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(2000-10-02) Rock enters the ring as RAW comes on the air and challenges Angle with the WWF Championship on the line. Angle accepts the challenge, however Commissioner Foley interrupts and says someone else wants Angle more. Triple H, with Stephanie, enters the ring and everyone makes fun of Angle's actions at the 1996 Olympics. Hunter states he's tired of screwing around with Angle when he should be in the WWF Title chase. Foley declares it will be Triple H vs Kurt Angle for number one contender status. Benoit steps on stage and Kane follows both claiming they deserve a title shot. Then Rikishi steps on stage and states he has unfinished business with Kane. So Mick announces Rock and Rikishi vs Kane and Benoit. Rock insults Benoit as he is leaving but officials run in to keep them separated.

Tag Team Championship: Hardy Boyz vs Too Cool, starts out as a nice competition. Edge and Christian try to assist Too Cool but Edge spears Scotty by accident and the Hardys retain the titles. Backstage, Triple H says he has a bad feeling about the evening and asks Stephanie to stay backstage during his match. Tazz, Raven, and X-Pac vs Dudleys and Jericho, Jericho takes the win over Raven for his team. Backstage, Right To Censor, urges Foley to do something about Stone Cold. Jackie assaults Lita in the locker room. Lita holds her own as they battle through the backstage area but misses a moonsault off the hood of a truck before officials finally break up the brawl. Rikishi Phatu and Rock vs Kane and Benoit, Rock gets isolated for most of the match with Kane and Benoit working well together. Rikishi finally tags back in and backs that ass up. However, Kane flattens Rikishi. Then Benoit suddenly nails Kane with a chair and walks out. A Rock Bottom then Rikishi makes the cover for the victory.

Commissioner Foley enters the ring to address the Stone Cold Steve Austin issue. He invites Austin to the ring to explain his actions after being warned not to interfere in any matches. Austin arrives and tells Foley he hasn't seen him do anything to help the investigation. Foley counters and says he has in fact brought in a prime suspect. Badass Billy Gunn returns to face Austin. Foley leaves the ring as the two man glare at eachother. Gunn informs Austin that he didn't do it cause his flight was late and the flight records can prove that, as well as the Brooklyn Brawler that drove him from the airport. However, Gunn states that he did see who was driving the car and he or she had blond hair. Stone Cold replies that he believes him however, "I never really liked you much anyway." And Austin stuns Billy.

Hardcore Title Triple Threat: Blackman vs Edge vs Christian, the former tag champs Edge and Christian work together but can not defeat the Lethal Weapon. Backstage, Austin questions the Brawler but Brawler claims he didn't see the driver. Austin offers to shake his hand but Brawler dives over a nearby table in expectation of a stunner. Eddie and Chyna vs Steven Richards and Val Venis, Goodfather and Bull Buchanan so interfere in the match ending it. Stone Cold hits the ring and hands out some stunners, Chyna shoves Steven back in the ring to get his. Then Eddie mistakenly climbs back in the ring and gets a stunner as well. Chyna just stands back as the Rattlesnake celebrates with beer from the sky. The Ninth Wonder of the World simply smiles as Austin toasts her. After about 6 or 8 Foley enters the ring and is about to make an announcement about Austin. But Stone Cold hits him with a stunner before he can finish and stalks out of the ring.

Backstage, Stephanie runs into Benoit and slaps him but he just laughs at her. Angle vs Triple H, is a good match from these long time rivals. The match frequently falls outside the ring but Earl Hebner allows it to continue even after Triple H elbow drops Angle through the announce table. Stephanie ends up at ringside and Benoit gets in her face. When the referee goes down Hunter goes to his aid his wife and clobbers Benoit. Moments later Triple H has Angle set up for a Pedigree but Benoit goes after Steph with a chair and Hunter has to go to help her again. Benoit smacks Triple H with the chair then Angle hits the Olympic slam and takes the win. Kurt Angle is number one contender. Afterward, Hunter leaves Steph alone in the ring after a stern lecture as RAW ends.

(2000-10-05) Hardy Boyz and Lita vs Jackie and Low Down. Lita gets some pay back for Jackie's attack on Monday. A fast paced match ends with a win for Low Down and Jackie. Then D'Lo and Chaz pummel the tag champs. Steven Regal joins commentary for the European Championship Match: Al Snow vs X-Pac, during the match Snow falls outside the ring and Regal rolls him right back in. Badass Billy Gunn comes out of nowhere to level X-Pac and Al retains the title. Commissioner Foley awaits Stone Cold's arrival backstage to make a major announcement. Right To Censor members Goodfather, Bull, and Venis vs Eddie Guerrero and Acolytes with Chyna. Goodfather takes the victory for his team. Afterward Chyna levels Richards. Backstage, Triple H is still arguing with Stephanie telling her its business not personal but she is a target at ringside. She walks out of the room. Tazz and Raven vs Dudley Boys, Buh Buh breaks up an early Tazzmission attempt on D-Von. Later, he grabs the ring bell but the referee takes it away. But Tazz gets the bell and smacks D-Von with it. Buh Buh climbs back in the ring and retrieves the ring bell and levels Tazz and Raven. Tazz and Raven get the win via DQ, but Raven gets tabled.

Stone Cold arrives backstage. Commissioner Foley heads to the ring, as he steps out on stage a large security force follows him to the ring area. Before Mick says very much Stone Cold interrupts him and stalks into the ring. "Did you find the coward that ran me over? Yes or no." Foley replies no and tries to explain but Austin cuts him off. Then Foley does go on to elaborate, "I took this job under two conditions. First, I was going to have fun doing it. Second, being retired, nobody was gong to take their aggressions out on me. Since you came back my job sucks! I've been on your side...but you leave me no choice." Steve Austin replies, "You got a stunner cause you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. And that's as close to an apology as you're gonna get...I want revenge." Foley then announces that Stone Cold will be suspended indefinitely, until the investigation is completed. Austin asks him to reconsider but Foley stands by his decision, "You left me no alternative, Stone Cold." "You left Stone Cold no alternative." and the Rattlesnake strikes again with another stunner and walks out past the security.

Edge and Christian and Angle vs Too Cool and Rikishi, Angle gets a stink face during the match. Then surprisingly Stephanie makes her way to ringside and knocks Grand Master Sexay off the top rope allowing Angle to take the win for his team. Backstage, Stephanie informs Hunter that she did it to prove she could be an asset at ringside. However, The Game still considers her a liability and tells her that as a business decision he no longer wants her to accompany him to the ring. She leaves the room again and heads for her limo. Angle meets up with her and agrees that she can be an asset and asks her to consider accompanying him to the ring. She replies she'll think about it. Hardcore Championship: Blackman retains the title against Albert despite Trish trying to distract him.

Chris Benoit speaks about his recent actions. Then Chris Jericho interrupts him and challenges him to a match. A fight erupts and the impromptu match officially starts after Earl Hebner makes it to the ring and gets them both inside. Y2J hit Benoit with a huricanrana off the top rope but injures himself in the process so can't make the cover. Triple H runs in and pummels Benoit ending the match. A team of officials pull him off but Benoit grabs a chair and nails The Game while he's being restrained. Surprisingly, Triple H is right back up and continues to assault Benoit as officials struggle to keep the two apart.

WWF Championship: Rock vs Kane, when the match goes outside the ring Rock smacks Kane with the ring bell but Kane continues to fight back and gets several near falls. Rock hits Kane with a spine buster but Kane sits up before he can hit the People's Elbow. Back outside the ring the referee gets knocked out allowing Angle to come to ringside and nail Kane and Rock with a chair. The Angle smacks Kane a second time. Earl Hebner recovers and starts to count both men out but they make it back in the ring. Kane hits a chokeslam but Earl's slow to count and Rock kicks out. Rock manages a Rock Bottom but can't roll over to cover Kane. Rikishi attacks Kane ending the match. Afterward, Rock questions why Rikishi got involved but Kane recovers and chokeslams Rikishi. Rock knocks Kane back out of the ring.

(2000-10-09) Commissioner Foley enters the ring to a mixture of cheers and boos. He restates that Stone Cold Steve Austin left him no choice. And announces that he will name the person responsible for running down Stone Cold tonight. Mick brings in another suspect, The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. Foley points to Michael's loss to Stone Cold at WrestleMania XIV as his motive. HBK gets angry and restates that he was sitting at home during Survivor Series 1999. "I don't like Steve Austin, but I don't hate him either. If I did it then I'd be right here doing what I do best, being number one in the spot light. It wasn't me." Then Shawn implies that Rock is the most likely.

Women's Championship: Lita vs Jackie in a Hard Core rules match. Both ladies took some hard bumps in a nice match. Lita even pulls out a ladder at one point during the match. Lita retains the Title. Backstage, Debra arrives and speaks to Chyna briefly in the hallway about her honeymoon with Austin. Chyna continues looking for Eddie as Debra goes to meet the Commissioner. Foley accuses Debra of running Austin down to keep him off the road and allow her to spend more time with him. She rejects the idea and walks out. Linda McMahon arrives to the arena.

Raven takes on Blackman in a non-hardcore match. Raven gets a couple near falls but Lethal Weapon gets the victory. Afterward Raven attacks Blackman. However, Steve quickly grabs his kendo sticks and pummels Raven. Backstage, Commissioner Foley questions Linda about running down Stone Cold. She denies it and states that it wouldn't be good business for her to take out a top star. Then confirms that Rock's merchandise sells and appearances have increased the most since Austin has been out. Benoit and X-Pac vs Triple H and Y2J, the match is predominately Jericho vs Pac and Benoit vs Triple H. During the match X-Pac bumps into Hunter and The Game nails him. With Hunter distracted by his accident Benoit picks up the win. Through the evening Stephanie continues to lobby Triple H to allow her to accompany him to the ring. But he remains solid in his decision. Triple H bursts into the Commissioner's office and demands Benoit. Foley gives him the match at No Mercy. Mick starts to get upset after questioning Edge and Christian and they inform him their trainer can vouch for their whereabouts. Then they rush off to their surfing lessons.

Tag Title Match: Hardy Boyz with Lita vs Low Down, Low Down pulls out all the stops and nearly get the victory but the Hardys retain the titles with a small assist from Lita, despite interference from two masked men. Afterward Low Down once again clobbers the Tag Champs. Foley and Snow are engaged in a game of checkers when Foley gets the idea that maybe Stone Cold's assailant was wearing a wig. Steven Regal makes his way to commentary for the European Championship Match: Al Snow retains his title against Test. Eddie Guerrero finally returns to his dressing room to find an angry Chyna waiting for him. They head to the ring to face RTC Members Goodfather and Val Venis. As the match gets underway, GTV takes over the Titan Tron. The video shows where Eddie was earlier, in the shower with two Mandy and Victoria. Chyna slumps down on the ring steps devastated as RTC clobbers Eddie for the victory. When Steven Richards gets in Chyna's face she flattens him. RTC drags Chyna into the ring, she kicks Richards in the crotch but can't get away. Mr. Ass storms into the ring and tosses Right To Censor out. Then gives his old friend Chyna a comforting hug. Backstage, Foley asks Scotty Too Hotty where he was on the night Austin was run down. Scotty says he was chilling withe Grand Master and Rikishi. Foley gets a thoughtful expression, "I think you have helped me." Eddie chases after Chyna as she leaves the arena. She pulls of his ring and gives it back to him then drives away in tears. Eddie turns around to find Mr. Ass Billy Gunn staring at him. "You dumb bastard. You just lost the best thing that ever happened to you." Gunn warns him to stay away from Chyna. But as Billy walks away Eddie smashes a bottle over his head.

Kurt Angle and Kane vs Rock and Rikishi, prior to the match Kane knocks Angle out of the ring. Kurt just stands against the safety rail for most of the match. Kane holds his own against Rock and Rikishi and when Angle finally steps up and asks for a tag Kane chokeslams him into the ring and walks out. Angle walks into a Rock Bottom, then Rikishi makes the cover for the win. Commissioner Foley heads to the ring. "I promised to deliver and I will. All evidence points to you Rock. Your car, your DNA was found, you gained the most. You have not fooled me Rock. I find you, not guilty." Then Mick points to Rikishi, "He did it." Then Foley elaborates on how Scotty's statement helped him to put it together. Rikishi finally admits he ran down Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rikishi states he did it for the Rock, but Rock had nothing to do with it. He states that he did it because the islanders have always been held back and he feels justified in his actions since the Rock has accomplished so much. Rock seems awe struck as he listens then stands there as Rikishi exits the ring and RAW comes to a close.

(2000-10-12) As SmackDown takes off we see Stone Cold Steve Austin sitting in his truck apparently waiting for Rikishi. Table Match: Dudley Boyz vs Low Down, during the match those gold-masked conquistadors from Monday join commentary and try to speak a little Spanish. A nice match ends with the a win for the Dudleys when they 3D D'Lo Brown through a table. An interview from earlier in the day, Jim Ross speaks to Rock about Rikishi. Rock is confused and disgusted over the whole matter. Confident he could have achieved all he has with Stone Cold in the WWF at the same time and states that Rikishi's accusation that the WWF has been about the Great White Hope is bull. Then urges Steve not to do anything he'll regret but doesn't have a problem with Austin wanting a piece of Rikishi.

What was supposed to be Eddie Guerrero and X-Pac vs Billy Gunn and Jericho, turns into a Triple Threat IC Title match after Eddie assaults Mr. Ass backstage. Jericho has the upperhand when X-Pac delivers a low blow allowing Eddie to make a cover and retain the title. After the match officials have to separate Pac and Jericho. A police officer tries to talk to Stone Cold in the parking area, informing him of the consequences of his possible actions. However, Austin just rolls up the window. Later, J.R. tries to reason with Stone Cold to no avail. Backstage, Angle talks to RTC about Val's match with Rock. European Championship: Al Snow retains the title against Albert when Steven Regal can't take it any longer and attacks Snow ending the match. Triple H and Road Dogg vs Benoit and Saturn, the two D-Generation X members work well together. Terri gets involved preventing a Pedigree attempt. Outside the ring Benoit levels Dogg with a chair shot. However, Hunter sends Saturn crashing into Benoit on the ring apron then Pedigrees him for the victory. Afterward, Benoit locks Triple H in the Crossface twice before officials finally pull him off. When The Game returns to the dressing room Stephanie once again urges him to allow her at ringside but he says no. She walks out of the wrong in anger.

Commissioner Foley enters the ring and asks Stone Cold to come inside because, "I'm the man who can deliver Rikishi to you." Then Mick grabs a chair and prepares to sit in the ring all evening until Stone Cold comes to talk to him. Out in the parking area, J.R. convinces Austin to come inside. The Rattlesnake stalks to the ring and gets in Mick's face. Foley asks Stone Cold to stop thinking about running Rikishi down and wait till No Mercy. Austin replies, "Why would I wait till No Mercy when I can put it in four-wheel drive and run him over again and again and again like a big speed bump." Foley counters, "If you do it. You go to jail. I don't want that, the fans don't want that. I can give you Rikishi at No Mercy." "A match?" Foley continues, "Not just any match. No holds barred." With that, Austin's interest is caught. "Anything goes. You can do anything and its all legal. Nobody goes to jail." Austin replies, "Then officially, I accept your match. If you want to call it a match. Its gonna take brutality to a whole new level. What did you say the name of that Pay Per View was?" "No Mercy." Austin pauses a moment, "Damn right." The Rattlesnake leaves the ring area.

Tag Title Championship Hardys retain the titles against Tazz and Raven despite interference from the conquistadors. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley enters the ring and announces that she will be permanently in Kurt Angle's corner. Kane vs Angle is dominated by Kane until Stephanie starts distracting Kane and the referee, ultimately allowing Angle to pull off the victory. An angry Kane chokeslams a couple officials as they try to prevent him from going after Angle. In the locker room, Austin finds Too Cool and asks them where Rikishi is but they don't know. Steve nails Grand Master before leaving. WWF Championship: Rock vs Val Venis, Angle and Stephanie step on stage and Kurt implies that Rock was behind Rikishi's actions. Rock starts up the ramp after Angle but Venis pulls him back to the ring. Richards distracts the referee allowing Val to smack Rock with the title belt but Rock manages to kick out. When Richards steps in the ring he gets a Rock Bottom. Then a spine buster to Venis. Rock lands the People's Elbow for the victory and retains the WWF Championship. Afterward, Angle attacks Rock with Stephanie cheering him on and aiding him.

(2000-10-16) Eddie Guerrero enters the ring as RAW comes on the air. He says, "Chyna was a pain in the ass." And warns Mr. Ass to stay out of his business. Intercontinental Championship Match: Guerrero vs Jericho, Jericho charges down from the stage telling Eddie to shut up. However, Eddie gets injured and the referee stops the match. X-Pac attacks Jericho then Mr. Ass Billy Gunn hits the ring and tosses X-Pac back out. In the parking area, Angle welcomes Stephanie to the arena and carries her bags in. Coach interviews Rikishi. Phatu states that he has no remorse, and his people respect him now. Further he states that Foley banned him from the arena to protect Austin. On Heat, T and A clobbered the Acolytes after losing a poker match. When they ran out of money, Trish's clothes were on the line and she distracted the APA as she disrobed.

T and A vs Acolytes, Trish distracts Bradshaw and he kisses her. Albert flattens him but the Acolytes recover and take the victory. Backstage, Steph informs Triple H that she will continue to accompany Angle to the ring. A short time later, Hunter enters the dressing room to find Steph and Angle talking. He tells Stephanie to leave them alone. Then Hunter tells Kurt that he's responsible for Stephanie at ringside and that he better not try to make it more than a business relationship. As Hunter leaves the room Kurt just has a big smirk on his face. European Championship Match: Al Snow vs Steven Regal, Snow makes his way to the ring mocking Regal. However, after a nice match Al submits and Steven Regal wins the European Championship.

Kane vs Triple H, Chris Benoit makes his way to commentary. The Game and Kane each scored several near falls in a nice match. Triple H goes for a Pedigree but Kane counters, then Hunter ends up outside the ring and suddenly attacks Benoit. Kane recovers and comes after The Game but Benoit smacks Triple H with a chair ending the match. Benoit rolls Hunter into the ring and locks him in the Crossface again. Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring for an interview with Michael Cole. Stone Cold admits he's more than a little pissed off being in the arena where he was run down last November. Austin replies that Rikishi's interview was a load of crap. The Rattlesnake states that come No Mercy, he's gonna be staring at a dead man. Rikishi appears on the Titan Tron and calls Austin out to the parking area. Stone Cold wastes no time in making his way backstage but as he enters the parking area, Rikishi drives past nearly hitting Austin. The Rattlesnake just glares after him.

X-Pac calls out Billy Gunn and Gunn steps on stage still in his street clothes, Guerrero nails him from behind with the IC Title. Pac drags Gunn into the ring and pummels him until Chris Jericho storms the ring. Officials fill the ring and finally restore order. Mr. Ass finds Commissioner Foley backstage and demands Eddie, he gets him at No Mercy. Dudleys take on Los Conquistadors, those two gold-masked guys from the past couple shows. Surprisingly Buh Buh gets rolled up for the win when he tries to pull off a mask. J.R. insists that Edge and Christian are the ones in costume. Road Dogg vs RTC Member Val Venis, naked Mideon runs into the ring and nails Steven Richards but during the distraction Val takes the win after a low blow. Six-Man Match: Edge, Christian, and Angle vs Hardys and Rock. Steph introduces Angle and joins in his pre-match rant. Rock goes right after Angle but Angle slips out leaving Edge in the ring. Then Matt gets isolated for a good part of the match. Lita hits Christian with a huricanrana. Kurt pulls her out of the ring and Stephanie sends her into the ring post. Rock tags in and unleashes on Angle, however Kurt avoids the People's Elbow when Christian enters the ring. Rock hits a Rock Bottom but the referee is out of position. Then Stephanie pulls on Rock's leg and when he goes after her, Edge and Christian double-team him. Stephanie knocks Jeff off the top rope and Kurt Angle takes the victory for his team. As Stephanie and Angle head up the ramp. Rock catches Christian and Edge and delivers a Rock Bottom to both of them.

(2000-10-19) Foley kicks off SmackDown with a Tag Team Battle Royal, the winner to receive a Tag Title match at No Mercy. Los Conquistadors (assumed to be Edge and Christian) pull off a win. Tiger Ali Singh is in the audience. Steve Blackman retains the Hardcore Title against Tazz. Eddie Guerrero makes his way to the ring and calls out Billy Gunn after insulting Chyna. However, the Ninth Wonder of the World heads to the ring and slaps Eddie. Right To Censor fills the ring and assaults Chyna for her appearance in Playboy. Gunn hits the ring but gets over powered by RTC. European Championship Triple Threat: Regal retains against Saturn and Al Snow.

Backstage, Jim Ross interviews Stone Cold Steve Austin about his upcoming No Holds Barred match with Rikishi. During the interview a camera reveals Rikishi smashing Austin's truck with a sledge hammer. Coach informs Stone Cold and Austin heads to the parking area with a concerned J.R. following behind. Stone Cold sees a car speeding away so he jumps in his battered truck and takes off after it. However, Rikishi appears behind J.R. and knocks him down then threatens to hit him with the sledge. Luckily, Commissioner Foley talks him out of it. Back in the ring, Road Dogg gets a victory over Raven. Six-Man Match: Hardy Boyz and Jericho vs Edge and Christian, and X-Pac. As the match gets underway Austin is seen returning to the arena. Midway through the match the glass breaks and Stone Cold bursts through the curtain. Austin grabs a chair and levels all six men, then drills the referee, and Sgt. Slaughter gets a stunner.

Backstage, both Triple H and Kurt Angle question where Stephanie's loyalty will lie in the Four Corners Match. Women's Title: Lita vs Trish Stratus, Lita pummels Trish until T and A get involved eventually ending the match by disqualification. The Acolytes come to Lita's aid and help her backstage. Four Corners Match: Angle, Benoit, Triple H, and Rock. Triple H and Rock work well together effectively turning it into a tag match until Angle tags Hunter in. However, Rock and The Game pull Angle back in and clobber him. Rock and Triple H take turns bouncing Angle and Benoit's heads off the ring steps at one point. Rock lands the People's Elbow on Triple H but Stephanie pulls on his leg breaking the count. While Rock is distracted, Angle slips in the ring and takes the victory. Afterward, Benoit locks Triple H in the Crossface and Angle finds himself in The Rock's sharpshooter. Benoit breaks his hold on Hunter and puts Rock in the Crossface before officials finally break up the fight.

No Mercy

(2000-10-22) Dudleys Tag Team Table Invitational: Too Cool eliminates Lo Down, Tazz and Raven defeat Too Cool, Dudleys eliminate Raven and Tazz. Final round is Dudleys vs RTC members Goodfather and Bull Buchanan. Buh Buh puts Bull through a table but the referee is down. Goodfather smacks Buh Buh with a chair causing him to fall on top of Bull and the table, then pulls Bull out of the scene and as the referee recovers he declares RTC the winners. However, a second referee enters and states what happened so the match restarts. Dudleys take the win with a 3D thru a table on Goodfather. Backstage, Rikishi awaits Austin with a sledge in hand. Six-Person Match: Lita and Acolytes vs Trish and T and A. Lita makes her way to the ring then the Titan Tron reveals T and A pummeling the APA backstage. Trish along with T and A assault Lita in the ring. Thankfully, the Hardys arrive and toss Test and Albert out of the ring.

Cage Match: X-Pac vs Chris Jericho, both men nearly escape the cage a couple times only to get pulled or fall back in. Finally, X-Pac gets over the side of the cage and starts down. While he is standing on the cage door, Jericho kicks the cage causing him to lose his balance and straddle the door. Jericho exits for the win. Backstage, Rikishi goes to the Commissioner questioning why Stone Cold has yet to arrive. Foley states that he will award the match to Rikishi by forfeit if Austin doesn't show. What was originally scheduled as Guerrero vs Gunn for the IC Title becomes Chyna and Gunn vs RTC members Steven Richards and Val Venis since Eddie is injured. It starts out as a nice match but then the other two RTC members get involved. While Gunn is taking care of them Eddie smacks Chyna with a lead pipe wrapped in roses. Val makes the cover and steals the win. Backstage, Stephanie once again asks Hunter if she can accompany him to ringside. He refuses. Then she hands him a tape of Benoit to research. Later, The Game smiles as he watches it.

No Holds Barred: Austin vs Rikishi. Foley enters the ring after Rikishi demands to be awarded the match. However, before the Commissioner can speak the Austin rolls into the arena in his smashed up truck and drives it right to the ring. The Rattlesnake leaps out and goes after Rikishi unleashing a barrage of punches and kicks. He bounces Rikishi's head off the truck numerous times. Stone Cold dominates as they fight around the ring and into the audience where Rikishi gets a momentary advantage until Austin pulls off his belt and whips Rikishi repeatedly. Then drags him to the ring and chokes him with a rope from under the ring. Rikishi grabs a chair but Austin takes it away and slams the big man several times cutting open his forehead. Then Stone Cold borrows J.R.'s hat and nails Rikishi again with the chair. The two battle near the truck and Austin slams Rikishi with another chairshot rolling him into the bed of the truck. Austin promptly backs up out of the arena and props Rikishi against a wall where he is apparently going to drive the truck into him. Stone Cold dumps the clutch but a police cruiser rolls in front of him and Austin slams the truck into the car once again before a swarm of police arrive and take Austin away. A bleeding and battered Rikishi is left laying in the grass.

European Championship Match: Steven Regal retains against Naked Mideon, who enters in clothes but soon takes them off down to a g-string. Tag Title Match: Hardys vs Los Conquistadors. Nice match. The Hardys repeatedly try to pull off their masks hoping to reveal Edge and Christian. Matt finally pulls off a mask only to reveal a second mask under it. The other conquistador catches Matt off guard and takes the victory. Los Conquistadors are the new Tag Champs.

Benoit vs Triple H, The Game focuses on Benoit's knee for a good part of the match. Hunter surprisingly is out-wrestling Benoit with some classic and simple moves. When they fall outside the ring, Benoit gets back in the match after slamming Hunter into the ring steps. He hits the flying head butt however, but can't make the cover. Triple H fights his way out of the Crossface twice. Stephanie makes her way to ringside and tries to distract Benoit but he stays focused and avoids a Pedigree. The referee gets distracted and Hunter lands a low blow then takes the victory with a Pedigree. Steph simply retreats backstage.

WWF Championship Match: Rock vs Angle, and the match has just been declared no-DQ by the Commissioner. Stephanie gets involved several times. Rock locks Angle in a sharpshooter and Angle taps out but Steph distracts the referee from seeing it. Rock releases the hold and starts after Stephanie but turns his attention back to Angle. A spinebuster then Rock lines up the People's Elbow but Stephanie gets in the ring and gets a Rock Bottom for her efforts. Rock is about to give Steph the People's Elbow when Angle recovers and prevents it. Triple H arrives on the scene, tosses Angle out of the ring, give Rock a Pedigree then carries Stephanie backstage. Kurt makes the cover but Rock kicks out. Rikishi makes his way to the ring apparently to help Rock but misses Angle twice and hits Rock instead. Angle hits Rikishi and the Rock with an Olympic slam and Angle is the WWF Champion. Kurt is in tears as he heads backstage.

(2000-10-23) Rikishi makes his way to the ring as Raw comes on the air. He speaks about No Mercy then asks Rock to come out. Rock obliges him and Rikishi apologizes but gets a Rock Bottom in return. Women's Title Bra and Panty Match: Lita retains her title against Trish Stratus. (There was actually more wrestling than I expected.) Right To Censor steps on stage and speaks against the match after introducing there newest member Ivory. An angry Benoit enters the ring upset about the way he lost his match last night. Chris Benoit states there's going to be some changes. Benoit defeats Road Dogg with an assist from Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko. Lilian accidentally announces the winner as Chris Jericho. Backstage, Triple H states that since Angle let Steph get hurt he's going to hurt Kurt Angle. With the APA out injured, Crash Holly is left in charge of the office but T and A kick him out. Then out in a corridor Jericho spills some coffee on Kane infuriating him.

European Championship: Steven Regal vs Chris Jericho, the match starts out good but ends when Kane chokeslams Jericho. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley steps on stag and introduces the WWF Champion Kurt Angle. They celebrate in the ring then Commissioner Foley makes his way to the ring. He informs Kurt that he has a title defense tonight in a Triple Threat match with Triple H and Rock. Tazz and Raven defeat Too Cool. Backstage, Chyna finds the two hos that Eddie was with earlier this month and pummels them. Edge returns to his locker room to find Christian has apparently been attacked by the Dudleys so can't compete tonight. Edge declares he will face the Conquistadors himself. Mr. Ass with Chyna vs Val Venis, Eddie watches from the stage. Steven gets in the ring but gets tossed back out and Mr. Ass takes the victory. Tag Team Title Match: Edge vs Los Conquistadors, as the match gets underway it becomes apparent that Edge think he has a plan for an easy win. However, he gets confused when the Conquistadors start fighting back then begin performing Hardy-like maneuvers and retain the titles. The Conquistadors makes their way up the ramp then pull off their masks to reveal themselves as the Hardy Boyz. Commissioner Foley steps on stage and rolls a video of Edge and Christian conspiring with Los Conquistadors during which they mention winning the Tag Titles from the Hardys at No Mercy. So Foley states that he's going to let the title change stand from last night, however since Edge and Christian broke his mandate he declares the tonight's title change will stand as well. And the new Tag Team Champions are the Hardy Boyz. Triple H and Rock enter the ring and are staring eachother down as Kurt Angle enters for the WWF Championship Triple Threat. As Kurt steps through the ropes both Rock and Hunter clobber him. The Game and Rock double team Angle for most of the match, even taking turns bouncing his head off the announce table. However, when Rock goes towards Stephanie, Triple H gets in his way. EMTs start to take Hunter backstage as Rock and Angle continue to fight in the ring. Triple H heads back to the ring and prevents a cover. Rock and Triple H start fighting when they each try to pin Angle. Then Angle nails them both with the title belt but referee Hebner allows the match to continue. Rikishi attacks Angle and ends the match. Stone Cold Steve Austin runs in and pummels Rikishi and nails him with a stunner.

(2000-10-26) Stone Cold Steve Austin entered the ring as SmackDown took off. Austin seems to be much more calm about the Rikishi running him down last November. He makes a remark about the police trying to arrest him for littering since he threw Rikishi off his truck. Then states that he promised Foley he wouldn't touch Rikishi unless provoked as long as he got Rikishi in a cage next Monday. Backstage, Too Cool tries to talk Rikishi out of continuing this feud with Austin but Rikishi tells them to stay out of his business.

Tag Team Title Match: Hardy Boyz with Lita vs Dudleys. A nice match with a couple near falls for each team ends when Edge and Christian take out both teams with chair shots. Backstage, Benoit warns Lilian Garcia to get his name correct tonight (She mistakenly announced him as Chris Jericho on Monday.) Right To Censor enters the ring and Ivory makes some remarks about the Rock's phrases. Rock steps on stage, "What gives you the right...Ivory do you like pie?" Ivory starts speaking, "for the women." Which brings Chyna on to stage. Ivory calls her cheap. Then Mr. Ass steps on stage eating some pie. Steven Richards challenges them, Rock accepts. Backstage, Too Cool and Rikishi are arguing when Commissioner Foley steps in and tells them to settle it in the ring in a Handicap Match.

Benoit and Dean Malenko vs Triple H and Road Dogg, Malenko gets the win after a cheap shot from Saturn while Triple H is fighting Benoit. The Game returns to the ring and throws Saturn and Malenko out. Backstage, T and A are still running the APA office and Crash, who was left in charge, challenges them to a match. Albert accepts a Hardcore Match, Crash holds his own but Albert takes the win. WWF Championship: Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring with Stephanie and announces his opponent as Brooklyn Brawler. Commissioner Foley makes his way to the ring area and announces the real opponent as Chris Jericho. They have a nice fast match. Jericho gets a couple near falls but when he goes for a Lionsault, Stephanie slaps him. Angle makes the cover but Chris kicks out. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho but Kane arrives and ends the match choke slamming Jericho.

Chyna, Rock, and Bill Gunn vs RTC members Goodfather, Richards, Bull, and Venis. A decent match. Rock unloads on RTC but all four jump in the ring. Gunn and Chyna join the brawl then Bull finds himself in a sharpshooter and Rock takes the victory for his team. Raven vs Al Snow, Tazz joins commentary. During the match Tazz gets in Lawler's face and Al leaves the ring to smack him. Raven gets the win due to the distraction. Tazz and Raven start to stomp Snow but Jerry Lawler aids Al to toss them out. Too Cool vs Rikishi, Rikishi is very aggressive in the opening moments. Too Cool finally gets an advantage but not for long. Rikishi gets the win then calls out Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rattlesnake gets nailed by someone as he opens the locker room door. A bloody Austin continues toward the ring and collides with Rikishi on the stage. They end up in the ring and Austin misses a stunner then gets leveled by Rikishi and feels the big butt drop as SmackDown ends.

(2000-10-30) Chyna enters the ring as RAW comes on the air and shows a video from Heat where Eddie brought out the Kat in her Chyna look-alike outfit. Then the Ninth Wonder of the World calls out Eddie to put the IC Title on the line. Guerrero makes his way to the ring with Kat at his side. During the match Chyna yanks the Kat into the ring and military presses her on to Eddie. However, Steven Richards kicks her when the referee is distracted and Eddie retains the title. Mr. Ass comes to her aid (with short hair). Right To Censor members Goodfather, Bull, and Ivory vs Hardy Boyz and Lita. When Goodfather and Bull Buchanan catch Matt coming off the top rope Lita leaps out taking down all three men. Richards kicks Jeff and rolls Ivory on top to steal the victory. Backstage, Edge and Christian are celebrating with WWF Champ Kurt Angle and Stephanie. Stephanie has the flu and both Hunter and Kurt tell her she should go home, she finally agrees to after the Austin vs Rikishi match.

Steven Regal makes his way to the ring and starts ranting about the Boston Tea Party and then begins to read 127 ways for the Americans to improve their lives. Undertaker returns and the American Badass sends Regal for a Last Ride before walking riding back out. Rikishi goes to talk to Rock in his dressing room and Rock agrees that he has his back in the Cage Match. Then Crash challenges Test to a Hardcore Match. Blackman once again watches as Crash puts up a good fight but Test takes the win. Backstage, Edge and Christian start playing different theme music on a kazoo. Cage Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Rikishi Phatu, Austin dominates the majority of the match bloodying Rikishi and pinning him after a stunner. In the parking area as soon as Stephanie's limo pulls away, Triple H tells Angle to get his gear cause he's in for a long night. Then The Game goes to Commissioner Foley and gets Angle in a non-title match. "My wife might be his manager, but tonight Angle's gonna be my bitch!"

Al Snow starts lobbying Jerry Lawler to be his tag partner against Tazz and Raven, bringing him all manner of strange gifts. Steven Richards challenges Mr. Ass to put his name on the line, Billy Gunn accepts the challenge. However, Eddie nails Gunn during the match and Richards takes the win. Mr. Ass can no longer be referred to as such. Tori arrives at WWF New York and slaps X-Pac. Back at the arena, Commissioner Foley makes his way to the ring and states he can't handle things anymore and needs help. He introduces his Lt. Commissioner: Debra. The puppies are back! Triple H vs Kurt Angle, non-title. The Game destroys the WWF Champ pummeling him in and out of the ring. Even delivering a Pedigree through the announce table before dragging Angle back in the ring but when Triple H shoves the referee out of his way the referee calls for the disqualification. Hunter grabs a mic, "You people want a disqualification. I'll give you a disqualification." The Game takes a chair in the ring and when Angle finally makes it to his feet he gets clobbered. Then Edge and Christian get flattened as well. Backstage, Cole interviews Rock and Jericho about their number one contender match that is up next. They both steal eachother's mic time and use eachother's catch phrases. (I thought it was rather funny.) Number One Contender Match: Rock vs Chris Jericho, was a nice match. When the referee gets knocked down a second referee runs in. Jericho gets rock in the Walls, but the Brahma Bull makes it to the rope. Then Chris finds himself in a sharpshooter but manages to grab the rope as well. Rikishi makes his way to ringside and takes out the second referee. The original referee recovers and counts Rock to a win after the Rock Bottom. Rikishi gets in the ring and pummels Rock, then states the Rock did put him up to running down Austin last November.

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