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(2000-12-04) Raw kicks off with Undertaker vs Rikishi, Angle makes his way to ringside distracting Taker and Rikishi scores the victory. Angle attacks Undertaker while he's down. Hardys with Lita vs RTC. During the match the Dudley Boyz make their way to ringside wearing dress shirts and ties like Right To Censor. The referee gets distracted and RTC takes the win. Road Dogg and K-Kwik as well as Edge and Christian demand title shots from Lt. Commissioner Debra and find themselves in a number one contender match. Backstage, Dean asks Lita for a date but gets rejected. Triple H, Rikishi, and Angle consider an alliance for Armageddon.

Benoit vs Hardcore Holly, during the match Holly catches Benoit with a forearm shot and flattens him (apparently do to his surgical implanted titanium brace). Bob Holly goes for the cover but Chris gets his foot on the rope. Holly avoids the Crossface momentarily but Benoit locks it in for the victory. Vince arrives backstage and confronts Triple H about the incident last SmackDown. Hunter reassures him it was an accident, he thought Vince was Steve Austin. Rock cuts a promo mocking his opponents in the Hell in the Cell at Armageddon. Dean goes to Lita's locker room and offers her a title shot but if she loses he gets a date. She accepts. Back in the ring, Edge and Christian try to rap and give a 5 second pose before defeating Road Dogg and Kwik. Backstage, Vince tries talking Austin out of competing in the Hell in the Cell. Then he meets with Rock and Undertaker. The Badass responds by spitting tobacco juice on McMahon's jacket. Vince doesn't get very far with anyone.

WWF Championship: Angle vs Jericho was a good match. A second referee runs in to count for Y2J but too late. Jericho gets Angle in the Walls of Jericho but Kane pulls the second ref out of the ring. Jericho knocks Kane off the ring apron but Angle hits him with a low blow and the Olympic Slam for the victory and retains the title. Kane chokeslams Y2J. IC Title Match: The One Billy Gunn with Chyna vs Val Venis with Ivory. After Val smacks Gunn with Ivory's title belt Chyna levels him ending the match. Ivory gets in the ring but Chyna slams her and chases her out of the ring. Val clobbers Chyna throwing her across the announce table then attacks Billy Gunn. Ivory assaults Chyna while she's down. Lt. Heavyweight Title: Lita vs Dean Malenko, Lita puts on a nice performance getting several near falls. However, Dean counters a huricanrana and locks Lita in the Texas cloverleaf for the win. Dean gets his date. European Title: Regal regains the title from Crash Holly via submission. (Crash defeated Regal at the UK Rebellion on 2000-12-02 with an assist from Molly.) However, Regal holds the submission well after the referee called for the bell. When he does release Crash, Molly takes him down but finds herself locked in the STF as well. Hardcore hits the ring and throws William out. After witnessing Regal's actions, Foley signs a European Title Match for Armageddon with Regal vs Hardcore Holly.

Vince enters the ring to make a State of the WWF Address. He remarks the Linda appointing Foley as Commissioner was a mistake, which doesn't meet with much fan approval. Commissioner Foley makes his way to the ring and reminds Vince of some things that he did in the past with the superstars and his family. Then informs Vince that he laughed his ass off when Triple H accidentally pummeled him last week. Vince replies that he doesn't hold Triple H or even Austin responsible--but Mick Foley. Stone Cold arrives on the scene and stuns Vince. As Austin leaves, Rock walks to the ring and delivers a Rock Bottom to Vince. The Vince goes for the Last Ride. "Geez, not a good day is it?" questions the Commissioner. Foley pulls out Mr. Socko to wave at Vince, "Kiss my fat ass Vince." Then the cameras reveal that Undertaker, Rock, and Austin were all ambushed by Triple H, Rikishi, and WWF Champ Kurt Angle backstage leaving them a bloody mess.

(2000-12-07) Triple H, Rikishi, and Angle arrive at the arena together. Foley meets them and tells Rikishi and Hunter to leave because they're suspended till Armageddon. However, Angle learns that he'll be defending the title in a Fatal Fourway. Chyna and Gunn take on Ivory and Val Venis, Ivory drills Chyna with her title as the referee is distracted by an approaching Benoit. Val takes the win as Benoit attacks Gunn. Backstage, Dean picks up Lita for her date. During the date he can't keep his eyes of Lita's chest.

Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring and speaks about the upcoming Hell in the Cell. Angle steps on stage as he's about to finish. Austin grabs his cooler of Steveweisers and starts firing beer cans at Angle eventually chasing the Champ backstage. Ashton Kutcher, star of Dude, Where's My Car? is hanging out backstage. Tazz offers to get him a car from a 'Johnny Numbers'. Later, the Kat runs into him and talks him into a private viewing of the movie.

Molly Holly vs Trish Stratus for contendership, T and A make their way to ring side. Molly goes for a pin but Albert puts Trish's foot on the rope. Crash runs to the ring and attacks T and A with a trash can lid but gets clobbered. Trish nails Molly with the lid ending the match. Crash goes to the Commissioner about the interference and Debra devises a solution: Women's Championship Triple Threat with Ivory, Lita, and Trish for Armageddon. Hardcore Holly and Jericho vs Kane and William Regal, Holly takes the win over Regal as Y2J assaults Kane with a chair.

Lita's date, Dean takes her to dinner and tells her to order anything. She apparently orders everything as the table is filled with different dishes. Then Dean starts telling her how great he is and she goes along with it. "Oh Dean, I want you know." Dean calls the waiter for the check. They arrive at a hotel and Lita goes to change while Dean waits on the bed. She comes out in here lingerie and questions Dean about what his wife thinks about this, pointing out the ring on his finger. Malenko tells her not to worry about it and turns out the light. Lita says she likes the light on. The Hardy Boyz are standing by the bed. Matt smashes a champagne bottle on Dean, then he and Jeff roll the bed on top of him.

Vince makes his way to the ring in a wheelchair. His stooges help him in the ring and he speaks about Monday, irate over the attack and blames Foley. Mick makes his way to the ring and introduces the CEO, Linda McMahon. Linda won't take sides. Foley informs Vince that he sees the six participants of the Hell in the Cell as human beings not investments. Further he states, "If anyone is seriously injured inside the Hell in the Cell I will take full responsibility. And I will resign as WWF Commissioner." As Mick leaves the ring Vince seems to have a breakdown and after ranting for awhile tells Linda that he wants a divorce. Linda leaves the arena in tears.

(Okay, I already don't like this plot. There was absolutely no groundwork laid for Vince to saunter back in after attending to XFL arrangements and have his life this screwed up. With all the big name talent back off the injured list, except for Hunter going out, there's simply no reason for this angle.)

Edge and Christian vs Road Dogg and K-Kwik, E and C attack while Kwik and Dogg are still rapping but the Road Dogg and Kwik take a quick win. Right To Censor fill the ring en masse and Ivory introduce their two newest members, the Dudley Boyz. The Dudleys make their way to the ring and address the audience. Then Buh Buh goes on, "And what about the tables? Well, if putting people through tables is wrong--then I don't want to be right!" The Dudleys clobber RTC and send Steven through a table. Kevin Kelly meets up with the Commissioner backstage and Mick feels somewhat responsible for the demise of the McMahon marriage.

WWF Championship Fatal Fourway: Angle, Rock, Undertaker, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. All three men wait for Angle to step in the ring. When he doesn't the surround him and bring him in. It starts as three on one but everyone goes at after the opening minutes. Triple H and Rikishi make their way through the crowd. Undertaker goes out to meet them. Hunter takes down Austin with a chair, then levels Rock and Undertaker with the chair as well. The alliance stands together for a moment. Then Angle hammers Rikishi with his title belt and The Game flattens Angle with a chair shot. The Game stands over his Hell in the Cell opponents as SmackDown ends.


(2000-12-10) Six-Person Elimination Tag: Hardys and Lita vs Dean, Saturn, and Eddie. Jeff eliminates Eddie. Saturn takes out Jeff. Matt eliminates Saturn. Terri gets in the ring and Lita takes her down. Dean rolls up Matt during the distraction. Lita puts on a good fight. Dean superplexes Lita but refuses to make the cover and keeps punishing her. Finally he locks on the Texas cloverleaf for the win. Matt and Jeff Hardy chase him off. As the Hardys help her backstage, Cole gets a word with her and she remains confident she can beat Malenko. Lilian Garcia interviews Angle backstage and the Champ remains confident.

European Championship: Regal vs Hardcore Holly, Hardcore takes him down with a forearm shot after a nice match but Raven slips in and DDTs Holly. Regal retains the title. Chyna vs Val Venis with Ivory, The Ninth Wonder of the World hammers Venis in the opening minutes. Then Val gets several near falls before Chyna makes a comeback for a near win. Val eats canvas on the Money Shot and Chyna gets another near fall. Ivory trips Chyna from ringside and Chyna gives chase. Val catches her off guard and gets the win. After the match Chyna attempts to powerbomb Ivory but Val returns and slams her.

Earlier in the day, Kevin Kelly interviews Undertaker about his past experience Hell in the Cell. Undertaker says he becomes a scarier person when he enters the cell. His goal being to survive and hurt anyone else in the cage. Backstage, Stephanie goes to Vince asking him to do something about the Hell in the Cell match. Vince replies that he's going to put a stop to it. Vince and his associates enter the ring. McMahon starts off by saying that he meant everything that he said on SmackDown. Then asks the audience to stand with him against having the Hell in the Cell match tonight. He gets a little support but not much and leaves the ring in disgust. Then a video takes a look back at the Kane vs Jericho feud as the Last Man Standing Match is about to get underway. It all started with some spilled coffee and brought out a more violent side of Y2J. Kane meets Jericho as he approaches the ring and the match immediately goes backstage. (The cameras eventually get back there.) They end up fighting back out to the ring area. Kane has the upperhand most of the match but both men get several near wins. The match spills back out to the entrance area where Jericho topples a wall of barrels on Kane pinning him to the floor for a ten count and the victory. HBK Shawn Michaels checks in from WWF New York. He tells J.R. that Hell in the Cell is tailored for the Taker but with 6 men in the ring its unpredictable.

Tag Team Championship Four Corners Match: Dudleys, Edge and Christian, RTC, and Road Dogg and K-Kwik. The match gets chaotic a couple times. The Dudleys level RTC with a table outside the ring. Richards DDTs D-Von outside the ring. Meanwhile Edge pins Buh Buh for the win. Edge and Christian are four time Tag Champs. Backstage, Stephanie tries talking Hunter out of the match but The Game insists on continuing if it takes his last breath to regain the WWF Championship.

Intercontinental Championship: Benoit vs Gunn in a nice match. Benoit works on Billy's knee but misses the flying headbutt. Gunn delivers the Fam-ass-er but Benoit kicks out. Billy's leg is obviously holding him back and a second Crippler Crossface spells his demise. Chris Benoit is the new IC Champ.

Women's Championship Triple Threat: Trish Stratus, Ivory, and Molly battle for the gold. Molly Holly is effectively double-teamed for the opening minutes of the match. However, Ivory soon turns on Trish. Molly takes Trish down with a power bomb but Ivory knocks her out of the ring and pins Trish to retain her title. T and A make their way to the ring and get in Molly's face. Crash rushes to her aid inviting T and A in the ring. The APA returns. Faarooq and Bradshaw make short work of Test and Albert. Crash and Molly walk out with the Acolytes.

Six-Man Hell in the Cell WWF Championship Match. Triple H and Rikishi enter the cell. Angle makes his way to ringside but waits outside. Rock and Undertaker make their way past the Champ and step into Hell in the Cell. Finally, Stone Cold Steve Austin heads for the ring and the Rattlesnake shoves Angle in before him. The battle erupts all around the ring as the door is locked. As any two men fought in the ring the other four were fighting around the ring. Devastating moves and near falls from everyone. They trade finishing moves and counters but the brawl continues. Austin drags Hunter's face around the cage wall with a spray of blood. Moments later Undertaker slams The Game off the walls from one side to the other.

A truck with a bed full of cedar chips backs down to the ring with Vince and the stooges on the bed. Vince orders the men to rip the door off the cage and then prepares to pull down the whole cage. Commissioner Foley makes his way out, as the battle rages on, and has Vince escorted out by security.

The six gladiators are free of the cell and they make their way toward the entrance area where junk cars have been scattered as props. They all make use of them as weapons. Triple H smashes Austin's head through the truck window cutting him open. The two bloody men keep on fighting. Rock gets Pedigreed on top of a car and starts bleeding. Although The Game seems to have taken the most beating he keeps coming back. Austin slingshots him on to a car hood and smacks him with a camera. They work their way back toward the ring as Undertaker and Angle fight down to the announce table. Undertaker is bleeding now as well (not sure when that happened). Triple H starts climbing the cage wall. Austin tries to pull him down and when he can't the Rattlesnake quickly scales the opposite side and meets Hunter on top nearly knocking off the cell. Undertaker follows Angle to the top of the cell and all four men start fighting. Angle begins bleeding from his forehead after Taker smashes his face against the cage. Then the Phenom convinces the time keeper to toss him a chair and he flattens Kurt with it. However, Rikishi has made his way to the top and drills Undertaker with the chair and gives Angle another shot for good measure. Then Rikishi starts choking Taker with the chair as Angle climbs back down leaving Undertaker and Rikishi alone. Austin, Hunter, Rock, and Angle battle in the ring. Rock and Austin pause to see Rikishi plummet from the top of the cell and land on the bed of the truck as Undertaker shoves him off. The Phenom simply lays back on top of the cage.

Stone Cold and Rock start fighting eachother after having clobbered The Game and Angle. Rock puts Stone Cold down with a spine buster then lines up the People's Elbow but Triple H prevents it. Rock knocks Hunter back out of the ring and flattens Kurt with a Rock Bottom but Austin interrupts the count. Rock receives a stunner but Triple H hits Austin with a neck breaker before he can make a cover. Angle drapes an arm over Rock and takes the win to retain his title. Undertaker is still lying on top of the cage, Rikishi motionless in the bed of the truck, and the other four a bloody mess inside the ring as Kurt Angle's music plays. Slowly the Olympic Hero makes it to his feet only to get hit with a stunner before Stone Cold collapses to the mat. And Armageddon concludes with six bloody gladiators scattered around Hell in the Cell.

(2000-12-11) Edge, Christian, and Angle head to the ring to speak about their wins at Armageddon. Rock steps on stage and challenges Angle. Kurt replies that since neither of them is 100% make it a tag match. The Dudleys step out beside Rock, make it a Tag Team Table Match. Angle accepts the Rock and the Dudleys clear the ring. Hardy Boyz vs Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, outside the ring Lita takes down Terri distracting the referee while Jeff has Saturn pinned. The Hardys get counted out when they go to help Lita. Dean forcefully kisses the nearly unconscious Lita before leaving the ring area. Vince arrives a the arena set on getting Mick to resign. The new IC Champ Benoit retains the title in a rematch with Billy Gunn when Eddie Guerrero interrupts ending the match. Al Snow asks Mick for a HC Match with Raven despite his broken wrist and gets it after some kissing up.

Tag Team Table Match: Rock and Dudleys vs Edge, Christian, and Angle. Edge prevents the People's Elbow on Angle but the Dudleys bring in the tables. Angle moves the table just as Christian is about to go through it. Rock ultimately slams Edge through a table for the win. The Dudleys drive Christian through the other table anyhow. Chyna enters the ring and is fed up with RTC. She calls out Ivory for a non-title match, since she's not interested in the Women's Title. Ivory walks out with Steven and Val soon follows making it three on one. Val pile drives Chyna in the ring before RTC leaves. Acolytes vs T and A, The APA extracts some revenge (T&A put the APA on the injured list at No Mercy) and take the win. Jerry Lawler introduces the Memphis Maniax XFL cheerleaders but no sooner do they enter the than RTC is out in force. The King helps the ladies exist the ring as RTC approaches. Steven Richards runs his mouth but when he makes a remark about rap music being wrong. Kwik and Dogg storm the ring and an impromptu match is on. King Lawler takes a quick win over Richards in his hometown.

Backstage interview, Austin states his happy Triple H is out injured and then says he's gonna go find some trouble. Hardcore Match: Snow vs Raven, they never enter the ring. Snow is assaulted be Lo Down and Singh outside then Raven takes the win after apparently smacking Snow with a cement block. Mick is about to accompany Al in the ambulance when Vince comes out and berates him. Mick walks back to the arena and enters the ring where Vince and his associates have demanded he come sign the resignation. Vince goes on about why Mick should resign and spend time with his family. Mick accepts the pen and paper and is about to sign -- with Vince encouraging him to and then demanding that he sign. [Mr. Socko] Mick asks for a mic and speaks for the first time since returning to the arena, "Everything you've said, Vince, is true. So I may sign this, then again I may not. But first..." Steven Regal interrupts as he makes his way to the ring. Regal states he agrees with Vince and he speaks for the roster including Stone Cold. *GLASS BREAK* Steve Austin walks to the ring and takes Regal's mic, "After what I been through lastnight. If you don't take you hand of that microphone, you're gonna draw back a bloody stump." Stone Cold Steve Austin informs everyone that he doesn't need anyone to speak up for him. Then Austin takes a public poll, "If you think Mick Foley should tear up this little piece of paper give me a hell yeah." A tremendous Hell Yeah returns from the crowd. Stone Cold stuns Regal, Patterson, and Brisco then stares down Vince. McMahon backs away from Austin but Mick Foley has pulled out Mr. Socko and Vince gets reacquainted with him. Mick tears the resignation to shreds and throws them on Vince as RAW goes off the air.

(2000-12-14) Prior to SmackDown, Stephanie stops to talk to Commissioner Foley about her mother, Linda, and urges Mick to lighten up on Vince. Mick replies that he will out of respect for Linda. In the first match of the evening, Edge and Christian take on the Dudley Boyz in a non-title match. The referee is distracted when Buh Buh makes the cover allowing Edge to smack Buh Buh with a title belt and take the win. Backstage, Mick meets Vince as he arrives proposing they find a way to coexist--McMahon replies that he'll consider it. Then Vince gets on the phone with lawyers about his divorce. Stephanie tries talking to him about Linda but he pushes her out of the room.

WWF Champ Kurt Angle addresses Foley's refusal to resign after Triple H and Rikishi were both injured. Foley interrupts and tells him to shut up. Then informs Angle that, "People respected you till they got to know you." Further he points out that Triple H's injuries were a culmination of past injuries and Vince is the guy who pulled the door off the cell. William Regal makes his way to the ring and remarks that Foley only likes certain people; pointing out various occasions that he has been attacked and Foley has done nothing about it. So Foley makes Regal and Angle vs The Rock and Stone Cold. Women's Championship: Lita vs Ivory, Lita is visibly sore from the beating she took on Monday. Dean Malenko makes his way to ring side during the match and Lita dives through the ropes and assaults Dean, but he just rolls her back in the ring. However, Lita is caught off guard and Ivory retains the title. Seems like Dean may have been trying to help Lita. Backstage, Stephanie tries talking to Vince again but leaves in disgust.

Billy Gunn vs Val Venis, Ivory tries to hit Gunn with the title but he grabs it and levels Venis ending the match. Once again, Stephanie tries to talk to Vince about Linda but he won't listen. So she makes her way to the ring and calls him out. He enters with his associates. Stephanie doesn't know why he has asked for a divorce and begs him to think about the marriage. Vince goes on to say Linda came from the poor side of town and was moreless a tramp, she loves the money. Then he belittles his daughter bringing her to tears and tells her to get out of his life. As she walks out he lets her know that there will be a new Mrs. McMahon in the future, "One about your age." Pat and Brisco leave in apparent disgust and accompany Stephanie out of the arena.

Hardcore Match: Raven vs Undertaker by order of the Commissioner; for Raven sending Al Snow to the hospital. Undertaker simply dominates the match taking the victory with a Last Ride through the announce table. Hardy Boyz vs Radical Members: Saturn and Benoit, Jeff rolls up Benoit unexpectedly for a win early in the match. Foley stops to see Vince, "Any father who treats his daughter like that is garbage...You make me sick!" Vince just smiles as Foley walks out. Malenko enters the ring and addresses Lita but Jericho cuts him off. Eddie makes his way to ring side distracting the referee and then nailing Jericho when he goes for the lionsault. Malenko picks up the victory. Guerrero ends up in the Walls of Jericho until officials break it up. Angle and Regal with Kane vs Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rock and Steve Austin show some nice teamwork. Kane pulls Rock out of the ring and assaults him. Later Rock gets Angle in the sharpshooter but Regal breaks the hold. Rock goes for the People's Elbow but Kane pulls him out of the ring again. Stone Cold attacks Kane outside the ring. Rock finally tags Austin in who quickly flattens Regal and Kurt. Kane pulls the referee out of the ring when Stone Cold goes for a cover. Rock and Austin level him. Then a stunner on Regal but Kane interrupts the count. Stone Cold nearly gets chokeslammed but knocks Kane out of the ring. A second stunner on Regal takes the victory. Backstage, an assistant brings in an emergency phone call for Vince. Its Shane. Linda was rushed to a hospital. Vince states that he's going home and seems to be near tears but then looks up into a mirror and laughs maniacally as the show ends.

(2000-12-18) Vince makes his way to the ring. States he's sad over the events and things have changed since last SmackDown. Though Linda's condition is somewhat he's fault he blames Mick Foley and Stephanie as well. Vince plays a tribute to he and Linda's past before saying that the person most at fault is Linda herself. But he resolves to make things right. Stephanie enters the ring and gives Vince a piece of her mind calling him an, "old mean bastard." Vince responds by telling her another story--that the reason her married Linda was her pregnancy with Shane. WWF Champ Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring. He admits that perhaps its not his place to speak but sides with Vince and tells Stephanie he's ashamed of the way she spoke to her father. Mick Foley arrives in the ring and takes Vince's cane since he's acting hurt for sympathy. Foley restates that Vince is scum. When Angle stands up for Vince pointing out things that Mick has done that might have cause Linda's nervous breakdown, Foley responds by turning his words against him and announces a WWF Championship match: Angle vs Vince McMahon. After the commercial Stephanie is seen leaving the arena.

IC Title Match: Benoit vs Jeff Hardy, Benoit keeps Jeff grounded and dominates most of the match. Jeff pulls off a few moves but Benoit retains the title with the Crippler Crossface. Backstage, Vince and Kurt are discussing their match. Vince starts to like the idea of becoming WWF Champ again. However, Angle refuses to lay down. Later, Angle asks Edge and Christian to talk to Foley for him. They go to the Commissioner and end up in a title match against Rock and Undertaker after trashing Mick's office and demanding to be taken seriously. J.R. relates that Chyna has been undergoing testing, including a MRI, after the pile driver she received from RTC last SmackDown. Dudley Boyz and Billy Gunn vs RTC, Ivory and Steven get involved in the match. Gunn sets up Ivory for a pile driver but a Stevie Kick prevents it. Val pins Gunn for the victory.

Tag Team Championship: Undertaker and Rock vs Edge and Christian, by order of Commissioner Foley. Its a nice match till Christian goes on the Last Ride but the referee is down and doesn't see it. Edge smacks Taker with a title belt and Christian goes for the cover. Surprisingly, the Phenom kicks out and tags Rock. A People's Elbow and Undertaker and Rock are the new Tag Team Champions. Jericho put Eddie on the injured list last week with the Walls of Jericho. Saturn taps out early in the match. Then Terri finds herself in the Walls as well. However, the other Radicals assault and clobber Y2J. European Champ Regal challenges Austin in a non-title match. During the match Regal shoves Austin knocking down the referee. While he's down Regal tries to nail Stone Cold with the belt but Austin avoids it and Regal goes down with a stunner. The Rattlesnake picks up the title and taunts Regal. The referee recovers, sees the belt in Austin's hand and DQs Stone Cold. When the referee won't listen to the truth he gets a stunner. T and A and Trish Stratus vs The Acolytes and Jackie, a DDT on Trish by Jackie gets the win. Backstage, Angle tries to talk Mick out of the match but the Commissioner refuses. A video from WWF New York shows Lita modeling some lingerie.

Lilian Garcia begins announcing the WWF Championship Match. But Foley takes over announcing then joins J.R. and Lawler at commentary. Angle and Vince face off. When Angle turns his back Vince takes him down the slips out of the ring and grabs a microphone. McMahon makes fun of Angle then drills Foley with the mic. Angle comes out and helps clobber the Commissioner. They all end up in the ring where Foley fights back giving Mr. McMahon Socko. However, Angle smacks him with a chair. Edge and Christian make their way to the ring and hit Foley with a double chairshot. A bloody Mick Foley slumps into the corner as Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley enters the ring announcing she has come from the Board of Directors with papers that will change the face of the WWF. Since Linda is mentally incompetent the Board has given full power of the CEO's office to Vince McMahon--Mr. McMahon is back. She congratulates her daddy. Vince replies, "That's my baby girl." Vince fires Mick Foley. Mick starts after Vince but Angle puts him back down with another chairshot. Vince shakes hands with Angle, Edge, and Christian before leaving the ring with Steph. He pauses on the stage to wish Mick a Merry Christmas.

(2000-12-21) Vince and Stephanie make their way to the ring hand-in-hand as SmackDown begins. They address the audience. Vince remarks that contrary to popular belief, "I'm not a role model" referring to the things he did to regain control of the World Wrestling Federation. Stephanie thanks and compliments her father. Outside the arena Vince sees Stephanie off in her limo. Then Trish meets him and asks him to make Ivory vs Jackie for the title and he agrees.

Dudley Boyz defeat Lo Down despite Tiger Ali Singh's interference. Backstage, Vince is in the holiday spirit humming and singing Christmas carols. He informs referee Tim White (the one Austin stunned on RAW) that referees were going to start getting more respect. Women's Championship: Ivory vs Jackie, RTC makes their way to ring side and aid Ivory in retaining her title. The Acolytes hit the ring to run off the RTC members. Vince finds Debra watching the match backstage and asks her to be his Lt. Commissioner and what match she would make if she were to accept. Debra replies that Steven Richards should face Billy Gunn to get some pay back for Chyna. Vince agrees and Debra accepts the position. Then Vince finds Steve Austin just arriving and informs him that to learn some respect for the officials he's going to referee the European Title Match tonight. Austin is not to pleased but goes along with it. Hardy Boyz and Chris Jericho vs Radicals, early in the match Terri ends up in the ring and nearly gets slammed by the Hardys but Saturn breaks her fall. Outside the ring Lita sends Dean crashing into the ring steps then Jericho pins Malenko for the win. Vince runs into Raven and tells Raven that he was impressed with his match against the Undertaker Monday, and in return he's got a Hardcore Championship match. Raven thanks him saying its about time. Time White delivers an official's shirt to Stone Cold, who's backstage talking to someone about moving a keg into his locker room. Austin accepts the shirt thanking him but then pulls off his T-Shirt and spray paints something in white on it before heading out to the ring.

European Championship Match: Regal and Hardcore Holly are already in the ring when the special referee arrives. As Stone Cold approaches the ring we can read 'REF 3:16' on the back of his shirt. Partway into the match Austin calls for a beer. He's slow to count for Regal cause he was trying to avoid spilling any beer. Stone Cold steps out to commentary for a minute to state who thirsty refereeing makes him but hurries back in for a near fall on Regal. Hardcore makes another cover and Austin does a mock dive and manages to count one. Then Regal bumps into Stone Cold accidentally splashing beer on him. The Rattlesnake strikes with a stunner on Regal and follows it with a stunner on Holly. Almost as an afterthought Stone Cold starts a ten-count on the two fallen men. When he reaches four the audience takes over and he takes another drink. Kane enters. Regal blindsides Austin and the Rattlesnake gets chokeslammed. After the commercial Austin confronts Vince McMahon about sending in Kane. Vince denies it but gives Austin a match with Kane next Monday.

Crash and Molly Holly take a win over Kaientai, who enter with a dubbed-in intro. Backstage, Edge and Christian are worried about their rematch with Undertaker and Rock. Kurt goes to talk to Vince and returns to say Vince promises a fair match. Which doesn't calm Edge and Christian down very much. Hardcore Title: Raven puts up a good fight against Steve Blackman but the Lethal Weapon scores the victory with a DDT off the top rope onto a garbage can. The One Billy Gunn dominates his match with Richards, taking the victory with authority.

Tag Team Championship: Rock and Undertaker defend against Edge and Christian, and the special referee is WWF Champ Kurt Angle. Surprisingly, Kurt remains impartial as the match gets until Undertaker plants Edge with the Last Ride. Angle argues with Christian while he's fully aware that Taker has Edge pinned. Rock gets in Angle's face but the Champ shoves him back. The Brahma Bull hits him with a Rock Bottom. Undertaker appears upset with Rock for taking out the referee. Christian sneaks in with a low blow on the American Badass. However, Undertaker recovers and chokeslams Edge. Referee Earl Hebner runs from the back and administers a two count. Rock tags back in and pins Edge but Earl is distracted by Undertaker outside the ring. Rock sets up for the People's Elbow but Angle sneaks in the Olympic Slam, rolls Edge on top, and counts three. Edge and Christian are five time Tag Team Champions.

(2000-12-25) Stephanie announces Rock vs Undertaker tonight. Then introduces Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian. Kurt brings in his brothers and cousin. Edge and Christian along with the Angles go into their rendition of Winter Wonderland. Thankfully, Y2J cuts them short and challenges Kurt to a title match. Stephanie gives him a match against Kurt and the Tag Champs with a tag team of his choice. Jericho picks the Dudley Boyz.

The Hardys try to talk Lita into staying backstage but she insists on going out with them. Hardys vs Benoit and Malenko, during the match Lita low blows Dean and the Hardys take the win. Malenko slaps the Texas Cloverleaf on Matt while Benoit locks Lita in the Crossface. Later backstage, EMTs are checking out Lita. Backstage interview, Debra says she misses Mick and announces a Hardcore Title Match: Raven vs Blackman vs Hardcore Holly. Stephanie calls Vince and hears someone like Trish in the background (Vince is supposedly at a soup kitchen.) Backstage, Steve Austin states that Kane is going to have a Stone Cold Christmas. Triple Threat Hardcore Title Match: Raven vs Blackman vs Hardcore erupts. The brawl soon ends up backstage then outside where Blackman suplexes Hardcore on to a car hood to retain the title. However, on his way back in Raven blindsides him and makes the cover, taking advantage of the 24/7 rule. Raven is the new Hardcore Champ.

Kane vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Regal addresses the audiences prior to the match then joins commentary. Stone Cold unleashes on Kane in the opening moments of the match. When they end up outside the ring Stone Cold stomps Regal as well as Kane. Back in the ring, Kane mounts an offense but the Rattlesnake won't stay down. Austin avoids a chokeslam then hits the stunner on a second attempt but Regal climbs on to the ring apron distracting him. Stone Cold gets pummeled be Regal and Kane as the match gets thrown out. Regal grabs a chair but Austin knocks it out of his hands and takes it for himself. Then Stone Cold flattens Regal and Kane with a couple chairshots and celebrates with a couple Steveweisers on his way out. The Kat makes her way out to see J.R. and King Lawler wearing a red robe. She gives J.R. a Divas video then gives Lawler the beginning of his present. She climbs up on the announce table and pulls open the robe to reveal a very revealing Christmas bikini leaving Jerry Lawler nearly speechless.

Backstage, Stephanie barges in on T and A asking where Trish is. After she leaves Test remarks that she's probably with Vince. T and A vs Too Cool, Steph watches from the ramp then trips up Test giving the win to Too Cool. A short time later, Albert stops to see Stephanie and tells her if she needs anything he's her man. Stephanie looks a bit confused but thanks him. Six-Man Match: Dudleys and Jericho vs Tag Champs and Kurt Angle, the Angle family sits at ringside. They get involved when Jericho comes near them. The Dudleys end up sending Eric Angle through a table while Kurt is elsewhere. Kurt Angle takes the win over Y2J. Then his brothers hold Jericho as he pummels him. The Dudleys soon return to clear the ring. RTC runs their mouths then pull off a win over the Acolytes with ample interference. A special interview with Chyna, she states that her career is in question. She will need neck surgery and may not be able to return. Chyna nearly breaks down in tears as relates the information to Jim Ross. In a backstage interview, Rock tells a Christmas story along with a little song, "You better not pout. You better not cry, Rock's tellin' you why. Brahma Bull is comin' to town." Then informs Undertaker that, "Your yard will always be on the People's Planet." Undertake vs Rock, Taker stays in control of the match. Both men get several near wins. Rock blocks a chokeslam but gets blocked when he goes for the Rock Bottom. Rock gets chokeslammed and Taker calls for the Last Ride but Rikishi enters the ring and takes both men down.

(2000-12-28) As SmackDown starts a video from earlier in the day shows Stephanie McMahon Helmsley informing Jim Ross that she's going to start getting respect from the WWF Superstars. And she's made numerous matches for the evening, although one seems out of place--Handicap Match: Rock and Undertaker vs Rikishi.

In a match set up to teach Chris Jericho some manners he has to take the Tag Team Champions. Jericho gets Edge in the Walls of Jericho but when Stephanie approaches the ring he releases the hold to go after her. Christian flattens him while the referee is distracted by Steph and Edge takes the win. Afterward, Stephanie orders Edge and Christian to continue the assault and then slaps Jericho herself. Intercontinental Championship: Benoit vs Matt Hardy, Matt gets a near fall dominating the opening of the match. Then Chris takes control but misses the flying head butt. Matt gets several more near wins but Benoit blocks the Twist of Fate and slaps on the Crossface but Matt gets to the ropes. Benoit uncovers a turnbuckle but doesn't get to use it as Matt gets another near win. Benoit finally slips on the Crippler Crossface and retains the title. A video from Right To Censor has Ivory and Val Venis mocking J.R.'s interview with Chyna.

WWF Championship: Kurt Angle requests a match with Buh Buh Ray Dudley. Angle starts out in control but misses a moonsault. Buh Buh gets a couple near falls then Angle grabs the title belt, however, Buh Buh drops him with a DDT. But Kurt kicks out. Buh Buh picks up the title but the referee takes it away. After a low blow, Kurt rolls up Buh Buh to retain his championship. Buh Buh Ray continues the assault on Angle until Edge and Christian run in. But D-Von is close behind and tosses the tag champs out of the ring. Kurt receives a head butt below the belt from D-Von then the Dudleys bring in a table. However, Kurt recovers and sends Buh Buh through the table with the Olympic Slam.

Stephanie enters the ring and decides to share her New Year's resolution, "To get what I deserver--respect." *GLASS BREAK* Stone Cold Steve Austin stalks to the ring and informs Daddy's Little Girl that, "Nobody gives a rat's ass." Austin states he's tired of playing games and wants a title shot. Stephanie refuses saying Stone Cold doesn't deserve one. Austin acts a bit shocked, "What was that?" "You don't deserve a title shot." Stone Cold puts it to public opinion and gets an, "Oh, Hell Yeah!" However, Stephanie still replies that he doesn't deserve one. The Rattlesnake calls for a couple beers, "to drown his sorrows," and downs them before calling for two more. He hands one to Stephanie and then splashes her with a toast. Steph just stands there stunned. "What's wrong? Drink up." Austin ends up pouring a couple beers over her head. Stephanie stands in the ring humiliated and livid. Stone Cold walks out and leaves the arena with a smile.

RTC takes a win over the Acolytes and Jackie. After the match RTC starts to go after the APA but Gunn storms the ring and RTC takes off. Backstage, Test is upset with Albert for sucking up to Stephanie on Monday. Albert stats that they shouldn't cross the boss. Trish is not at the arena tonight either. Hardcore Championship: Raven defends against Jeff Hardy. Raven clobbers Jeff in the beginning but Jeff Hardy won't stay down. Then he pulls out a ladder and levels Raven with it. He climbs to the top but Raven rolls out of the ring, Jeff steps down to the top rope and leaps out to flatten Raven. Jeff goes up the ladder a second time but Raven moves out of the way and takes the victory with a DDT. Then leaves through the crowd. T and A take a win over Too Cool. After the match Albert pummels Test, Stephanie watches backstage with a smile, Albert tells Test he's done carrying him.

Handicap Match: Rock and Undertaker vs Rikishi. As Rikishi starts down the ramp, Stephanie steps out beside him and introduces Rikishi's partner Steven Regal. "Now I did say it was a Handicap Match..." Then introduces their partner, Kane. Rock and Undertaker explode, dominating the match. Undertaker goes old school on Kane but gets hit with a big boot and isolated. Finally, Rock tags in and lays the smack down on Regal. He hits the spine buster but Kane gets involved. Taker knocks Kane out of the ring. The Rock sees Rikishi heading up the ramp and chases him down and rolls him back in the ring. Undertaker chokeslams Rikishi. Regal and Kane are back in and chaos ensues. Rikishi grabs a chair but misses Rock and takes down Regal. Rock nails Regal with a DDT for the win. However, Kane, Regal, and Rikishi clobber the American Badass and the Brahma Bull after the match.

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