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(2000-09-04) Stephanie and Triple H enter the ring as RAW comes on the air. Triple H is angry and calls out the person who called the police on SmackDown. Commissioner Foley enters the ring and intends to find the culprit. He implies it could have been Stephanie and she denies it. Mick agrees, ruling her out as not being smart enough. Then he points to Triple H himself in an attempt to get sympathy from his wife. But Triple H doesn't let him continue. Foley goes on, "So if it wasn't one of us three...Kurt Angle come on down." Angle stands at ringside, "This is ridiculous...What about Chyna?" Foley invites Chyna out, she steps on stage and remarks, "I enjoyed DDTing Stephanie. But there's nothing between Hunter and I. I am with Eddie." Thus Mick invites Eddie out who replies that he didn't want Triple H out of the picture he wanted to fight him. Foley states, "Since we appear to have all the possible suspects out here and no one is willing to admit guilt..." He asks the fans to decide. They agree on Angle and Mick starts to escort him backstage as Test and Trish step on stage. Test takes the mic, "Remember when I almost married Steph? Remember November 12, 1999...I called the police." So Mick announces Test vs Triple H (Accidentally calling Triple H the WWF Champ.) Test replies, "Paybacks and your wife have alot in common, Triple H, they're both a bitch!" Angle and Test stomp Triple H until officials break them up.

Rock joins J.R. and the King at commentary and makes a remark about Mick's slipup in calling Hunter the Champ. Number One Contender Match: Kane vs Chris Benoit, during the match they are both distracted by the Rock at ringside. Kane attacks Rock and Benoit nails Kane with a chair but it has little effect other than ending the match. Then Kane gets hit with a Rock Bottom. Table Match: Dudleys vs Acolytes with Kaientai, all four fight in and out of the ring. The Dudleys bring in a table but Bradshaw levels them. Kaientai accidentally take down Faarooq allowing Buh Buh to drive Bradshaw through a table for the win. Taka and Funaki try to apologize but get clobbered. Backstage, Eddie tells Mick that he wants to protect Chyna in her match against Angle so Foley makes it a Triple Threat Match for the IC Title. Eddie attacks Angle as the match starts then he and Chyna double team the Olympic champion. Chyna gets tossed outside the ring but recovers in time to prevent a win by Angle. Then Eddie allows Chyna to attempt a cover but Angle kicks out. Eddie gets nailed with a chair then Chyna attacks Angle but she gets flattened with the title belt while the referee is distracted by Eddie trying to bring a chair in the ring. Guerrero throws Angle out of the ring and goes to check on Chyna, he inadvertently covers her and Eddie is the new Intercontinental Champion. Eddie appears surprised and doesn't want the title, but he assists Chyna backstage holding the title behind his back. He explains what happened backstage, Chyna is hurt but says he deserves it. However, as he hugs her he smiles happy that he has the gold.

Test vs Triple H, Hunter tells Stephanie to stay backstage. Hunter starts out fighting both T and A members. As Stephanie watches the match backstage Angle admires her from a short distance away. Triple H gets the victory with a Pedigree then hits Albert with a Pedigree as well. Stephanie joins him in the ring to celebrate the win. Backstage, Mick tells Mideon not to go streaking through the ring anymore. Right To Censor invites out there newest member Val Venis. Val steps on stage, "Now just a minute..." Val has no intentions of joining RTC and makes a nice speech about their hypocritical nature. "Its the parent's job to censor not yours." Richards replies, "If you're not with us. You're against us." Backstage, Boss Man insults Dean Malenko and Crash Holly. Edge and Christian are talking about faking genital warts to get out of their match as Foley walks in and tells them if they don't compete they will be stripped of the titles.

Hardcore Title Match: Boss Man vs Blackman, Lethal Weapon retains the title after an assist from Crash and Dean backstage. But Blackman then takes out Dean and Crash for getting involved. Tazz meets Foley and demands Lawler and Jericho, Mick agrees that he can take them both on and tells Tazz that he will give him a former champion as a tag partner. Tazz reluctantly agrees. Buchanan and Goodfather vs Val Venis and Road Dogg, Dogg takes the win but RTC levels him then take a clobbered Val outside and abduct him. Lawler leaves the broadcast position to prepare for his match.

Tazz and partner vs Lawler and Jericho, Tazz enters the ring after Jericho and Lawler make there way to the ring area. A nearly naked Mideon enters to Hulk's old music and a disoriented Tazz gets rolled up by Lawler for the victory. The King and Jericho laugh hysterically at a furious Tazz in the ring. Tag Title Match: Edge and Christian vs Rock and Undertaker, Kane joins commentary. Taker dominates most of the match but the tag champs manage to wear down the Badass after awhile. Finally Rock gets tagged in and gets a near fall. Benoit comes to ringside and Undertaker meets him. Christian gets Rock Bottomed but Edge interrupts the count. Rock goes for a tag but Taker is still dealing with Benoit. Edge smacks Rock with a chair while the referee isn't looking. Rock kicks out. Undertaker makes it back to his corner. Rock hits a spine buster but Kane pulls the referee out of the ring. Undertaker goes after Kane, Edge and Christian deliver a double chairshot to Rock and Christian makes the cover to retain the titles.

(2000-09-07) As SmackDown came on the air Michael Cole announced that Lawler as not attending tonight due to an injury from Tazz last Monday. Tazz then enters to The King's music and joins commentary. Chris Jericho takes on X-Pac in a competitive match. They trade some nice counter moves then X-Pac counters the Lionsault and takes the win with a low blow. Backstage, Angle goes to see Commissioner Foley complaining that he was cheated out of the IC Title. Foley ends up sticking him in a match against the Undertaker.

The Tag Champs Edge and Christian enter the ring and show footage of Christian pinning the Rock after a double chairshot on RAW. They review the video clip several times proud of their tainted win over Undertaker and Rock. Finally, Rock steps on stage and challenges them both to a Handicap Match. They decline but after trading some insults they agree if both of them can stay in the ring and the WWF Federation Championship is on the line. Rock replies, "No problem." Backstage, Stephanie calls Rock a copy cat since Triple H was already booked in a Handicap Match with T and A.

Rikishi vs Benoit was a nice match with several near falls by each competitor. However, RTC Members Bull and Goodfather came to ringside and Benoit took the victory during the distraction. Too Cool came to Rikishi's aid as RTC attacked him but Right To Censor got the upperhand. Backstage, Chyna and Eddie got into a fight after Chyna accused Eddie of using her. Later Chyna is outside talking to Road Dogg about her need to support Eddie when Eddie walks out and gets upset, takes her away with him. Barroom Brawl: Acolytes clobber the Dudleys and end up drinking together after the fight. Kaientai shows up trying to join in, Faarooq and Buh Buh each grab a bottle and knock out Kaientai.

As Tazz sits at commentary Jerry Lawler comes through the crowd to attack him, choking him until officials separate the two. Then the King mocks Tazz with his sunglasses. Handicap Match: Triple H vs T and A, when Trish trips Hunter he grabs her by the hair but Test and Albert attack him. Stephanie yanks Trish off the ring apron and slaps her so Test comes out after her. Kurt Angle runs from the back and throws Test into the ring steps then chokes Albert on the top rope. Triple H hits the Pedigree for the win. Angle retreats back the ramp as Stephanie celebrates with Hunter. A few minutes later in their dressing room, Triple H gets angry about Angle's interference. Intercontinental Title Match: Road Dogg vs Eddie Guerrero with Chyna. During the match Guerrero tosses Road Dogg outside the ring and distracts the referee but Chyna stands aside rather than attacks her old friend. Later, Chyna half-heartedly trips Road Dogg. But Dogg recovers and rolls Eddie up, however Chyna rolls them back over so Eddie is on top and retains the title. Road Dogg is upset and Chyna apologizes but Eddie attacks him. Chyna pulls Eddie away but he returns to stomp Dogg some more. Chyna is very displeased but stands by her man.

Too Cool vs RTC Members Goodfather and Bull Buchanan, Rikishi heads to the ring as the match gets out of control. Too Cool wins with an assist from Rikishi. Mandy and Victoria, the Godfather's former ladys, join in the celebration dance. Undertaker vs Angle ends when Benoit interferes preventing Angle from going for the Last Ride. Benoit and Angle stomp the American Badass until Triple H hits the ring and attacks Angle. Then Benoit goes for the Last Ride. Backstage, Stephanie is upset with Hunter for his actions.

Stone Cold Steve Austin delivers a message. The Rattlesnake starts out with his back to the camera then turns around and reminds everyone just who he is. "I'm gonna give the sumbitch that hit me until Unforgiven to step forward. If the yellow bastard makes me wait. I'm gonna interrogate every superstar on the roster at Unforgiven until I find him."

Prior to his match Rock nails Edge and Christian with a chair backstage. As the Handicap WWF Championship Match is about to get underway. Christian approaches the ring alone and announces that Commissioner Foley has replaced Edge with Kane. Kane goes right after the Rock while Christian stays out of the way. When Kane goes down Christian attacks Rock and gets a couple near falls. Rock knocks Kane off the ring apron as he tries to get back in then hits Christian with a spine buster. Rock lines up the People's Elbow but Kane intercepts him and goes for a cover after slamming the Rock. Christian breaks the count and Kane starts fighting his tag partner. He levels Christian then clears off the announce table. Edge heads to ringside and attacks Kane. Back in the ring Christian walks into a Rock Bottom and the People's Champ retains the title. Kane chokeslams Rock through the announce table after the match.

(2000-09-11) Commissioner Foley entered the ring as RAW came on the air. He announced that he was going to start Stone Cold's investigation early and since Steve Austin has waived the criminal charges, he asks the guilty party to step forward. The Rock heads to the ring. Foley blurts, "You?!" Then starts to scold the Rock for his actions, but Rock stops him. "The Rock admits...this is a half ass criminal investigation." Mick still confused asks, "So you didn't do it?" "No just no, but oh hell no! The Rock gave his word he didn't do it." Rock says he came to the ring to get some pay back, tells Kane to bring it to Unforgiven. Benoit steps on stage and wants his shot at the WWF Title. Kane heads out and Undertaker follows. All four men end up fighting. Kane nails Foley accidentally before officials fill the ring and stop the brawl. A short time later Michael Cole interviews Mick backstage and the Commissioner states that he will name a number one contender before the night ends. Then announces Rock and Undertaker vs Benoit and Kane.

Dudley Boys vs Hardys, Edge and Christian make their way to ringside. Edge smacks Matt with his title belt but Matt lands on top of Buh Buh for the win. The Tag Champs stomp the Hardys until the Dudleys take them out. Edge gets a 3D through a table. Women's Championship: Lita defends her title in a nice match against Ivory. Mideon streaks through the ring and Lita retains her title with a moonsault. Backstage, Angle tells Foley that Triple H should be in a match tonight too. Mick agrees to find him a suitable opponent if Angle stops talking. Eddie tries to make up to Chyna, apparently succeeding. However, Chyna is a little reluctant to face their opponents Too Cool. Eddie attacks early in the match but Too Cool takes control of the match. Then Eddie decides not to tag Chyna in when he gets the chance. Chyna gets bumped off the ring apron but recovers and takes Scotty out of the ring. Grand Master Sexay gets the victory. Eddie offers to shake hands but after they start dancing Eddie attacks Too Cool with the IC Title. Rikishi runs in to attack Eddie. Chyna prevents a stink face but is upset over Guerrero's actions. Later backstage, Chyna and Eddie start arguing and Chyna brings up her Playboy pictures. Eddie gets angry and declares he must stop them.

Triple H tells Stephanie to stay backstage and heads to the ring to meets his, to be announced, opponent. Chris Jericho enters the ring. These old rivals take it in and out of the ring. The Game has Jericho set up for the Pedigree when Stephanie starts walking down the ramp and distracts him. Kurt Angle tries to escort Stephanie away from the ring. Hunter takes down Y2J and goes after Angle. X-Pac appears from somewhere and flattens Jericho ending the match. Triple H returns to the ring and knocks Pac on his butt for getting involved. X-Pac walks away. Right To Censor members Goodfather and Bull vs Acolytes, Venis steps out on stage with a chair in hand. Val slowly makes his way to the ring area during the match. RTC takes the win, the Val jumps in the ring and attacks the Acolytes. Steven Richards arrives, pleased with his new convert Val Venis.

European Championship: Al Snow retains the title against Tazz with an assist from Jerry the King Lawler. After the match Tazz says he's leaving. Handicap Match: Angle vs T and A, Triple H is loving the match as he watches it backstage. Trish gets involved and Stephanie arrives to help Angle but ends up in the ring with T and A. The Game arrives to save her. Then Angle recovers and aids Triple H to fight off T and A. Then Triple H and Angle start fighting and Steph gets bounced around in the process. Finally, Triple H starts to carry the battered Stephanie backstage but Angle punches him again causing Hunter and Steph to crash to the floor. Foley meets Triple H and Steph in their dressing room. Mick calms down Hunter by giving him Angle at Unforgiven. Plus he names himself as the special referee. Hardcore Title: Blackman retains against X-Pac with an assist from Jericho. Moments later backstage, X-Pac assaults Jericho. Kane and Benoit vs Undertaker and Rock, no-DQ. Foley joins commentary. Rock is in for most of the match. Kane trips Rock during an attempted People's Elbow and Benoit hits his flying head butt. However, Rock kicks out. (A fan tries getting in the ring but is quickly taken away). Undertaker tags in and chokeslams Benoit. Rock and Kane fight outside the ring. Kane prevents the Last Ride and Benoit rolls up Taker for the win. The four men keep on fighting after the match. Foley announces that he can't decide on a contender so it'll be a Fatal Fourway at Unforgiven among these four competitors. Benoit gets hit with a Rock Bottom and Kane gets chokeslammed as Raw comes to a close.

(2000-09-14) The Commissioner speaks about the matches he has made for Unforgiven. Then announces he has a plan to ensure that everyone makes it there without tearing eachother apart. Rock enters the ring and states he's not worried about anyone. Undertaker steps out and refutes that he's going to attack Rock. Benoit is upset over the decision for a Fatal Fourway, believing he was the winner he should be the number one contender. Kane heads toward the ring but before he can make it there Angle steps thru the curtain. Kurt voices his concern over Triple H not being able to control himself. The Game goes after Angle and Mick has to restrain him. Then Foley finishes his announcement, "To keep you from destroying eachother you will be teaming up with eachother." Anyone that refuses to work with their partner is out of their match at Unforgiven. Kane and Benoit assaults Rock as Foley tries to keep Triple H and Angle apart. Undertaker starts to walk away but returns and tosses Benoit out of the ring but lets Kane slam Rock.

Hardcore Match: Acolytes vs Kane and Benoit, Benoit gets stomped until Kane makes it to the ring. Bradshaw breaks the Crossface on Faarooq then Kane pulls Bradshaw out of the ring preventing a pin. Benoit leaves the ring but Kane fights off both Acolytes but they finally take him down and get the win with a double cover. Kane gets right up and storms out after Benoit. Triple H goes to Commissioner begging not to have Angle for his partner. "I want you to tear Angle apart. But it has to wait till Unforgiven. That's the way it has to be."

Video clips of Eddie going to the Playboy mansion but getting turned away at the door. After seeing it Chyna leaves the arena. RTC assures everyone that they had nothing to do with Stone Cold's accident. Then Venis calls out their opponents. Too Cool and Rikishi vs Bull, Goodfather, and Venis. Richards gets a stink face during the match. Eddie runs in from the crowd and sprays something in Rikishi's eyes. Venis takes the victory then Eddie continues to stomp Rikishi.

Test and Albert vs Triple H and Angle, Triple H applauds as Al pummels Angle. But Angle tags Hunter in rather forcefully. Triple H shortly returns the favor. Then when Test reverses Angle into Hunter's boot The Game starts laughing again. Angle knocks Triple H off the ring apron with a tag. Hunter gets in the ring but gets tripped by Trish. Stephanie heads to the ring area. Hunter gets double teamed in the ring. Steph tries to trip Test but Trish takes her down. Angle goes to check on her, Triple H sees him in is about to nail him when Test takes The Game down for the win. Tazz meets with Foley demanding to be let out of his contract. But the Commissioner gives him Lawler at Unforgiven with the stipulation that they can't touch eachother prior to the match. Tazz accepts. Edge and Christian introduce the Hardys and Lita from the future in their usual comedic style. Foley steps on stage and announces that the Edge and Christian vs Hardys at Unforgiven will be a Steel Cage Match. Then he brings out the real Lita and Hardy Boyz who clobber the Tag Champs. Blackman retains the Hardcore Championship against Saturn despite Terri. As the match is going on Tazz takes a seat behind the announce table and taunts Lawler. Finally, the Head of Security sends Tazz out.

Edge, Christian, and X-Pac vs Hardys and Jericho in a fast paced match. Pac takes the win during some confusion. Table Match: Dudleys vs Rock and Undertaker. The Dudleys control most of the match finally taking down the Rock and grabbing a table. However, Rock and Undertaker recover. The Dudleys collide with eachother. Rock grabs another table. D-Von low blows Undertaker then knocks the table out of the way as Rock sends Buh Buh to the canvas with a Rock Bottom. Taker and Rock set up both tables but Rock bumps into Undertaker as he's bout to slam D-Von. Moments later, Undertaker calls for the Rock but he's hurt outside the ring. The Dudleys send the American Badass through a table for the win. Rock returns to the ring and walks right into a chokeslam thru the other table.

(2000-09-17) Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley entered the ring as RAW came on the air (the last Raw on USA Network). She asks Commissioner Foley to cancel Angle and Triple H's match at Unforgiven so as to keep Triple H and Kurt from feuding. Angle enters the ring and states that he wants to teach Hunter a lesson. Then he shows the video of Triple H's actions lately to make The Game look bad. Hunter arrives on the scene and shows a video clip of Angle at the 1996 Olympics crying and hugging his coach. Then implies that Angle is gay since he only wants to be 'friends with Steph. Angle gets angry. Steph tries to calm him down. Foley makes his way to the ring and teases Angle some more after due respect for his accomplishment at the Olympics. Foley declares the match will go on and hopefully end it. The Mick announces a Six-Person Match: Triple H, Angle, and Stephanie vs T and A and Trish.

The APA attacks RTC backstage but Right To Censor gets the advantage. Bull Buchanan and Goodfather vs Dudley Boyz, the RTC members take the win with an assist from Richards and Venis. Afterward the Acolytes join the Dudleys to stomp RTC. The Rock makes his way to the ring and calls out Undertaker. The American Badass heads to the ring and gets in his face. "I might not dress like Satan anymore, but I'm still down with the devil. And I will go medieval on your ass!" Foley quickly makes his way to the ring to prevent a fight. Decides to have Rock vs Undertaker non-title tonight. However, Benoit makes his way to ringside and demands a WWF Title shot. Kane walks on stage and states he deserves the title shot. So Foley announces Benoit vs Kane. The Crippler and Kane start fighting and a team of officials must separate them. The two fight back out to the ring as their match gets underway. Benoit ends the match when he smacks Kane with the ring bell.

Backstage, Kurt tries to discuss some strategy with Hunter and his wife but Triple H continues to question his sexuality. Angle walks back out after promising Steph that he will protect her. As the Six-Person Match gets underway Stephanie accidentally tags in. But Triple H goes in instead. Then Stephanie does get pulled into the match and Test climbs up for an elbow drop but Hunter knocks him down. A Pedigree and then Triple H rolls Stephanie on top for the victory. Eddie is sick so Chyna takes his place against Rikishi Phatu. Tazz makes his way to the ring and takes over announcing, taking the opportunity to annoy Lawler and J.R. As the match is about to start Eddie Guerrero makes his way to ringside and Rikishi pulls him in the ring and clobbers the sick Latino Heat. At first Chyna stands aside but does prevent the Stink Face. Chyna and Rikishi start fighting but Eddie sprays something in Rikishi's eyes and leaves the ring. Chyna stays to check on her friend. Rikishi recovers somewhat and slams Chyna then threatens to keep hurting her until Eddie comes to the ring. Rikishi delivers a butt drop before leaving and Eddie then returns to help Chyna out of the ring.

Steven Regal appears in the ring and starts to give a lesson on manners. Y2J puts a quick end to it, however X-Pac attacks him with nunchakus. Edge and Christian retain the Tag Titles against Too Cool. Security finally takes Tazz backstage. Mick Foley steps on stage to urge presidential candidates Gore and Bush to answer the SmackDown Challenge and come on a WWF show to debate. Benoit joins commentary. Undertaker vs Rock, non-title, was a nice fight. Then the referee goes down. Rock lands the People's Elbow but the referee can't count. Undertaker chokeslams Rock but the Champ kicks out. Undertaker blocks a Rock Bottom and sends Rock for the Last Ride and a victory. Kane heads for the ring and pummels Undertaker along with Benoit. Rock recovers and sends Kane out of the ring. Undertaker tosses Benoit out then walks into a Rock Bottom.

(2000-09-21) Commissioner Foley has the whole locker room in the ring area to investigate who hit Stone Cold Steve Austin. Mick calls Rock into the ring as a prime suspect. The Rock states that he has already told everyone, including Stone Cold himself, that he didn't do it. Triple H is the next suspect. "I'm not the kinda guy that has to run people down. I eliminate my enemies by kicking their ass." Triple H suggests, "Maybe it was a bad driver, a woman driver. Say, Kurt Angle." Kurt refutes the accusation and implies it might have been a quiet person like Essa Rios. Essa just rants in Spanish so Angle replies, "If not Essa then it had to be DX." X-Pac jumps in the ring and says he's sick of the accusations and blames Jericho. Y2J implies it was Stephanie and Stephanie points at Undertaker. Undertaker calls Stephanie a sleazy tramp in agreement with Jericho. This causes Angle to attack him and a brawl erupts in the ring.

RTC member Val Venis gets a win over Scotty Too Hotty. Backstage, Steph gets flowers from Angle but Hunter just uses them as ammunition to insult Angle some more. The Hardys and Lita enter the ring to speak about the upcoming match at Unforgiven. However, Edge and Christian appear on the Titan Tron and show some video clips of Matt and Jeff when they were young. The Hardys run backstage to find the Tag Champs but get attacked from behind. Hardcore Championship Match: European Champ Al Snow vs Blackman, Saturn and Test arrive with referees then Albert joins the fight. Blackman takes them all down with kendo sticks but Al recovers and nails him causing Blackman to fall outside the ring. Crash jumps out of the audience and gets a near fall. Kaientai joins in as well but are soon clobbered by the Lethal Weapon. Blackman retains the title by defeating Taka. Stone Cold Steve Austin delivers a message via video promising to roll into Unforgiven and open the biggest can of whoop ass the WWF has ever seen. Austin's Court of Law will be upon for business. Shane returns saying Stone Cold was his inspiration to return to action. Further he states he knows who hit Stone Cold and will help the Rattlesnake at Unforgiven.

Jericho and Lawler vs Tazz and X-Pac, Lawler sets up for a piledriver but Tazz attacks him with a leather strap. Jericho gets the strap and whips Pac chasing him backstage. Tazz recovers and chokes King with the strap until officials pull him off. Backstage, Chyna and Eddie have fight and she apparently leaves him. Jim Ross joins commentary in Lawler's absence. Guerrero makes his way to the ring and apologizes to Chyna. Rikishi steps out on stage and shows Chyna and Eddie a video of Eddie trying to stop the Playboy issue. After the tape Chyna appears heartbroken and begins to walk away. Eddie begs for forgiveness then drops to his knees and proposes. Chyna accepts the engagement. Latino Heat is ecstatic.

Acolytes vs Goodfather and Bull, Too Cool assaults Venis at ringside. Bradshaw takes the victory. But the fight continues and the Dudleys run in to help clobber Right To Censor. Dudleys, Acolytes, and Too Cool join in a celebration dance. Angle, Benoit, and Kane vs Triple H, Rock, and Undertaker. Nice work during this good match. Hunter and Angle are left alone as the other four fight backstage. Angle collides with Stephanie knocking her off the ring apron. The Game rolls him up for the win. Angle grabs a sledge hammer from under the ring and flattens Triple H then stomps him as Stephanie stands by helpless. After pummeling The Game he kisses Stephanie, then looks at Hunter, "Ask your wife if I kiss like a pansy."


Eight-Man Tag Match: Right to Censor defeated Acolytes and Dudleys. Afterward Steven Richards got pummeled by the opposition. Leather Strap Match: Jerry Lawler vs Tazz, Lawler touched three corners but the referee was knocked out before he made it to the fourth. King tried to choke out Tazz but Raven made his debut and gave Lawler a DDT. Tazz locked in the Tazzmission for the win. Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives and knocks Kevin Kelly out of his way. Hardcore Open Invitational: Crash scored the first pin against Blackman. But Perry Saturn pinned Crash. Blackman grabbed some kendo sticks and clobbered everyone then pinned Saturn to regain the title. He continued to fight everyone off for the remainder of the 10 minutes to retain the Hardcore Championship. Backstage, Kurt Angle introduced himself to Stone Cold and offered Austin a token of his friendship in the form of a small gold medal. Stone Cold clobbered Angle. Later, Kurt went to Commissioner Foley concerning Austin's actions but Foley simply responded by making Angle's match with Triple H a no-DQ match.

X-Pac vs Jericho, they fought in and out of the ring. Jericho landed the Bronco Buster on Pac then took the victory with the Walls of Jericho. Afterward, X-Pac once again attacked Jericho with a nunchaku. Austin entered Rock's locker room, after staring eachother down for awhile the two men shook hands. Joe walked in saying that he heard some talk backstage that Austin might want to know about. However, Austin responded by pummeling Joe. Then Stone Cold walked into Stephanie's locker room where she returned his hat he was wearing at Survivor Series 1999. She stated once again that the video showed that it couldn't have been her or Triple H driving the car. Austin stormed back out stating that you could only count on three things, "Death, taxes, and that you can't trust anybody in the WWF." Steel Cage Tag Team Championship: Hardy Boyz vs Edge and Christian. These four put on another nice show. Edge and Christian appeared to have the upper hand most of the match. But the tide turned as Jeff hit a Swanton bomb off the top of the cage. Lita came in to hit Christian with a huricanrana off the top of a ladder. Matt and Jeff then followed Edge to the top of the cage and gave him a double chair shot. The Hardys finally returned to the floor and were awarded the victory. The Hardy Boyz are the Tag Team Champions.

Intercontinental Championship: Rikishi vs Eddie Guerrero with Chyna. At one point Eddie tried to leave the ring area but Chyna insisted he return to the ring like a man. She later helped Eddie avoid a Stink Face and once again interfered, ending the match, when Rikishi had Eddie covered. Rikishi yanked Chyna into the ring and flattened her with a kick and a splash from the second rope. Guerrero retained the title. Triple H vs Kurt Angle, no-disqualification and Commissioner Foley as the special referee. Prior to the match Angle announced that it was Stephanie's birthday and led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to her. Both men were brutal in their attack. They battled in and out of the ring and crashed the Spanish announce table. Angle continued to pummel Triple H's damaged ribs. Finally, Triple H recovered and set up Angle for a Pedigree. Stephanie stepped into the ring and Hunter told her she had to choose between them. She kicked Angle between the legs. Triple H planted Angle with a Pedigree and got the victory. Hunter then grabbed Steph and kissed her. Stephanie hesitated for a moment before following The Game from the ring. Shane McMahon then entered the ring and claimed he could prove to Austin who was driving the car. He then rolled a video of Blackman when he hit Ken Shamrock in the parking area. Blackman headed for the ring but so did Stone Cold. Austin stunned Blackman then accepted a few beers from Shane. However, Austin turned around and stunned Shane three times and celebrated with a few more beers.

WWF Championship Fatal Fourway: Rock, Kane, Undertaker, and Chris Benoit. Benoit nailed Undertaker with a chair and pinned him seeming to win the match. However, Commissioner Foley made his way to the ring area and pointed out that Undertaker's foot was on the rope and the match should continue. The four men continued to battle inside and outside the ring. Rock went for a Last Ride then got locked in the Crossface. But he was saved both times. Kane and Undertaker battled outside the ring as Rock hit Benoit with a Rock Bottom. With no one near enough to break up the pin, Rock retained the title.

(2000-09-25) Stone Cold Steve Austin hits the ring to a tremendous ovation at Penn State University. Austin speaks about some of the events in the past 10 months. "If I'd returned in time. I would've taken Vince to a vasectomy clinic myself." Then restates his intentions to find the person who ran him down at Survivor Series 1999. Commissioner Foley enters the ring and after some kissing up asks Austin to allow him to complete the investigation. Stone Cold starts to accuse Foley of being the driver but Benoit interrupts them. Chris Benoit introduces himself that demands a rematch with Rock. Foley gives it to him. Kurt Angle heads for the ring. After he forgives Stephanie he demands a match with Triple H but gets turned down. Meanwhile Austin has just stood by and listened. However, Angle addresses him concerning their meeting at Unforgiven last night and Stone Cold's actions when he offered the Rattlesnake a token of his friendship. Stone Cold replies that maybe he does deserve an apology but that ain't gonna happen. Then the Texas Rattlesnake stuns Angle and Benoit.

Kane vs Rikishi is more of a brawl than a match. Rikishi tries to use the ring bell early on but Kane smacks him with it instead. Later Kane and Rikishi both shove the referee out of their way ending the match. Rikishi nails Kane with a chair but Kane returns the favor and they continue fighting until officials finally get the separated. Backstage, Stone Cold has a talk with Undertaker. Taker says if he had an info he'd give it to him. Then mentions their inevitable meeting. Then Edge and Christian go to the Commissioner about their match tonight and Mick informs them that it'll be their last title shot against the Hardys.

Buh Buh Dudley vs Tazz is a nice match until Tazz goes and throws water in Lawler's face. Raven appears from the crowd and DDTs King then Buh Buh giving the win to Tazz. Tag Title Ladder Match: Hardys vs Edge and Christian in another excellent match from this four men. Jeff is left laying after Edge and Christian take control of the match. They set up two ladders but can't reach the title belts in time. The Hardys bring in a 20 foot ladder and Matt climbs intending to dive off but gets knocked off instead. The Jeff climbs and grabs a hold on the title but can't get it loose before Edge spears him from the opposite ladder. They both crash to the mat at least 15 feet below. Lita comes in but Christian levels her and she rolls out on to the floor. They continue to pummel eachother with high impact moves off the ladders. Then Matt climbs a ladder toward the belts. Edge and Christian set up a ladder on each side of him and attempt a double chair shot. But Lita and Jeff recover in time to tip the ladders and send Christian and Edge to the floor. Matt retrieves the titles to retain the championship.

Backstage, Stone Cold questions Brisco and Patterson but decides neither of them has, "sack enough to do it." Chyna enters the ring and gives an emotional speech on her accomplishments leading to her making it on the cover of Playboy. "I worked my ass off to get here and I'm gonna show it in Playboy." Right To Censor steps on stage to speak against her and asks the fans to boycott the magazine. Val states Chyna isn't worth it anyhow. Eddie makes his way to the ring with the customary dozen roses, "Did you say Chyna isn't worth it...What're you stupid." To defend Chyna's honor Eddie puts the IC Title on the line against Venis. As RTC starts to leave Chyna stops them, "If you should happen to pick up an issue. After you see my ass, you can kiss it." Trish Stratus meets Angle in the locker room and asks for the medal he offered Stone Cold, then asks Kurt how it looks on her. All he can manage is, "It's true. It's true." First Blood Match: X-Pac defeats Jericho after smashing a glass bottle on his head. Afterward Pac attacks with a nunchaku but Jericho gets it and pummels X-Pac. Then locks him in the Walls of Jericho on top of the announce table. Stone Cold stops in to questions Stephanie and Triple H. Hunter reiterates the same thing he's been saying all along. Intercontinental Championship: Venis vs Guerrero, when Steven Richards jumps on the ring apron Chyna yanks his pants off infuriating him. Venis collides with him and Eddie rolls him up to retain the title. Steven Regal enters the ring and starts to recite Hamlet. However, Stone Cold Steve Austin hits the ring and silences him with a stunner.

WWF Championship: Benoit vs Rock, Shane accompanies Benoit and gets involved several times. Referee Earl Hebner gets knocked off the ring apron allowing Benoit and Shane time to double team Rock. Rock flattens Shane with a spine buster. Benoit grabs a chair but hits Shane when Rock moves out of the way. Stephanie and Triple H enter the ring and roll Shane out. Benoit runs into Triple H knocking him out of the ring. Hunter snaps Benoit's neck off the rope and Rock follows it with a Rock Bottom to retain the title as Earl finally recovers to make the count. Angle and Benoit attack Triple H and Rock. Stephanie slaps Angle and while she is arguing with him, Benoit headbutts her. Angle leaves the ring in confusion.

(2000-09-28) Commissioner Foley announces that he's going to lay down the law on Austin's recent antics stating Stone Cold must follow the rules or else. Benoit heads to the ring and demands a rematch with Rock since there was interference in his last match. Angle then comes out and requests a match with Triple H after complimenting the Commissioner. Further Angle is angry at Benoit for his treatment of Stephanie. After listening to both of them Mick announces a tag match with Angle and Benoit vs Triple H and Rock. Angle attacks Benoit as he leaves the ring. Stone Cold arrives backstage and asks X-Pac and Road Dogg if they know who was driving the car.

Women's Championship: Lita with Hardys vs Jackie with Edge and Christian. Lita retains the title despite interference from Edge. Blackman vs Road Dogg was a wild match. Lethal Weapon retained the Hardcore Title after Austin leveled Dogg with a chair. In the locker room Trish tries to use her feminine attributes to entice Kane into joining T and A for a six man tag. Kane's not impressed but agrees after hearing the opponents are Too Cool and Rikishi. Tazz enters the ring to announce he and Michael Cole will be announcing Sunday Night Heat on MTV. Then introduced friend Raven. Raven spoke about the suffering in his child hood. Jericho stepped out to tell Raven to shut up and ended up in a tag match with Lawler to take on Raven and Tazz later in the night. Six-Man Tag: Kane, Test, and Albert vs Too Cool and Rikishi. T and A refuse to tag Kane in during the match so he chokeslams Test and walks out allowing Too Cool to take the win.

Video highlights show RTC protesting Chyna's Playboy appearance. Then video from behind the scenes at Chyna's photo session. Lawler and Jericho vs Raven and Tazz, ended with Raven taking the win after X-Pac interfered. Chyna vs Steven Richards, Val tried getting involved but Eddie took care of him. Meanwhile Chyna went down to her bra and panties while defeating Steven. European Championship: X-Pac vs Al Snow. Mick took a seat on stage to apparently keep Stone Cold from getting involved. Pac set up from the Bronco Buster on Snow but Austin came through the crowd stunned X-Pac, Snow, and the referee and walked out right past the Commissioner. Triple H and Rock vs Angle and Benoit. These four are no strangers in the ring and put on another good performance. Hunter and Rock had a contest to see who could bounce their opponent's head off the announce table the hardest at one point. Later the Rock was about to level Angle with a chair but Stephanie swiped the chair distracting Rock long enough for Angle to hit him with the Olympic slam and take the victory. Stephanie clapped for Angle as an irate Rock and Triple H stared down their opposition after the match.

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