Triple H nails him from behind, then pummels him. A Rock Bottom comes out of nowhere and Rock covers Triple H for a three count. Rock raises the WWF Title. However, it was not a title match and Shane was the opponent.

(2000-04-06) Intercontinental Championship Match: Rikishi vs Benoit, Rikishi dominates the opening of the match. However, Benoit manages to suplex the big man and get the win - retaining the title. Shane and Vince McMahon enter the ring. They review the video of Rock pinning Triple H. Then Vince calls out the referee who counted the win, Earl Hebner, and asks him why he counted. "The Rock told me to." Vince calls out the ring announcer from RAW, Lilian Garcia. He humiliates her and tells her that she can be easily replaced if she screws up again. Finally, Vince announces that Rock is not the WWF Champ and goes on to challenge Rock to a handicap match against himself and Shane.

Dudleys defeat T and A in a nice match, Buh Buh threatens to put Trish thru a table but Albert prevents it. Then the Hardys sprint to the ring and attack the Dudleys. Backstage, Kurt Angle is looking for a tag partner. He finally finds one in Hardcore Holly. Tazz vs Saturn never makes it into the ring, they fight into the backstage as Rock begins an interview to talk about tonight's match. DX Express arrives outside. Boss Man and Bull defeat Snow and Blackman. Eddie and Chyna enter the ring and insult Chris Jericho, Y2J storms the ring attacking both of them until the officials break it up. Backstage, D-Generation X and Stephanie confront Vince about being delayed at an autograph session. Hunter demands to meet the Rock, then Road Dogg and Pac want him, but Vince refuses. But Stephanie manages to sweet talk him into letting Dogg and Pac face the Rock. Light Heavyweight Title Match: Malenko retains the title against Taka. Godfather vs Big Show, Show arrives dressed as a pimp. The referee gets distracted by one of the girls and Show nails Godfather with a cane for the win. Afterward the Big Pimp carries the girl backstage. Tag Title Match: Edge and Christian retain against Angle and Hardcore. Angle insults Hardcore for losing the match and gets clobbered.

Rock vs X-Pac and Road Dogg, Shane steps in as the guest ring announcer and introduces the guest referee: Triple H. Rock covers Pac almost immediately but Triple H is slow to count giving DX time to regroup and stomp the Rock. DX continue to pummel the Rock, but he comes back an slams Road Dogg, then knocks Pac from the ring apron. Dogg collides with Hunter sending him out of the ring. Rock goes for a pin, but there's no referee. Earl runs from the back but Vince follows and knocks him out before he can count. This provokes Rock to chase Vince up the ramp where he clobbers Vince with a chair and holds off DX as Smack Down comes to an end.

(2000-04-10) Rock enters the ring and shows the video from last Thursday. Then demands a title shot tonight. Vince makes his way into the ring, with chair in hand. After a stand off, Vince sets the chair down and tells Rock if he beats a 'to be announced later' opponent in a Cage Match then he can have a WWF Championship shot. Vince goes on to remind Rock of his days as the Corporate Champ (beginning around Jan. 1999), and just who made the Rock. He continues to insult the Rock until Triple H, Stephanie, and Shane head toward the ring. While the Rock is distracted Vince tries to nail him with the chair. However, Rock takes it and knocks Vince out of the ring. Rock stands alone as the rest head backstage.

Tag Title Match: Edge and Christian vs Road Dogg and X-Pac, Christian pins Pac but the referee is distracted. Tori distracts Edge outside the ring allowing Dogg to level him, then she distracts the referee long enough for Road Dogg to hammer Christian with the title belt. The referee turns around and awards the Tag Team Titles to DX. However, the senior official Earl charges to the ring and restarts the match due to the interference. Edge spears Pac to retain the titles. Earlier in the day Terri apologizes to Kat and offers to take her out to a beauty salon. She ends up drugging her and Kat awakes to find herself a mess. Kurt Angle defeats Godfather, prior to the match he suggested that Godfather use condoms. Rikishi, Scotty Too Hotty, and Tazz vs Benoit, Saturn, and Malenko. Grand Master is out injured. Scotty gets clobbered until he tags in Rikishi, who promptly tosses the Radicals around the ring. Benoit trips Rikishi and the two battle up the ramp. Scotty ties up Malenko but Saturn come sin for the save and the Radicals get the win.

WWF Championship Match: Triple H vs Taka, Funaki and the Acolyte Protection Agency accompany Taka to the ring. The APA chase the McMahons backstage then stand guard at the ramp. Taka gets several near falls, but then The Game comes back and clobbers Taka. Funaki comes in while the referee is distracted with Steph and kicks Triple H into the APA. Faarooq and Bradshaw pummel the Champ then roll him into the ring, Taka gets another near fall. Vince and Shane distract the APA allowing Boss Man and Bull to attack them. Triple H hits the Pedigree for a win. The McMahons and Hunter kick the Acolytes while they're down. Backstage, Trish sends T and A into the Dudleys locker room for some revenge. Then T and A face the Hardy Boyz, power meets the aerial assault, and the Hardys pull off a win. Dudleys attack, Test gets a 3D, they set up a table but Trish distracts Buh Buh and Albert slams him thru the table. Val Venis vs Big Show, Show arrives dressed as Venis. Val wins by DQ when Show uses his wig to choke him. Anybody else think Show's acting a little too much like Stevie Richards with all the impersonating? The dancing wasn't so bad but the imitating is old.

European Championship Match: Eddie with Chyna vs Jericho, Chyna distracts the referee and Eddie gets a near win. Then she tosses Eddie the belt and distracts the referee again. Jericho and Guerrero fight over the belt and Eddie knocks down the referee, then gets leveled by Y2J. Chyna low blows Jericho, follows it with a DDT, and rolls Eddie on top in time for the referee to recover and count Guerrero as the victor. Cage Match: Rock enters the cage, then Triple H and the McMahons surround the ring. Finally his opponents Boss Man and Bull Buchanan enter the cage. Rock starts off good but when he tries to climb out Shane knocks him back in. Boss Man and Bull pummel Rock until Bull collides with BM accidentally. Rock levels Bull but BM recovers and flattens the People's Champion. However, The Rock pulls off a Rock Bottom for the win - and a WWF Title Shot. Triple H and the McMahons fill the ring and Rock gets destroyed. Hunter knocks him down with brass knuckles then a Pedigree. Hunter is about to go for a second Pedigree on top of a chair but the Acolytes storm the ring. They take out BM and Bull then chase the McMahons and Triple H from the ring. The Rock lays in a pool of blood as RAW goes off the air.

(2000-04-13) European Championship Match: Eddie Guerrero with Chyna vs Rikishi Phatu. When the referee goes down Chyna smashes a flower vase over Rikishi's head. But Rikishi kicks out. Chyna nails him outside the ring, but Rikishi keeps going. Then Chyna steps into the ring, Eddie hits Rikishi causing him to knock Chyna into the corner. Rikishi knocks down Guerrero then gives Chyna the stink face. However, Chyna retaliates with a low-blow ending the match. Outside the arena, Rock arrives with bandaged head.

Triple H, Stephanie, and Shane speak about Monday night. Rock walks on to the stage interrupting them. Triple H announces that Rock will get his title shot at Backlash. Then sets up another match for tonight: Triple H, Bull, and Boss Man vs Rock and Acolytes. Rock replies, "That's the best you can come up with? ...It doesn't matter if that's the best!" Then Rock promises the People he will be WWF Champ at Backlash. Hardy Boyz defeat Benoit and Malenko in a fast-paced match. Backstage, Shane and Hunter talk to Kurt Angle. They set him up with Big Show as a partner to challenge the Edge and Christian. Hardcore Title Match: Crash loses to Saturn, Tazz defeats Saturn, then Crash recaptures the title and dashes from the ring. Crash is still HC Champ. Angle and Big Show vs Edge and Christian, Show enters in a kilt and is rather comical IMO. Angle gets distracted by Big Show's antics and eventually slaps him, Show clobbers Angle losing the match by count out. Albert of T and A vs Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Trish distracts Buh Buh allowing Albert a near win. But Buh Buh pulls off the victory. Afterward Test levels D Von then helps Trish set up a table. D Von nails Test with a chair before he can slam Buh Buh, so Albert gets splashed thru the table instead.

Kat and Mae vs Terri and Moolah, Mae and the Kat deliver a double bronco muster to the fans delight. Then Kat spears Moolah and Mae takes the win. Earlier in the evening Chris Jericho, mistakenly took Steph and Tori to be a couple of Godfather's ladies and landed himself in a Handicap Match against Road Dogg and X-Pac. Jericho gets several near falls before Tori gets involved, he puts her in the Walls of Jericho but DX attack him and take the win. Backstage, Shane scolds Earl Hebner for bad officiating and threatens to fire him if he screws up again. Stephanie makes her way to the ring and, after insulting the fans, introduces her personal trainer Muffy as a public service. Triple H, Boss Man, and Bull vs Rock and Acolytes. Faarooq gets pummeled in the early stages of the match. Earl lays down the law, pulling Triple H off of a chokehold and shoving Shane from the ring apron. Triple H goes for a Pedigree but Rock prevents it. Rock tags in and hammers The Game, all six men end up in the ring resulting in Triple H getting cornered. DX storms the ring but the Acolytes chase them off along with Bull and Boss Man. Rock goes after Triple H. Then Shane hits Rock from behind, Rock catches him and slams him thru the announce table with a Rock Bottom. Rock celebrates in the ring as Hunter retreats to the stage. Bull looked good in this power match.

(2000-04-17) Triple H vs Chris Jericho. Jericho enters the ring and insults Stephanie once again. After Triple H makes his way to the ring, Jericho goads him into making it a WWF Championship Match. After which he introduces his insurance - the Acolyte Protection Agency. The match explodes with each man getting a near fall, several nice exchanges. Then Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Jericho reverses it into an attempt at the Walls of Jericho. However, he can't get Hunter into the submission hold so catapults him into the ring corner. The referee gets knocked out in the process. Jericho climbs the ropes but Shane trips him, the APA spring into action and chase Shane from the ring area. Stephanie tosses the belt in the ring, but Jericho grabs it and nails Triple H. He goes for a cover but the referee is out, Earl Hebner runs from the back and counts two before The Game kicks out. Hunter recovers and realizes Earl is in the ring. They start arguing and shoving eachother, then Triple H knocks Hebner down. Jericho takes advantage of the distraction and takes down Triple H. Hebner makes a lightning fast three-count and Jericho is WWF Champion! Triple H is furious.

Triple H and Shane McMahon drag the original referee and senior referee Earl to the ring. They review the fast count (though not the one that Earl was late to count) and the original referee agrees that Hebner indeed administered a fast count. Triple H demands Earl reverse his decision and strike the match from the records. Earl agrees to if no one hurts him as long as he's a WWF referee. (Anyone else see this next part coming?) Jericho walks on stage and relinquishes the title to Earl who is forced to fasten it around Hunter's waist. Triple H is once again WWF Champion. Triple H turns to Earl, "Oh, one more thing. You're fired!" Triple H and Shane stomp the referee. Backstage, Linda McMahon arrives at the arena. Shane goes to meet her. She tells him she has an announcement concerning Backlash and the Rock, but will not say anything else. Essa Rios and Eddie Guerrero vs Hardy Boyz, Eddie and Essa show surprising team work. Chyna gets involved a couple times, then Lita tries a moonsault and hits Eddie allowing the Hardys the win. After the match Lita slips away and Essa gets clobbered by Latino Heat. (Looked like Eddie was trying to catch Lita.) Hardcore Triple Threat Championship Match: Crash vs Saturn vs Tazz. Incidentally, Tazz is now the ECW World Champion after defeating the former champ last Thursday. During the match Hardcore Holly brings a referee and attacks Crash outside the ring. Crash whips Hardcore into a ring post then breaks up the Tazzmission. Hardcore takes down Saturn then Crash kicks Hardcore Holly out of the way and takes the victory before running from the ring area.

Linda enters the ring to make her announcement. She informs everyone that she believes the Rock is outnumbered at Backlash. Although Rock didn't ask for help she states that she is putting someone in Rock's corner. Immediately some fans start to mumble Mick Foley. "No, not Mick. That was one night only. Mick is retired. The special person will be none other than, Stone Cold Steve Austin in the Rock's corner." Triple H, Shane, and Stephanie head to the ring and confront Linda. Stephanie tells her to take back her statement. Linda refuses and Steph tries to slap her, Linda blocks it and knocks Steph on her butt. Stephanie tells Hunter to get her. Hunter goes for a Pedigree on Linda but thankfully Shane tackles him. Linda gets away from the ring as Hunter and Shane start arguing. Stephanie slaps them both trying to calm them down. Rock steps on stage and declares a great situation just got better. "The Brahma Bull and the Rattlesnake have never seen eye to eye...but we've always agreed on one thing. Triple H you're the biggest asshole walking God's green earth."

Dudley Boyz vs Snow and Blackman, T and A interfere ending the match. Buh Buh grabs Trish by the hair and calls for a table. She kisses Buh Buh, leaving him in a daze she, and quickly retreats up the ramp with Test and Albert. Light Heavyweight Title Match: Scotty Too Hotty vs Dean Malenko, surprisingly there was no interference and the two had a nice match. Dean trapped Scotty in a submission hold but he made it to the ropes requiring the break. Scotty climbs the ropes but Malenko follows him up and suplexes him from the top rope but Scotty ties him up for the win. Scotty Too Hotty is the new Lt. Heavyweight Champion. Through the evening several video clips were shown of Angle supporting abstinence. IC Title Match: Big Show, no gimmick this time, dominates Benoit but Benoit delivers a blatant kick between the legs ending the match and retaining the title. Angle runs in and kicks Show while he's down. Tag Title Championship: Edge and Christian vs Bull and Boss Man, Bull shows some impressive moves then Edge gets a near fall on Boss Man but Bull interrupts the count. Boss Man shoves the referee causing a disqualification. *LIGHTS OUT - FIRE* Kane enters the ring, hand still in a cast, knocks Boss Man outside the ring then savagely chokeslams Bull.

Backstage interview, Cole implies to Jericho that maybe the APA sold out to Shane. The Acolytes take exception to his statement, "Tonight, we're standing with him." Then Road Dogg and X-Pac attack Edge and Christian as they return backstage. Six Man Match: DX vs APA and Jericho, DX teamwork meets the Acolytes power. Jericho gets a near fall on Triple H, Pac levels Jericho and the APA chase Pac and Road Dogg up the ramp. Edge and Christian attack Dogg and Pac. Back in the ring Triple H rolls over to cover Jericho but Y2J kicks out. The Acolytes return to ringside but Bull and Boss Man attack them. Triple H recovers and nails Jericho with the Pedigree for the victory.

(2000-04-20) SmackDown started off with Road Dogg defeating Edge. WWF Champ Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Hemlsley entered the ring to talk about Monday. Then Triple H announced a Lumberjack Match: Rock vs Jericho for later in the evening. As Hunter is finshing Tazz, ECW Champ, steps on to stage and challenges Triple H. (To my knowledge this is a first ever Champ vs Champ match between two organizations.) Backstage Hunter, Stephanie, and Shane start rounding up lumberjacks. Incidentally, Steph invites Kurt Angle. Dudley Boyz vs Essa and Eddie Guerrero, Lita inadvertently collides with Eddie outside the ring allowing the Dudleys the win. Chyna goes after Lita in the ring. Meanwhile, Dudleys set up a table and appear to be after Chyna but Chyna tosses Lita to them and steps out of the ring. Buh Buh slams Lita thru the table.

Rikishi vs Big Show, Show challenges Rikishi to a dance contest. He goes firts then attacks Rikishi during his turn. The both end up getting counted out. Rikishi calls Big Show back into the ring to finish what they started. He puts a pair of shades on Big Show, and Show returns the favor. They dance together to the crowds delight but when Show offers a hihg-five Rikishi kicks him and takes back the shades. Champ vs Champ: Tazz vs Triple H, non-title, was a good match both men showed some nice moves. Triple H managed to wear down Tazz for a nearfall but Tazz recovers and gets a nearfall with a bridge-suplex. Triple H gets locked in the Tazzmission but the referee gets distracted by Stephanie and Tazz gets a low-blow. ECW wrestler Tommy Dreamer tries to get in the ring but Triple H knocks him off the apron. Dreamer grabs a chair but ends up hitting Tazz rather than Hunter. Triple H Pedigrees Dreamer then covers the dazed Tazz for the victory. Godfather and D'Lo Brown vs T and A, Buh Buh watches trish from the stage and D-Von eventually takes him backstage. D'Lo accidentally hits Godfather costing his team the win. Brown and GF start arguing and D'Lo levels GF and stalks from the ring. X-Pac vs Christian, Road Dogg heads for the ring but Edge is close behind. Christian is distracted momentarily and Pac gets the win. Then X-Pac attacks Edge. The Tag Champs, Edge and Christian drive DX from the ring. IC Title Match: Benoit vs Angle, starts out competitve with each combatant getting several nearfalls. Good ring work. But Big Show arrives at the ring and shoves Benoit from the top rope and chases Angle backstage. Benoit retains the title after a DQ. Earlier in the day, Crash retained the Hardcore Title after being attacked outside of the circus by three clowns who turned out to be the Meanstreet Posse.

Lumberjack Match: Rock vs Chris Jericho, both fall to the wolves on a couple occaisions. They end up using the lumberjacks to their advantage - tossing eachother outside the ring. Rock gets a nearfall then goes outside the ring after some LJs. Jericho follows suit but both get rolled back in the ring. Triple H distracts the referee and Benoit hits Jericho with a flying headbutt. Rock goes for a cover but Y2J kicks out. Another distraction allows X-Pac to deliver the X-Factor to Rock. However, Rock kicks out as well. Rock recovers and levels Jericho then knocks several of the LJs from the ring apron. He clobbers Hunter in corner of the ring after pulling him in. Shane attacks Rock but runs from the ring as Rock gives chase. Jericho attacks Rock but meets a Rock Bottom. Triple H pulls Rock out of the ring before a three-count. Rock fights off the LJs and rolls back in the ring. He hits another Rock Bottom but Shane distracts the referee and Hunter slams Rock with the title belt, and rolls Jericho on top for the win.

(2000-04-24) As Raw opens Kurt Angle steps on stage and speaks about his feud with Big Show. He continues with his abstinence speeches. Angle vs Rikishi ends with a disqualification when Kurt shoves the referee in Rikishi's path. Big Show slams Angle then Rikishi gives him the stink face. After Angle heads backstage, Show puts the shades on Rikishi and steps out of the ring as Phatu dances. Trish taunts Buh Buh Dudley with several seductive scenes on top of tables during the show. Latino Heat, Chyna and Eddie Guerrero, try on some clothes for Eddie's prom Sunday. The DX Express arrives and Shane, Triple H, and Steph enter the ring. Shane and Hunter apologize to eachother for their actions Monday. Stephanie apologizes if she's hurt the fans' feelings. Then Triple H asserts that he is a fair person and is about to announce something to show his fairness when Jericho interrupts. Chris Jericho asks for a rematch for the WWF Championship. The Game starts to refuse, Jericho insults Steph and begins taunting the Champ. Shane proposes himself and Triple H vs Jericho and Rock. Stephanie taunts Jericho with the WWF Title belt, Y2J grabs the belt and starts away from the ring. When Triple H gives chase Jericho flattens him with the belt and walks away. Backstage, Benoit attacks Jericho.

Road Dogg vs Chris Benoit, Edge and Christian join commentary and bluntly say they will interfere if Road Dogg gets the advantage. Tori makes her way to ringside. When Benoit gets knocked from the ring Edge and Christian head in. Tori tries to stop Christian and the referee gets distracted. Edge spears Dogg allowing Benoit the victory. Then Edge and Christian clobber Road Dogg, Tori grabs Edge by the hair and gets slammed. Angle tries to hire the APA but makes them angry. So he goes to see Bull Buchanan and Boss Man, Stephanie happens to be there, he asks them to beat up Big Show. Stephanie does one better and signs a Handicap Match: Show vs Bull and BM. The Hollys pull off a win over the Hardys after Crash nails Jeff with a trash can lid. After the match, the Hardys drag Crash back in the ring to challenge for the Hardcore Title. Hardcore Holly watches from the ramp. Saturn and Tazz shove past Hardcore to enter the ring, Hardcore follows them in. Jeff flattens Crash and Matt slips in and makes the cover. Matt Hardy is the new Hardcore Champ. The fight continues as Matt leaves the area and a confused Jeff follows. Big Show does some dancing as he enters to face Bull and Boss Man, Show is about to try a double-chokeslam but Angles slides into the ring and delivers a low blow. Show gets clobbered until the Acolytes chase Boss Man and Bull from the ring area.

Vince arrives and speaks about the past week's events. Namely Linda's announcement of Stone Cold Steve Austin's return and the events that followed. Vince says he's not convinced that Hunter was only trying to scare Linda. "Don't ever touch my wife again!" Then informs him that he'll need to find a new tag partner since Shane has been assigned other duties. And goes on to say if he can't find a partner then it will be a Handicap Match. Vince then continues with a history lesson, he shows a video of Stone Cold crushing Rock's car and reminds the audience that Rock vowed to get even. Then shows the video of Steve Austin getting hit by a car prior to Survivor Series 1999 and points out that Rock had the most to gain by putting Austin on the injured list. And tells Rock, "In Austin's words - DTA, don't trust anybody."

On Heat, Blackman and Snow broke up. Snow and Godfather vs Blackman and D'Lo Brown. D'Lo defeats Snow for the win. Snow and Godfather end up fighting after the match. Guerrero vs Val Venis, non-title, Val falls out of the ring and gets nailed by Chyna. Essa Rios and Lita come out after Chyna, they both get leveled then Lita leaps from the top rope and flattens Chyna. In the ring, Venis takes the win with a Money Shot. Essa and Lita stomp Eddie. Dudleys vs Edge and Christian, during the match T and A carry Trish out on top of a table. Buh Buh gets distracted and nearly loses the match. Later, D-Von sets up for a second 3D but Buh Buh gets distracted again when Trish starts to gyrate atop the table. D-Von gets speared for the victory. Backstage interview, Rock admits maybe he and Stone Cold shouldn't trust eachother. But neither of them trust Vince. Jericho and Rock vs Triple H, Hunter makes his way to ringside with Steph then introduces his partner - IC Champ Chris Benoit. Then introduces Shane as the guest referee and Vince to stand in his corner. Shane makes a couple fair counts during the beginning of this high impact match. Rock tags in and hammers Benoit then pulls Triple H into the ring and takes him down with a DDT. Jericho nails Benoit knocking him from the ring apron. A Rock Bottom puts down Triple H but Shane is 'distracted' by Stephanie. Rock levels Shane then chases after Vince but Benoit hits him from behind. Rock levels Benoit and lines up for the People's Elbow but Vince hits Rock with a low blow and Triple H delivers a Pedigree for the victory.

(2000-04-27) Essa Rios and Val Venis defeat Latino Heat, with a distraction from Lita. Rock enters the ring and questions what kind of match the McMahon Helmsley Regime has in mind for tonight. Then calls them out. DX and the McMahons step on to stage. Triple H says he's bored beating up the Rock, "Why don't we just wait till Backlash?" Then he announces Road Dogg vs Christian, and if Edge interferes they'll be stripped of the Tag Titles. Vince speaks about Backlash then announces Shane as the special referee for the WWF Championship match. Vince goes on to insinuate the Rock is worried that Stone Cold will turn on him. Rock replies, "What if the Rock said he spoke to Stone Cold Steve Austin? And Stone Cold doesn't want to wait till Backlash." "You're lying!" says Vince, "Austin doesn't have the grapefruits." "Ah, shut up! Rock guaran-damn-tes Stone Cold Steve Austin is here." The McMahons and DX head out to the DX Express and find a couple of Austin foam fingers stuck to the windshield. Rock leaves in a limo. A short time later Triple H gets a 3:16 page. And Vince says he has a funny feeling.

Light Heavyweight Championship: Scotty Too Hotty vs Dean Malenko, using the ropes for leverage Malenko wins the Lt. Heavyweight Title. T and A vs Hollys, Crash asks for the tag but Misses Albert. T and A take the victory. They back up the ramp, Dudleys take out Test and Albert from behind with chairs and drag Trish Stratus into the ring. D-Von sets up the table and Buh Buh lifts Trish to slam her, but she kisses him again distracting him until Test and Albert make it to the ring. Albert slams Buh Buh thru the table. Backstage, the McMahon Helmsley Regime decides to go look for Austin. Shane beats up a Stone Cold cardboard cut-out. Stephanie is startled by Angle who says he's going to miss the next couple TV shows. Chris Jericho and Tazz vs Saturn and Benoit, Jericho gets Saturn into the Walls of Jericho but Benoit nails him with the IC belt. Saturn gets a near fall. Tazz gets locked in the Crippler Crossface, but Y2J breaks the hold. Benoit collides with Saturn and Jericho takes the win.

Triple H and Shane find a room full of empty beer cans. Tori thinks she heard Austin in a room but its only a CD player. Then they see someone that looks similar to Austin in the restroom and assault him. Road Dogg defeats Christian, Dogg continues to pummel Christian but officials finally break it up. The the referee reverses the decision and awards the match to Christian. Handicap Match: Boss Man, Bull, and Angle vs Rikishi and Big Show, another favor from Stephanie. After Bull levels Rikishi outside the ring, all three men clobber Show. Big Show recovers and clears the ring. Rikishi hits Bull with the steel steps, then Bull gets the stink face and a chokeslam, Show takes the victory. Rikishi and Big Show put on their shades and are about to dance when Bull and BM attack them. Acolytes storm the ring and chase them off. Rikishi pulls Show back in the ring and they do their dance. Backstage, Al Snow tries to reconcile with Blackman to no avail. Hardcore Championship: Matt vs Jeff Hardy, Saturn and Hardcore come to ringside. Matt and Jeff both pull out ladders, Tazz makes his way to ringside, Jeff gets knocked off a ladder and lands on Saturn and Hardcore Holly. Everyone starts fighting. Crash runs into the ring, breaks up a cover and pins Matt for the win. Crash Holly regains the Hardcore Title. Backstage, a delivery man arrives with a cement truck and tells Vince that he's supposed to pour it into a Corvette. Vince thinks that Austin sent the man to lure them outside so they rush back to their room. They meet up with Jim Ross on the phone to his cousin and hang up on him. Then find a rattlesnake in their room. And Rock returns in the limo.

Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman vs Godfather, Snow nails Godfather with a nunchaku ending the match. McMahon Helmsley Regime fills the ring. Shane, Vince, the Triple H take turns taunting Austin to show himself. Triple H calls out the Rock after asserting that it was probably just Rock playing games. Rock steps on to stage states he made a promise. He makes fun of how the McMahons and Triple H were running scared. Then goes on to say, "I don't walk like Austin. I don't talk like Austin. I don't really look much like Austin. But he does..." and points to the Titantron and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin is outside somewhere, "There seems to be some concern over who's side I'll be on at Backlash. I'll be on my side. Some people are good at construction. All I've ever been good at is tearin' stuff up. So, I guess you could say I'm good at deconstruction." With that Austin climbs into a wrecking crane and prepares to crush the DX Express, then drops what looked like a short I beam onto the bus and it erupts in fire. "And that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!"

What the McMahons and DX were doing was related to things SCSA has done in the past - the 3:16 page, snake, cement in a Vette, and so on. Michael Cole was rather annoying hyping Backlash and SCSA the whole time. Unfortunately, Austin didn't enter the arena on TV. I found that very disappointing. Apparently he did so after they stopped taping to a tremendous ovation. As for the exploding bus. Well, it was neat in a way. However, it was reported that there were difficulties getting the crane to operate and then suddenly the bus blew up. In other words, they slipped in and set off a 'gas bomb' of sorts like they use in car explosions in movies. So perhaps they edited this for TV, I dunno. But dropping an I-beam on the roof of a bus is not going to make it explode like that.


(2000-04-30) Debra returned to announce the first match. Tag Team Title Match: Edge and Christian defeated Road Dogg and X-Pac after Edge nailed Pac with the ring bell. Light Heavyweight Title Match: Dean Malenko defeated Scotty Too Hotty. Bull Buchanan and Boss Man defeat the Acolytes. Hardcore Title Match: Crash Holly vs Matt and Jeff Hardy, Tazz, Perry Saturn, and Hardcore Holly. Crash had to score a pin or be pinned. Crash pulled off the win. Big Show vs Kurt Angle, Show made his entrance as the Showster an imitation of Hulk Hogan. Big Show took the victory with a chokeslam. Test and Albert defeat Dudley Boyz, once again Trish kissed Buh Buh but he still slammed her through a table. European Title Match: Eddie Guerrero vs Essa Rios, Eddie and Chyna just arrived from threir prom. Eddie retained the title. Then Lita stripped off Chyna's dress but Chyna wasn't phased as she celebrated with Eddie in the ring.

Intercontinental Title Match: Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho, these two took it in and out of the ring. Both went for their submission holds but neither could get the win. The referee goes down. Benoit slams Jericho with the title belt then revives the referee but Jericho kicks out. Benoit went for his flying headbutt, but Jericho moved out of the way and Benoit bounced his head off the title belt. The referee disqualified Jericho for using the belt. An angry Y2J put the referee in the Walls of Jericho. During a replay it is revealed that Jericho pulled the title belt so Benoit would hit it when he landed.

WWF Championship: The Rock vs Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin had not made an appearance yet and Mr. McMahon announced he had transportation problems and would not be attending - the crowd was upset. During the match Rock pinned Triple H but Shane refused to count. The People's Champion knocked Shane over the top rope. They fought in and out of the ring. Rock countered a Pedigree with a low blow and went for a Rock Bottom, Shane tried to prevent it but Rock slammed both Hunter and Shane. Then Vince got involved and Triple H hit the Pedigree and covered Rock, but Shane was still out and could not count. Vince called out Brisco and Patterson, who arrived in referee shirts but were to late to count. So they began to stomp the Rock and Vince nailed him with a chair. *GLASS BREAKS* Stone Cold Steve Austin entered the ring with chair in hand and clobbered everyone standing. He retreated from the ring as Linda McMahon escorted Earl Hebner to the ring. Rock recovered and landed the People's Elbow on Triple H. Hebner administered the three-count and Rock is the new WWF Champion. Austin re-entered the arena driving his truck and towing the burned up DX Express. Austin and Rock celebrated with a couple beers.

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