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(2000-11-02) Rock makes his way to the ring as SmackDown starts off. He states that he tried contacting Steve Austin but didn't get a response so calls him down to the ring. Stone Cold enters and stares down the Rock. "I had nothing to do with it," states the People's Champ, "I don't know why Rikishi said it." Austin responds, "I live by DTA, Don't Trust Anybody, maybe you're a bigger liar than Rikishi. How do I know?" Rikishi steps on stage and tells a story of how the Rock told him to do it. And further claims that Rock was the one who hit Austin with a wrench last week. Rock simply says, "I've done everything face to face." Then states that he's going to beat Angle tonight. The WWF Champ steps on stage. Rock tells Angle and Rikishi to both bring it, but they decline. Stone Cold hits Rock with a stunner before leaving the ring.

Hardcore Match: Crash vs T and A, as Blackman watches backstage, Test and Albert make a mockery of the match. But when the fight spills into the backstage area, the Lethal Weapon has seen enough and levels Test and Albert. Crash takes the win. Lt. Commissioner Debra is in charge for the evening and signs a Women's Title match between Ivory and Lita. However, when Jackie and Trish enter her office and claim they want title shots she makes it a Four Corners match -- with no interference from the Hardys, T and A, or RTC. Back at the ring, RTC delivers a speech then Undertaker rides in and sends Steven Richards on a Last Ride. Some highlights of Adam Sandler backstage are shown.

Edge and Christian try talking Debra into a title shot with the Hardys but get rejected. Four Corners Women's Title Match: Lita, Trish, Jackie, and Ivory. Lita hits a moonsault and makes the cover, but the referee misses it. Edge and Christian slam Lita and Ivory steals the win. RTC member Ivory is the new Women's Champ. Rikishi vs Jericho, Y2J can't get the Walls of Jericho locked in then Kane heads for the ring and Jericho grabs a chair. A chairshot has no effect and Y2J gets chokeslammed. Then Rikishi splashes Jericho. Chyna and Billy Gunn vs Val Venis and Eddie, Val makes them cut Billy's music since he lost the use of "Mr. Ass". During the match Billy does a handspring elbow following Chyna's lead. Chyna takes the win over Eddie Guerrero. Backstage, Stone Cold is on his cell phone as a large crate nearly falls on top of him. Moments later the Rock can't be found in his dressing room. Al Snow vs Tazz with Raven, Snow gets the win despite Raven's interference then gets stomped until Lawler comes to his aid. Triple H vs Benoit, with the referee down Malenko and Saturn run in. The Game tosses them back out and hits the Pedigree on Chris Benoit but the referee is still out. Guerrero smacks Triple H with the IC Title and rolls Benoit on top for the victory. The Radicals have reunited. The Game recovers and clears the ring with a chair. Backstage, Kevin Kelly tracks down the Rock and asks him where he was. Rock tells him to mind his own business.

WWF Championship: Rock vs Kurt Angle, part way into the match Angle puts Rock down then starts to walk away with the title. Rock tells Earl to stop counting Angle out, then sprints up the ramp and drags him back in. Rock gets several near falls until Angle falls outside the ring and complains his leg got hurt. Rock throws him back in and applies the sharpshooter. Rikishi enters ending the match. Rikishi and Angle stomp the Rock until Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives and takes out Rikishi, then stuns Angle. However, Austin walks into a Rock Bottom.

(2000-11-06) Vince McMahon returned to RAW to encourage everyone to vote. He addressed the audience on why politicians ignore the average American, the WWF fan. "Because you don't vote." He elaborated on reasons why you might not want to vote that sounded true to life. As he finished up *GLASS BREAKING* Stone Cold Steve Austin entered the ring and implied that maybe Vince was the man behind his hit and run. Before Austin can finish, Kurt Angle interrupts him with Stephanie close behind. They both tell Austin not to accuse Vince. When Stephanie gets in the Rattlesnake's face he simply tells her to back up for her own safety. Angle hits him from behind but is soon neutralized with a stunner. Vince quickly leads Stephanie from the ring and insists she go home for the evening. Undertaker defeats Val Venis rather quickly.

Backstage, Triple H tells the Commissioner that he wants the Radicals -- all four of them. Mick tells him to find three partners and the match is on. The Game recruits Road Dogg then they both go to see Chyna and Billy Gunn. Billy G is not to thrilled to see him but he and Chyna agree to get a shot at the Radicals. One more reunion for D-Generation X. T and A defeats Too Cool with ample interference from Trish Stratus. Crash runs in to attack T and A and some girl appears with him and takes down Trish as Too Cool recovers and throws Test and Albert out of the ring. Radicals vs DX is a nice match, The Game takes the victory with a Pedigree. Aftward, WWF Champion Kurt Angle joins the Radicals to clobber DX. Tag Title Match: Hardy Boys vs RTC Members Goodfather and Bull. Typical interference from the rest of RTC along with Edge and Christian allow RTC to steal the win. Bull and Goodfather are the new Tag Team Champions.

Angle assaults Rock in his dressing room backstage, nailing him with the title belt. Commissioner Foley catches Edge and Christian and informs them of their Table Match against the Dudley Boyz. Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman retains the Hardcore Title against Kane with an assist from Jericho. Tazz vs Jerry the King Lawler as Tazz joins commentary, however Tazz soon interferes ending the match. Al Snow runs in and hands King Lawler a mannequin head with a crown and together the take out Tazz and Raven. Table Match: Edge and Christian vs Dudleys, Buh Buh gets suplexed off the top rope just as the Hardys run in and move the table out of the way allowing the match to go on. Then Matt and Jeff attack Edge and Christian. Lita hits Christian with a huricanrana and the Dudleys put him through a table for the victory. Moments later, Jeff swantons Edge through a table outside the ring.

As Rock makes his way to the ring he gets hit with a heavy cart and needs medical attention. Stone Cold Steve Austin stalks to the ring and takes on Angle and Rikishi alone. Austin stays in control most of the match, continuing to fight back. Rikishi brings a sledge hammer into the ring but doesn't get to use it. Suddenly The Game appears and heads to the ring, apparently to help Stone Cold. He throws Angle out of the ring then picks up the sledge hammer. As Austin rolls Rikishi out of the ring and turns to see Hunter, The Game flattens him with a shot to the head. Rikishi climbs back in the ring and he and Triple H pummel Austin. Finally, Triple H grabs a mic and gets in the Rattlesnake's face. "Your search is over...Now you know you dumb sonofabitch!" The Game was Rikishi's accomplice.

(2000-11-09) Triple H made his way to the ring, asking the fans where the cheers were now. Happy that he we as firmly a heel again, The Game introduced Rikishi who disowned Rock as part of his family. Then Hunter took credit for the recent accidents involving Austin. Commissioner Foley entered the ring disappointed at the outcome but announced two matches for Survivor Series: Rikishi vs Rock and Triple H vs Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Intercontinental Championship: The One Billy Gunn vs Eddie Guerrero, Saturn interfered ending the match in a disqualification. The other two Radicals, Benoit and Malenko, headed for the ring and attacked Chyna and Billy Gunn. Chris Jericho arrived in the ring and trash talked Kane concerning their match later in the night. Kurt Angle arrived in the parking area and told off Lilian Garcia after finding out she was waiting for The Rock or Stone Cold to arrive. Later when Rock did arrive he walked right past Lilian.

Edge and Christian vs Hardy Boyz, Lita hit Edge with a hurricanrana outside the ring allowing the Hardys to take the victory. Four Corners Match for the No.1 Contendership: Undertaker, Kane, Chris Benoit, and Y2J battled for a shot at Kurt Angle. Undertaker chokeslammed Kane putting him out of the match. Then took out Jericho with the Last Ride. The Undertaker is the No. 1 contender. Right To Censor took on the Dudleys in a Tag Title Match and retained the titles with the aid of the other RTC members. WWF Champ Angle then entered the ring and stated that he tried to tell everyone that Triple H was a bad guy. The Undertaker stepped out and asked Angle where he was standing. A confused Kurt replied, "In the ring, of course." The American Badass disagreed, "You're standing in my yard. And I'm the big dog." Then stated Angle would be the first victim of Deadman Inc. at Survivor Series. Backstage, Crash introduced his cousin Molly Holly in an interview. The lady who attacked Trish on RAW. Then Crash headed to the ring and teamed with Blackman against T and A -- the new owners of the T and APA. When Trish tried to get involved Molly took her out then hit Test with a top rope hurricanrana. Crash hit Test with a kendo stick and too the win.

Stone Cold and Rock vs Triple H and Rikishi, as the match got underway the Radicals stormed the ring and assaulted Rock and Steve Austin. Rock and Stone Cold finally managed to knock them away but Rikishi and The Game had retreated to the stage. The Brahma Bull and the Rattlesnake stared down their opposition over the heads of the Radicals.

(2000-11-13) Kurt Angle enters the ring and speaks about his upcoming match at Survivor Series. On HEAT, Crash claimed he could beat Angle with one hand tied behind his back. So Angle put the WWF Championship on the line. Crash ended up pulling his arm free and put up a good fight but Angle retained the title. Afterward, Kurt nails Crash with a chair and continues his assault. Hardcore Bob Holly returns to aid his cousin and pummels the Champ. Edge and Christian run in to aid Angle, Undertaker soon follows and clears the ring.

Commissioner Foley makes Angle, Edge, and Christian vs Undertaker and Hollys when they start whining to him. Hardcore Match: Blackman and Jericho vs Kane and Test, Blackman and Jericho win after Test accidentally hits Kane. After the match Test gets chokeslammed. Radicals arrive in the ring and Benoit states he has new found respect for Triple H. Then starts to speak about their plans. Foley interrupts and reminds them of when they turned their back on him (2000-02-07). Then announces Radicals vs Gunn, Chyna, Rock, and Steve Austin. Backstage, Kane assaults Jericho and throws him thru a window. Dudley Boys vs Tazz and Raven, during the match Tazz and Raven start arguing and Buh Buh calls for the table. Tazz and Raven recover and bring in a table themselves but Raven gets a 3D on a table and the Dudleys take the win. Tazz suplexes Raven through a table after the match.Six-Man Tag: Angle gets chokeslammed and goes for the Last Ride giving the win to Undertaker.

A visibly furious Stone Cold enters the ring and speaks about his upcoming match with Triple H. RTC vs Lita and Hardy Boyz, in a special stipulation both the Tag Titles and the Women's Title are on the line. A nice quick paced match ends when RTC get themselves disqualified and retain the titles. Then the rest of Right To Censor join in to clobber Team Extreme. European Championship: Road Dogg vs Regal ends early when newcomer K-Kwik runs in and smacks Regal with a mic. Then tells Road Dogg its, "Time to start rappin'." The two get a big pop for Gettin' Rowdy. In a backstage interview Stone Cold says he has a funny feeling about the night.

Eight-Man Match: The initial brawl finally subsides leaving Rock to get isolated by the Radicals. He tags in Chyna so she can extract some revenge from Latino Heat. But the Ninth Wonder of the World gets double teamed. When Gunn tries to help her the referee shoves him back. Finally, Austin has seen enough and goes around side of the ring and yanks Saturn out and throws him across the announce table. Eddie keeps the upperhand on Chyna and as the Radicals continue to double team her, Rock crosses the ring and attacks Benoit and fighting breaks out around the ring. Benoit and Rock fight backstage, Stone Cold stomps a mudhole in Eddie then a stunner for the win. As Rock and Benoit continue to fight, Benoit leads him toward the parking area where a car drives by and Rikishi hits Rock with a sledge hammer. As Rikishi threatens the Rock the driver hangs out the window -- its Triple H.

(2000-11-16) Rikishi made his way to the ring as SmackDown took off. He addressed the crowd about running down the Rock last Monday. Commissioner Foley stepped on stage, having heard enough, and had security escort Rikishi from the arena. T and A vs Crash and Hardcore Holly, with Molly Holly. Hardcore rolled up Test for the win. After the match, though, the Hollys get pummeled including Molly. Triple H appeared from WWF Studios relaying how his whole planned unfolded and spoke to Austin about fear.

Tazz and Raven vs Too Cool, Raven DDTs Tazz during the matching allowing Too Cool to take the victory. Eddie Guerrero calls out Austin for their match, confident that the Radicals will back him up. Backstage, the Radicals are watching on TV when Stone Cold enters and clobbers all three members. Austin quickly then backs a fork lift against their dressing room door and heads for the ring. Stone Cold dominates the match and takes the win with a stunner. Foley enters the Radicals dressing room as the fork lift is finally moved and informs them that Saturn and Malenko will take on Road Dogg and K-Kwik while Benoit is facing the Rock.

Edge and Christian join commentary as the Eight-Man match gets underway, Hardys and Dudleys vs RTC. The match is mostly a brawl as all eight guys battle around the ring. Matt makes a cover for the win then Steven Richards gets pulled in the ring and receives a low blow from D-Von. However, when the Boys go for a table Edge and Christian get involved allowing Right To Censor to level the Hardys and Dudleys, along with Lita. Chris Jericho and Undertaker vs Kane and Kurt Angle in a no-DQ match. It was a fast paced match with some devastating moves. Kane chokeslammed Jericho through the announce table after Angle aided Kane out of the Walls of Jericho. Back in the ring, the American Badass sets up Angle for the Last Ride but Kane knocks Taker off balance. Undertaker recovers and chokeslams Kane. However, Angle nails him with a chair and distracts him while Kane flattens him with a second chair shot and Angle takes the win.

Road Dogg and his new partner K-Kwik rap their way to the ring to face Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko. Dogg and Kwik show some nice moves and K-Kwik performed some high-risk Hardy-like maneuvers but ends up double-teamed most of the match. Road Dogg tags in but gets double-teamed as well. Then Kwik gets a blind tag, which almost looked accidental as Dogg bumped into him, and takes down Malenko for the win. Rock still appears hurt from Rikishi's attack but requested the match with Benoit. Benoit focuses on Rock's injured chest area. The People's Champ gets a couple near falls -- even putting Benoit in a Crossface at one point but is clearly in pain. Surprisingly, he pulls off the People's Elbow but can't make the cover. Then Rikishi comes through the crowd and Rock gets pummeled by both men, bleeding from his mouth as SmackDown came to an end.

Survivor Series

(2000-11-19) Inter-Gender Tag Match Test, Albert, and Trish vs Crash, Molly, and Blackman. Molly rolls up Trish for the win. Lo Down and Tiger Ali Singh cannot get into the arena. Elimination Match: Road Dogg, Chyna, Gunn, and K-Kwik vs Radicals. Chyna gets a couple near falls but Eddie smacks her with a title belt and Saturn eliminates her. Gunn quickly eliminates Guerrero. Kwik comes in with some fancy moves but Benoit takes him out of the match. Dogg is back in but gets eliminated by Saturn leaving it three on one. Billy Gunn gets double and triple teamed but eliminates Malenko. Gunn kicks out after a flying headbutt and suplexes Benoit. However, Saturn holds his feet allowing Benoit to take the win for the Radicals.

Chris Jericho vs Kane, Jericho does surprisingly well eventually getting Kane in the Walls of Jericho. Kane gets the rope. Chris hits the lionsault but Kane lifts him up and chokeslams him for the win. Later, Jericho attacks Kane backstage. European Title Match: William Regal retains against Hardcore Holly after Hardcore is DQed for nailing Regal with the title belt. Rock vs Rikishi, while the referee is down Rikishi retrieves a sledge hammer from under the ring. Luckily, Rock avoids it and hits the Rock Bottom for a near fall. Rikishi gets a near fall then Rock suffers a stink face. However, as Rikishi steps away from the corner the Rock charges out and flattens him. After a spine buster Rock hits the People's Elbow and just barely makes a cover for the win. Rikishi pummels Rock with multiple banzai drops after the match.

Women's Title: Ivory vs Lita, during the match Lita gets cut on her forehead but keeps fighting despite blood covering half her face. Lita outside the ring to take down Steven and Ivory at one point. Lita goes up for the moonsault but Steven pulls Ivory out of the way. Then Lita avoids getting smacked with the title belt and goes for another moonsault. However, Ivory pulls the Women's Title belt on top of herself and Lita lands on it. Ivory quickly shoves the belt away and pins Lita retaining her title. The referee helps a bloody Lita backstage.

WWF Championship: Angle vs Undertaker, Angle hides outside the ring until Taker tosses him a steel chair and Angle uses it. The Deadman soon clobbers Kurt and goes for the cover--but pulls him up before three. Then does it again. The Phenom continues to punish the Champ. Angle taps out at one point but referee Earl is distracted by Edge and Christian at ring side. When the American Badass takes a swing at Christian, Angle goes back to working on Taker's knee. Undertaker goes for a cover after a chokeslam but Earl is distracted again. Angle rolls up Undertaker for a near fall. Then Kurt lock on a figure-four, Undertaker reverses it but Angle makes it to the ropes. A short time later Angle traps Undertaker in the figure-four again; this time around the ring post. (Anyone recall Ric Flair doing this.) When the Champ can't keep Taker down he crawls under the ring. Undertaker pulls him out (It was clearly not Kurt--not sweaty and darker hair were most noticeable.) A Last Ride and Earl counts two but stops. Undertaker questions him as the real Kurt runs in from the opposite side of the ring and rolls up Undertaker to retain the title. The imposter is left lying in the ring.

Elimination Match: Edge, Christian, Bull, and Goodfather vs Dudleys and Hardys. A quadruple DDT from the Boyz early in the match. Edge eliminates Matt and Christian eliminates D-Von. Buh Buh takes out Bull when Edge accidentally spears the wrong guy. Christian accidentally splashes Edge and Buh Buh eliminates him. Goodfather tosses the injured Jeff out of the ring. Buh Buh Ray gets double-teamed and eliminated. A swanton from Jeff takes Christian out of the match. Val Venis tries to get involved but hits GF instead. Jeff surprisingly takes the win but gets pummeled afterward until the Boyz return. The Dudleys slam Richards through a table while Matt puts Val through another table.

Triple H vs Austin no-DQ, they explode inside the ring but soon take the fight backstage. After a short time they make their way back to the ring area. Austin pummels Triple H then takes a sear and drinks a Steveweiser before smashing the can on Hunter's forehead. Stone Cold smashes a second can on Hunter's head and smashes his face on the steps before rolling him back in the ring. The Game makes it back to his feet and eventually attempts a Pedigree on the ring steps but Austin counters and sends Triple H through the announce table. Steve brings him back to the ring and delivers a stunner but refuses to make a cover. Austin gets a chair and sets up to break Hunter's ankle. Earl seemingly talks him out of it but Austin places the chair around Hunter's neck instead. Luckily, The Game rolls out of the ring before Austin can go through with it. Stone Cold follows him backstage. The Radicals attack Austin while Triple H heads outside and climbs into a car. Stone Cold gets away from the Radicals and chases Benoit outside where it becomes clear that The Game intends to run Austin down. However, Austin disappears after knocking Benoit's head against a trailer. Triple H tells Benoit to go find Austin. Just as Benoit returns inside the arena the Rattlesnake strikes. The Game feels a thud against the car and finds Stone Cold driving a large forklift. Stone Cold lifts the car with Hunter in it and drives through the parking lot raising the car at least 30 feet in the air. Triple H pleads with Austin to put the car down. Stone Cold releases the car and it crashes on its roof. Stone Cold Steve Austin walks back into the arena as Survivor Series comes to a close.

(2000-11-20) Stephanie makes her way to the ring as RAW comes on the air and asks Stone Cold Steve Austin to accept Triple H's apology. Before Austin hits the ring she announces that she and Hunter are trying to have a baby. Stone Cold gets in her face, "It ain't over. Not by a long shot! Cause Stone Cold said so!" The Rattlesnake put her down like no one ever has causing Mrs. McMahon-Helmsley to leave the arena in tears. Benoit steps on stage and challenges Austin to a wrestling match. Stone Cold puts it to a public vote, "If you want me to give this snagle-toothed SOB a Stone Cold wrestling lesson give me a hell yeah." Challenge accepted.

Tag Title Match: RTC vs Dudleys, and if the Dudleys lose they can no longer use tables. Bull gets a 3D but Richards pulls D-Von out of the ring getting RTC the disqualification. RTC retains the titles and Dudleys retain their table use. However, Steven Richards gets pulled back in the ring and slammed through a table. Backstage, Regal hires the T&APA. Michael Cole asks Earl Hebner about his decision at Survivor Series and Earl replies simply that the man Undertaker pinned was not Kurt Angle.

European Championship Match, Hardcore Rules: Regal vs Hardcore Holly. The match ends up backstage where the T&APA assault Hardcore and Regal nails him with a 2x4 for the win. Crash Holly and Blackman come to Hardcore's aid. Tiger Ali Singh and Lo Down arrive at the arena but aren't allowed in. Rikishi and Kane take on Jericho and Rock, pretty good match, Rock goes for the People's Elbow but Rikishi grabs his ankle from outside the ring. Rock finds himself in Kane's grasp but luckily Jericho nails Kane with a dropkick. Rikishi knocks Jericho out of the ring but Y2J comes back in with a chair and smacks Kane. A Rock Bottom and the Rock takes the victory. Y2J and Rock aren't finished yet, Rikishi gets locked in the People's Sharpshooter and Benoit in the Walls of Jericho. Officials finally break it up.

WWF Champion Kurt Angle and brother Eric enter the ring and Kurt addresses Undertaker hurting Eric. He states that Eric was only hiding under the ring to come out and celebrate with him. Deadman Inc. heads to the ring and assaults both men. Eric gets chokeslammed then Taker chases Kurt up the ramp and chokeslams him off the edge on to a table. Backstage, Undertaker asks the Commissioner to give him both Angles in a Handicap Match. Foley takes it under advisement. K-Kwik, Road Dogg, and The One Billy Gunn vs Eddie, Saturn, and Malenko. Dogg gets isolated by the Radicals for awhile then Kwik tags in and gets a near fall before all six men end up in the ring. When Terri climbs in, Billy Gunn picks her up with ease and tosses her to Saturn distracting him. Then he hits him with the Fam-ass-er. A 360 splash from K-Kwik gets the win. Backstage, Foley informs Edge and Christian that they're taking on Undertaker in a Handicap Match. Chyna joins commentary for the Women's Title Match: Ivory vs Molly Holly. Trish DDTs Molly outside the ring and Ivory retains her title. Undertaker vs Edge and Christian, the former Tag Champs can't keep up with the American Badass. Undertaker takes the win with a Last Ride on Christian.

Stone Cold vs Benoit, surprising to many Austin out-wrestles Benoit most of the match (recall Stunning Steve Austin from WCW). A barrage of take downs, arm locks, and other fundamental holds get Benoit off guard. Benoit does mount an offensive and manages to lock on the Crippler Crossface but Stone Cold makes it to the ropes. A stunner from nowhere gives Stone Cold the win.

(2000-11-23) SmackDown starts off with an Intercontinental Championship Match: Eddie Guerrero vs The One Billy Gunn. Billy dominates the opening moments of the match, then Eddie gets several near falls after slamming Gunn's head on the title belt. Guerrero hits the frog splash but The One kicks out. Gunn hits the fam-ass-er but Eddie kicks out. Then Billy catches Eddie coming off the top rope and slams him for the victory. The One Billy Gunn is the new IC Champion.

Mick Foley and Lt. Commissioner Debra are hosting a Thanksgiving Day feast backstage. Superstars share their recipes from the WWF Cookbook: Can You Take the Heat? Back at the ring, William Regal starts lecturing everyone on better manners. Rock steps on stage and, after a thorough tongue-lashing, challenges Regal to a match.

Hardcore Match: Hardcore and Crash Holly taken on T and A. The violent match ends with a victory for Test and Albert. However, Hardcore Holly clears the ring afterward. Val Venis takes a win over K-Kwik with assistance from the rest of Right To Censor. WWF Champion Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring wearing a neck brace from Undertaker's attack on Monday. Angle addresses Undertaker for attacking his brother and continues to insist that his brother Eric was only hiding under the ring at Survivor Series so he could celebrate with him after he defeated Undertaker. The American Badass has heard enough and hits the ring to pummel Angle. Edge and Christian run out to aid Angle but Deadman Inc. clears the ring anyhow. During the commercial break Angle, Edge, and Christian leave the arena. Regal vs Rock, non-title, Regal does surprisingly well but Rock takes the victory with a sharpshooter despite Rikishi distracting him from the stage. Afterward, the arrogant Regal walks into a Rock Bottom.

Raven defeats his former partner Tazz. Backstage, Benoit tells off Lilian Garcia as she tries to get an interview with former IC Champ Eddie Guerrero. Molly Holly gets a win over Trish Stratus in a surprisingly decent match. Back at the Thanksgiving feast, Tiger Ali Singh and Lo Down arrive (who've been hanging out together for the past couple weeks) and a food fight erupts after Tiger hits Blackman with a pie. Stone Cold and Chris Jericho vs Kane and Benoit starts off as a nice match. Then Jericho gets isolated and clobbered. When he finally tags in Austin, the referee misses it and tries to keep Austin out. But Stone Cold stuns the referee then knocks Kane out of the ring. Benoit gets a stunner as Kane returns to the ring and grabs Austin preparing for a chokeslam. Luckily, Jericho comes off the top rope with a drop kick that nails Kane. Stone Cold hits another stunner on Kane and walks back the ramp to celebrate as Jericho delivers a Lionsault to Kane.

(2000-11-30) As SmackDown kicks off we find out at that Commissioner Foley has promised five different superstars a WWF Championship shot at Armageddon. The opening match was the result of Malenko's interest in Lita last week. Dean made a pass at her but then Benoit opened a door knocking her down and when the Hardys came to her aid they got clobbered. Lita and Hardy Boyz vs Radicals, Lita goes for a cover but Eddie splashes her and rolls Dean on top for the win. However, Malenko seems concerned about Lita as he leaves the ring area.

Commissioner Foley makes his way to the ring to address his earlier announcements. He introduces the Rock first, who states he was the number one contender before Foley made any decision. Undertaker enters next and just wants to get his hands on Angle. Stone Cold tells Mick to bottom line it so the Commissioner calls out Triple H and Rikishi who both stay on the stage. Foley continues stating that all five men have agreed not to interfere with any matches tonight or they won't get their title shot. And his plan: A Six-Way Hell in the Cell Match. Angle steps on stage outraged at the suggestion but Foley informs him that if he interferes in any matches tonight he'll be stripped of the title. Triple H reminds Foley that it was a Hell in the Cell that retired him, then brings out his wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and invites everyone to share in celebrating their first anniversary.

Tag Title: K-Kwik and Road Dogg vs RTC, Dogg yanks Ivory in the ring during the match but she slips back out. Then Ivory manages to interrupt the count when Kwik goes for a cover. RTC retain the titles. Backstage, Angle tries to reason with Foley but doesn't get anywhere. Triple H and Stephanie celebrate their anniversary backstage with Harvey watching the door. Regal makes an open challenge and Scotty Too Hotty answers. Scotty gets a couple near falls but Regal retains the title. Backstage, Benoit stops to see Hunter and Steph and offers to take out Austin as a gift. Austin watches the exchange elsewhere.

Kane and Benoit vs Billy Gunn and Chris Jericho, Benoit takes the win for his team with a Crossface on The One. Backstage, Kurt Angle stopped into visit Steph while Hunter was in the bathroom. He asked her to once again be his business partner but she declined saying he was fine on his own. He gave her a hug and left as Triple H returned to the room. Later, Test and Trish entered the party. Test thanked Steph for not marrying him and Trish stated she would be celebrating as well if she had Triple H. Stephanie's anger increased as she saw Hunter blush at the remark. Test pulled Trish back out of the room.

Lo Down showed up with Tiger Ali Singh and ran into Lt. Commissioner Debra, after some sexist remarks they found themselves in a Table Match against the Dudleys and Steve Blackman. Surprisingly, Lo Down and Ali took the victory. Backstage, a Hardcore Match broke out between Hardcore and Raven. The two fought thru the locker room and outside the arena. Finally, Holly took the win after nailing Raven with a stop sign he yanked off the pole. Harvey alerted Triple H that the cake was on the way -- but Hunter didn't order a cake and suspected Austin was behind it. However, the cake arrived and Austin had still not made an appearance. Handicap Match: Undertaker and Rock vs Edge, Christian, and WWF Champion Kurt Angle. As usual the match got pretty much out of control. In the end Angle went for the Last Ride and Undertaker took the victory.

Expecting Stone Cold, Triple H and Stephanie turned out the lights and waited to attack Austin. Someone entered and Triple H pummeled them. But then Hunter saw Stone Cold on a TV standing outside the door smiling. The Rattlesnake opened the door and said, "Happy anniversary, jackass." The Game looked down to see a bloody Vince McMahon.

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