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The summaries on this page focus on the actions of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hence most are rather brief. The later ones contain more complete summaries about the show in general. - Rob

1998 King of The Ring

At the 1998 King of The Ring, Stone Cold was challenged to a First Blood match by Kane. Kane stating he would set himself on fire if he did not win the title. However the Undertaker hit Steve Austin with a chair, drawing first blood and cost him the WWF Championship. The following Monday night on RAW, Stone Cold, with arm and head bandaged, challenged and defeated Kane. During the match the Undertaker came to ringside, for unknown reasons, and was stunned by Stone Cold along side Kane.

Fully Loaded

(1998-07-27) At Fully Loaded Stone Cold and the Undertaker had to coexist as a tag-team to face Kane and Mankind (then current WWF Tag Champs), knowing that the Undertaker is the current number one contender. Steve Austin wasn't afraid of the challenge he just wanted to know if he was fighting two opponents or three. However, Stone Cold's concern was unnecessary - Steve Austin and the Undertaker became the Tag Team Champions. And Sable won the bikini contest (but McMahon later disqualified her).

(1998-07-27) On Monday Night Raw the Undertaker demanded apologies from Stone Cold and Vince. Vince ordered Stone Cold and the Undertaker to put the belts on the line against The New Age Outlaws. After their victory Stone Cold tossed the 'Taker a Steveweiser. The Undertaker had a cold one with Austin - apology accepted? Not according to Stone Cold (8.2.98 Sunday Night Heat) he still doesn't care what the man from the dark side thinks.

(1998-08-03) On RAW, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker defended the Tag Titles against The Rock and 'The Nugget' Owen Hart and defeated them. Then Mankind came to the ring after the Undertaker with Kane close behind, however Kane appeared to be on the Undertaker's side. Prior to the match 'Taker told Stone Cold to come take what was his - the Tag Title belt. The Phenom handed it over and The Rattlesnake walked out with both belts in hand.

(1998-08-10) On RAW, Stone Cold and the Undertaker competed in a four-corners match with: The Rock and D'Lo, Mankind and Kane, and The New Age Outlaws. The Undertaker, almost to easily, was choke-slammed and pinned by Kane. Stone Cold was not very happy but simply walked back the ramp. Also D-Generation X was up to their usual tricks, Chyna initiated the 'DX split.'

(1998-08-17) Stone Cold Steve Austin drove a hearse into the arena and called out the Undertaker, saying he was going to put 'Taker in the hearse. Kane entered the ring dressed as the Undertaker but soon found himself in the back of the hearse. However, when Austin reached for the driver's door he found the Undertaker behind the wheel.

(1998-08-24) Stone Cold vowed to take out somebody, Kane or the Undertaker, knowing he doesn't stand much of a chance against both of them. Kane faced Mankind in a cage match but Steve Austin appeared in the ring to attack Kane. Later, Undertaker called out Stone Cold but Kane came in for the assist and Austin had to retreat.

Summer Slam 98

Stone Cold Steve Austin awaited the arrival of the Undertaker and Kane with a sledge hammer and assured Vince that he was not going to lose the belt. Stone Cold met the Undertaker with the WWF Title on the line and defeated the man from the dark side.

(1998-09-18) Vince repeats his promise that Stone Cold Steve Austin will lose the WWF Championship on 9-27 at Break Down. Stone Cold must face Kane and the Undertaker in a Triple Threat match where his two competitors must pin him to win - doesn't sound fair to me. Meanwhile Kane and 'Taker are protecting their boss from Stone Cold. When Stone Cold meets Ken Shamrock - Kane and the Undertaker interfere but none other than Mankind and Rocky hit the ring to give the champ a hand. The Rattlesnake quickly exits the ring, grabs an equalizer, and knocks both the Kane and 'Taker down.

(1998-09-21) Vince announces that Stone Cold and a 'volunteer' must meet Kane and the Undertaker in a tag match. However, Vince has gathered Rocky Miavia, Mankind, and Shamrock to urge them not to team with Stone Cold. And that the three of them will enter a triple threat match, the winner to become the number one contender next Monday. Stone Cold Steve Austin stalks to the ring prepared to face both Undertaker and Kane by himself but to everyone's surprise Bad Ass Billy Gunn joined Austin, after defeating Jeff Jarrett earlier. Undertaker and Kane won the match when 'Taker pinned BA Billy Gunn although he was not the legal man. Also X-Pac wins the European Championship from D'Lo and Sable unfairly loses the Womens Championship when Marc Mero trips her.

Break Down

(1998-09-27) In a Triple Threat match, Stone Cold Steve Austin was pinned simultaneously by Kane and the Undertaker. Vince brought a new WWF Championship belt to RAW to present it to either the Undertaker or Kane.

(1998-09-28) Vince claims that he will not give Steve Austin a rematch against whoever he presents the Championship belt to, and proceeded to mock Stone Cold while wearing Stone Cold's Championship belt. However, when Vince began his presentation ceremony Stone Cold Steve Austin broke through the police roadblock and drove straight to the ring where he leaped on to Vince pummeling him. The police restrained the Rattlesnake and took him away. A short time later, Vince returned to the ring furious at Kane and Undertaker for not protecting him. Vince decrees they fight each other for the title at Judgment Day, and they must enter a handicap match vs Shamrock, The Rock, and Mankind - the Undertaker is defeated by The Rock. But Vince goes too far and the Undertaker and Kane attack the owner of the WWF, perhaps breaking his leg. Also, the New Age Outlaws faced Southern Justice with Double J and were disqualified when Road Dogg hit one of S. Justice with the guitar. This caused some turmoil among B.A. Gunn and DX. European Champ X-Pac defeated Val Venis, with an assist by Chyna. Goldust is coming back.

(1998-10-05) X-Pac lost the European Title to D'Lo Brown, with an assist from Mark Henry. Sable was attacked by Jacqueline losing a little hair in the mixup. Dustin Runnels announced the return of Goldust next week on RAW and the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin was scheduled to tell his story of how Vince screwed him out of the title. However, to everyone's surprise, Vince was paid a visit by Dr. Austin at the hospital. Stone Cold attacked his boss once again when least expected. Where will the Rattlesnake strike next?

(1998-10-11) A fired up Stone Cold Steve Austin man handles D'Lo in a non-title match and takes out Mark Henry after the match. Edge defeats Vader, Road Dogg knocks out Double J with his guitar, and Sable guest stars on Pacific Blue.

(1998-10-12) Vince invites Stone Cold to RAW. BA Gunn is back with DX and Triple H was recently stripped of the Intercontinental title. A tournament was held to crown a new Intercontinental Champ:

Austin 3:16 Construction Co.Cement Truck paid a visit to the arena when Steve Austin arrived in a cement truck and poured Vince's Vette full of concrete. Later Vince announced that if Stone Cold doesn't raise the hand of the next WWF Champion he will be fired. Then Stone Cold and The Rock were ordered to fight Kane and 'Taker. D'Lo and Henry attacked The Rock and The Big Boss Man hit Stone Cold from behind leaving him to be pummeled by all three men. Also the Blue Blazer made a brief appearance and Goldust is back! What will Stone Cold Steve Austin do? Will he risk his job to remain steady with his personality?

Judgment Day

(1998-10-18)Prior to Judgment Day. The Blue Blazer makes another attack and Triple H hands over the Intercontinental belt to Shamrock. Vince announces that Stone Cold Steve Austin does not have the guts to defy him.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special referee for Undertaker vs Kane. Paul Bearer hit Kane with a chair and the 'Taker went for the pin (Paul Bearer is reunited with the Undertaker). However, Stone Cold knocked out the Undertaker and proceeded to count both men out, announcing himself as the winner. Vince lived up to his guarantee and fired Steve Austin. So the Rattlesnake Steve Austin had the guts to defy his boss and is now the toughest Unemployed SOB in the WWF. Also X-Pac gets the European title back from D'Lo.

Bang 3:16 (1998-10-19) Vince summons the entire WWF roster for an announcement: That an undisputed WWF Champion will be decided in a 16 man tournament on 1998-11-15 at Survivor Series. Chyna gets arrested, the Blue Blazer makes yet another attack, and Kane challenges the Undertaker to a casket match - they fight off into the locker room. The key event was Stone Cold Steve Austin's arrival to the arena in hunting garb. The Rattlesnake tormented his former boss all evening until Vince attempted a getaway. As McMahon was about to get in his limo Stone Cold drug him back into the arena and held him captive in his dressing room for most of the show. Steve Austin insinuated that he was going to carry out his plans and that, "you won't feel a damn thing Vince." Through the course of events Vince squealed like a pig and ultimately wet himself when Stone Cold brought him to the ring drew his 38, aimed and "BANG! 3:16" came out of the toy gun.

(1998-10-25) Motley Crue live, Vince is pissed about the letter Stone Cold delivered last Monday, and D'Lo and Shamrock defeat X-Pac and Mankind. Also three names in the WWF Championship tournament are Undertaker, The Rock, and the Big Boss Man.

(1998-10-26) Stone Cold arrives with a smile on his face. Last Monday Stone Cold delivered some legal document to Vince. That document was a new contract for the WWF signed by Shane McMahon and entitling the Rattlesnake to one title opportunity. Steve Austin is officially back in the WWF - this caused problems in the McMahon family. Shane apparently did it to spite his father for years of dealing with Vince's overinflated ego and says, "I'm not listening to Vince anymore." Ultimately, Vince ordered an I Quit Match between Stone Cold and Shamrock - Vince's stooges were at ring side. Mankind provided an assist introducing Shamrock to Mr. Socko while Stone Cold was outside the ring taking care of the stooges. Then Steve Austin knocked out Shamrock with a chair for the win. Also, Kane and Mankind are in the Survivor Series tournament and the New Age Outlaws performed live with Motley Crue.

(1998-11-01) Vince will make an announcement on RAW concerning his future in the WWF. Edge has joined Gangrel and Christian - they defeated the Oddities. Undertaker strikes down a group of referees while Kane lurked in the rafters. Goldust, X-Pac, and Triple H are in the WWF Championship tournament.

(1998-11-02) The steel cage is hoisted above the ring. Vince arrives and announces that he has no plans of retiring; then 'fires' Shane, and informs Stone Cold that his title shot will be in the form of his entrance into the Survivor Series tournament - Stone Cold will face the Big Boss Man in the opening round. Kane dominates the evening ending several matches. Vince continues his power trip through the evening insulting anyone in site. Then has The Rock arrested after Shamrock used a chair on him during their match - also due to his loss The Rock is no longer in the tournament. Boss Man attacks the Stooges in the cage then Stone Cold enters the cage to attack the Boss Man only to be assaulted by the Stooges. Shane unlocks the cage to assist Stone Cold. Moments later the Undertaker entered the scene to fight Austin, soon followed by Kane. Kane and Austin pummeled the Undertaker. Also the Blue Blazer and Owen Hart attack Blackman after Owen assaulted an injured Severn.

(1998-11-08) Shane McMahon debuted as a referee, Undertaker choke slammed X-Pac, and Vince announces that the New Age Outlaws will be in a triple threat match, at Survivor Series, against Henry and D'Lo and the Headbangers. The Rock called out Vince who informed The People's Champ that if he defeats Mark Henry on Raw tomorrow night that he will be back in the Deadly Game tournament otherwise he's fired.

(1998-11-09) A corporate Mankind beats Shamrock with an assist from the Boss Man, retaining his Hard Core title. Kane destroyed the Brood and was about to set them on fire; Stone Cold and the Boss Man had a debate. The Rock was attacked by an unknown person but still came out to face Henry. Prior to the match Vince insulted the Dallas Cowboys and the Rock, Shane came out to confront Vince and ended up in the ring with the Boss Man by Vince's orders. Luckily Stone Cold showed up and chased the Boss Man outta the ring. The Rock not only delivered the People's Elbow to Henry - he also cuffed the Boss Man to the ring post. However D'Lo knocked out the referee but Shane raced to the ring to count the Rock to a win. Then Vince got a taste of the People's Elbow.

Survivor Series

(1998-11-15) Highlights of the tournament: Undertaker beat Kane with an assist from Bearer, later Kane slammed the Rock giving him the win by DQ against the Undertaker, Rock quickly pinned Boss Man (who replaced Triple H) then defeated Shamrock with an assist from Boss Man, Stone Cold won by DQ when Boss Man used his night stick then got a bye to his match with Mankind, Stone Cold pinned Mankind but Vince pulled the ref out of the ring - Shane runs in to count but screws the Rattlesnake when he stops at two and gives Stone Cold the finger. The Stooges attack Stone Cold then Shane counts Mankind to a win. In the final match the Rock put Mankind in a sharpshooter and Vince called for the bell - Mankind never tapped out. Also the New Age Outlaws retain their Tag Titles in the triple threat match and Sable became the Womens Champ.

(1998-11-16) On RAW, Shane and Vince with their associates introduce the Rock. The new corporate WWF champ insults Stone Cold and the people. Vince directs everyone's attention to the Titan Tron to watch a video and sees Stone Cold arriving at the arena - when the video played it outlined the events leading to the conspiracy. Stone Cold enters the ring and shows his own video and a contract giving him a title shot tonight. DX defeat the Oddities. A deranged Mankind is wandering the building in search of Vince and Kane is raising hell outside. Shamrock calls out Boss Man and puts the IC Title on the line - the match leads to a DQ followed by Vince bringing Shamrock into 'Team Corporate'. Vince and assoc. intro the Rock for Stone Cold's last chance. Stone Cold and the Rock fight all over the place - the Rock lands the 'corp. elbow'. Then pandemonium strikes when Mankind attacks the stooges - the Rock gets a stunner but Shamrock pulls the ref out and Taker hits Stone Cold with a shovel. Stone Cold wins by DQ but doesn't get the belt. Also the Brood vs LOD led to a count out when Hawk climbed the Titan Tron and threatened to jump - Droz climbed after him and 'shoved' him off - Hawk was still breathing. Sable comes out to dedicate her belt to the fans, Shane insults her.

(1998-11-23) Stone Cold collapsed yesterday and is in the hospital, under advisement to take a couple weeks off. Vince announced a new Commissioner - HBK Shawn Michaels, and he's doing things his way. His first act: The Rock vs X-Pac for the title. The Brood vs D'Lo and Henry, the Brood wins with assist from Chyna (she's going to dinner with Henry). Terry and Jackie beat up Goldust and Mero. Triple Threat match: Mankind vs Boss Man vs Shamrock, 2 on 1, Mankind wins with an assist from the JOB Squad. Christian loses the Light Heavyweight title due to the JOB Squad. X-Pac vs Rock, X-Pac gets knocked out by HBK! HBK embraces Vince but insists he's his own man (Probably going to turn on Vince). A sedated Steve Austin gets abducted from the hospital by Undertaker. Bearer and Undertaker take him to an open grave, then Taker decides to embalm Austin. Kane arrives at the funeral home in time to let Austin stumble away...(This is getting a little extreme and really was not very well executed - furthermore I don't think it added much to the story line since we simply can not 'believe' this one.) Also the Stooges were talking to the New Age Outlaws.

(1998-11-29) New Age Outlaws join Vince in his sky box although NAO apparently didn't take Vince's deal. X-Pac defeats Henry with an assist from Chyna(she distracted him and said yes to his dinner date). Stone Cold, in a recorded interview said he was gonna kick somebody's ass on Raw - Taker says he'll be waiting. And Bearer declares he will have Kane committed if he shows up on Raw. Shamrock and Boss Man defeat Mankind and Snow with an assist from the Rock. Then the Job Squad and Brood converge on the ring.

(1998-11-30) Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives with shovel in hand and stalks straight to the ring. Tosses ICP and Headbangers outta the ring then goes looking for Undertaker. NAO vs Brood leads to a DQ when Team Corp aids the New Age Outlaws. The Undertaker and Bearer lock Stone Cold in a freezer then call out Kane. Kane entered the ring but had to retreat when a team of orderlies arrive; Bearer and taker give chase. Meanwhile Stone Cold gets outta the freezer and goes looking for Taker. Then X-Pac calls out the commissioner HBK and receives a European title match with Shamrock for his efforts. HBK pulls ref out of the ring when X-Pac gets the advantage and Rock gives X-Pac a clothesline. The referee is about to give the win to Shamrock when Triple H bursts onto the scene; X-Pac retains the title. Boss Man vs Mankind in a Ladder Match for the Hard Core title - Boss Man wins with an assist from Team Corporate. The Rock defeats Snow with an assist from TC. Undertaker finds Kane, knocks him out with a chair, and prepares to put him in a body bag; Bearer goes to get the orderlies. However Stone Cold, hiding in the shadows, takes out Undertaker with his shovel then puts him in the bag; Bearer returns with the orderlies and has Taker sent away. Later Stone Cold and Kane torment Bearer and finally drop him down a manhole. Also Henry has D'Lo drive on his date with Chyna, The Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman dresses as the Blue Blazer and attacks Owen. Vince is still talking to NAO.

(1998-12-06) DX members Chyna, Triple H, and X-Pac are in the house. Owen Hart announces he's coming out of retirement to face Steve Blackman at Rock Bottom. Six-man tag, Team Corp vs The Brood. The Brood is fairing well when DX storms the ring. New Age Outlaws are after The Brood while Triple H and X-Pac go after Team Corp. Goldust challenges JJ to a special match, if he loses he strips if JJ loses Debra strips. Stone Cold Steve Austin buys a ring side seat for Taker vs Mankind, which ends in a DQ when the Rock attacks Mankind and the Rattlesnake strikes out at the Undertaker.

(1998-12-07) DX members X-Pac, Chyna, and HHH call out New Age Outlaws. The NAO come out in suits and intro HBK. Apparently they are now the Corporate Outlaws. HHH tells the commissioner, HBK, to suck it. HBK announces an anything goes match DX vs Boss Man and Shamrock. Goldust flashes Debra and she returns the favor. Then the Brood vs Head Bangers, ends in a DQ when the Oddities storm the ring. Godfather and Venis vs Acolytes - double DQ, but the Godfather was in the holiday spirit and gave his hos to a fan. Droz vs Henry, Chyna hits Droz giving the win to Henry. DX enter to face Team Corporate, when DX got the upper hand HBK pulled down the top rope allowing X-Pac to tumble over then tossed Shamrock a chair. Shamrock lined up Triple H then Billy Gunn insisted he do it. But DX lived up to their reputation when BA Gunn hit Shamrock instead leading to a DQ. Then the NAO joined the rest of D-Generation X to celebrate in the ring. And gave McMahon two words: "SUCK IT!" Mankind and Stone Cold vs Undertaker and Rock. They fight all around the ring, then the rest of Team Corp comes in and cuffs Mankind to the ring while the Rock pummels him. Outside Taker gets the upperhand against Steve Austin; knocks him out then ties him to a large Undertaker symbol.

Personally I was hoping for better in this match. Considering Stone Cold was a Tag Champ with both the Undertaker and Mankind from a logical perspective Mankind, or rather Dude Love, and Austin should have had the advantage. Furthermore the belt Taker wants was around his partner's waist. Basically I would have preferred a match rather than all the lights and smoke routine. Either team could have won but the script they followed was too goofy. Honestly this embalming and burying stuff is getting outta hand.

(1998-12-13) Mankind attacked the Rock before the show, injuring him, and if the Rock doesn't defend the title he forfeits it. Duane of JOB wins with an assist from the Blue Meanie. Brian Christopher lost, possibly not in the script. HHH defeats Droz. HBK announces that New Age Outlaws will have a 'warm up' match before their title defense at Rock Bottom. The NAO show up, barely dressed for competition, and out come the Acolytes (Faarooq/Ron Simmons and Bradshaw), Road Dogg didn't even get to say his thing. The match led to a DQ when Team Corporate arrived. NAO retreated when the Acolytes and TC started fighting. Then the lights went out and Taker gave an introduction, with a light and smoke show, to Rock Bottom.

Rock Bottom

Stone Cold celebrates Rock Bottom Synopsis. Mark Henry and D'Lo get the win over Godfather and Venis with an assist from Jacqueline. Blackman vs Owen Hart ended when Hart walked away. The Brood defeated JOB squad in a 6 man match. Strip Tease match: Debra nailed Goldust with the guitar giving the win to Jarrett but Commissioner HBK came to the ring. In perhaps his first sensible act :-), HBK sent JJ to the locker room and awarded the match to Goldust. Debra just removed her bra when the Blue Blazer ran in to cover her. HBK tried to get the Tag belts away from NAO to no avail. Earlier on Heat, Mankind told all that his contract stated that if the Rock didn't wrestle he forfeited the title to the Deranged One. However Mankind was willing to forget that, if Vince admitted Mankind didn't say "I quit" at Survivor Series. Vince refused so the match was on. Mankind and Socko put the Mandible Claw on the Rock knocking him out. Since he did not win by pinfall or submission the Rock retains the belt. Mankind attacked everyone he got his hands on including Vince and Shane. Buried Alive, Stone Cold vs Undertaker, the Phenom took a stunner but would not stay down. Then Steve Austin chased Bearer backstage and returned with a back hoe. Meanwhile Kane appeared from the grave in an explosion and knocked out Taker with a tombstone. Upon returning, Stone Cold buried the Phenom and dumped a Steveweiser on him to celebrate.

I must say that Kane's appearance was to be anticipated since we can't expect Taker to job to Austin in this type of match. And who better to interfere than Kane. Furthermore I suppose Stone Cold will be number one for the Rumble and true to his reputation I say he wins it. But not necessarily recapture the title just yet. (I guess I was wrong)

HHH as the Crock (1998-12-14) Stone Cold is in the Royal Rumble after burying the Undertaker last night. The 'Crock' returns in a D-Generation X parody of Team Corporate: Starring HHH as the Rock/Crock, Road Dogg as Vince with associate a**kissers, BA Gunn as Shane in a diaper, Chyna as Boss Man, and Jason Sensation as HBK. The real Team Corporate came out to announce a rematch NAO vs Boss Man and Shamrock. The Rock challenges HHH to a match and puts the belt on the line, then mocks Hogan, Brett Hart, Savage, and a couple other past champs. Godfather and Venis defeat Christian and Edge. Gangrel declares there will be a bloodbath. Goldust vs Blazer, DQ when Jarrett arrives, then Blackman unmasks the Blazer; and this time it's Owen. D'Lo Brown and Sexual Chocolate Henry defeat JOB Squad with an assist from Jackie. NAO vs TC with HBK, TC ultimately scrapes by winning the Tag Titles after multiple chair shots on NAO. The McMahons draw Stone Cold as number 1 in the Royal Rumble and Vince as number 30; Vince puts a $100,000 bounty on Stone Cold's head. Vince announces a Mankind vs Kane match, then Mankind challenges Vince. Jarrett defeats Blackman with an assist from Owen. And Brood attack Singh, covering him in blood. Mankind and Kane enter the ring, Vince tells Mankind to meet him outside for a street fight. Inside Boss Man and Shamrock along with orderlies subdue Kane and take him away. Outside the associates and Rock attack Mankind. HHH vs Rock for the WWF Championship: it goes back and forth with near falls, HBK hits HHH with a chair and Chyna gets a low blow on Rock, a new TC member nails HHH giving the win to Rock.

Remember DX's parody of the Nation, I thought this one was even better. Jason did an excellent HBK impression and Chyna did a baton act. New Age Outlaws' loss is a possible opportunity for Acolytes or Brood to get a title win. TC was the only current tag team that could 'beat' the New Age Outlaws. I thought this was the best Raw in weeks, even if Stone Cold didn't make an appearance. APPENDED: Apparently Stone Cold suffered a torn muscle at Rock Bottom. This being the reason for his absence on RAW.

(1998-12-20) Heat opens with X-Pac defeating Singh, then Brian Christopher with substitute tag partner defeating the Hardy Boyz. Al Snow defeats Droz with an assist from the returning Hawk. The Oddities bring a Christmas present for the Bangers, the present is George 'the Animal' Steele. The WWF veteran snacks on a turn buckle after chasing the Headbangers to the locker room. DX debates with the Rock and Test, the new TC member and former Motley Crue bodyguard - they hype HHH vs Rock. New Age Outlaws vs DOA, Elering hits the wrong man giving the win to NAO. DOA attacks him for his efforts. A four way match: Rock (WWF Champ), Shamrock (IC and Tag Champ), Boss Man (HC and Tag Champ), and Mankind. HBK accompanies TC to ring side for the apparent 3 on 1 match. Vince and Test come down later, after TC gets the 3-count on Mankind, Vince does a Socko impression.

(1998-12-21) Raw opens with Vince putting Shane in charge while he goes to take care of the Christmas bonus. Team Corporate enters the ring then DX walks out the ramp, bringing Mankind with them. Commissioner Michaels announces several matches between DX and TC and Shane challenges Mankind. Al Snow defeats Gangrel and gets a blood bath for his efforts. Bad Ass Billy Gunn defeats Shamrock, but HBK comes out to say that it was a non title match - BA Gunn moons HBK. Hawk tells all that Droz was the one pushing drugs on him, Droz attacks and Animal defends. Next, Blackman vs Blue Blazer, Owen interferes, Goldust helps unmask Jeff Jarrett as the Blue Blazer. Sexual Chocolate Henry is with Terry and Jackie, he ends up tied down and D'Lo is defeated facing the Headbangers by himself. Road Dogg goads Boss Man into putting the Hard Core title on the line. They fight all around the arena and Road Dogg becomes the Hard Core Champ; with a legal assist from Mankind since it was hard core rules. Acolytes vs JOB, JOB wins by DQ. Shane vs Mankind, needless to say Mankind walks all over the "silverspoon sucking sissy" and DX assists when TC enters the ring. Vince returns. HHH and X-Pac vs Test and Rock: HBK tells the rest of DX to go to the locker room, Vince tells them to stay, the match goes back and forth, then the lights go out and Kane arrives. The apparently corporate Kane attacks DX.

The Sexual Chocolate skit was uncalled for and added little to the show in my opinion. Kane turning corporate is nearly as unbelievable as Stone Cold going corporate, although since he is 'insane' he could easily turn on them. Personally I would like to see some title defenses from Team Corp against someone other than DX.

(1998-12-27) Vince McMahon introduces Kane, stating Kane is the Corporation's freak and that if he defies Vince he goes back to the sanatorium. And announces X-Pac vs Kane. Backstage Vince insults Kane and makes him fetch his coffee. Mosh vs Golga ends when the Oddities storm the ring. Terri and Jackie are now PMS, Pretty Mean Sisters, they inform everyone they are out to teach the men of the WWF some manners. Jarrett and Owen vs Venis and Godfather, Debra assists her team for the win. Boss Man and Shamrock defend the Tag titles against the Hardy Boyz - (Joke). The Acolytes destroy Team Corp after their win. Kane and X-Pac enter the ring, Commissioner Michaels sends DX back to the locker room, during the distraction X-Pac hits Kane with a chair. However X-Pac can't overcome the odds. After the match the McMahons and HBK order Kane to continue punishing X-Pac, luckily D-Generation X clears the ring.

(1998-12-28) Raw begins with Vince announcing his plans to fire and humiliate Commissioner Michaels for not helping Shane last Monday. Then Team Corp attacks Mankind in the Boiler Room and announce Road Dogg vs Mankind for the Hard Core title. However, Road Dogg is scheduled to defend against Val Venis. The match begins but TC comes to ring side and Test interferes, then DX storms the ring ending the match - Vince informs RD that he'll defend against Mankind later. Al Snow vs Edge ends when the Brood and JOB Squad fill the ring. Sable is set to defend the Womens title but the Spider Lady (Luna) attacks her, the Oddities restrain Luna. Next X-Pac vs Boss Man for European title, Test to ringside followed by Venis, leading to a DQ. The 'Vince In Training Video' was shown then Goldust and Blackman vs Owen and Jarrett. The assist goes to Dan Severn for distracting Owen Hart. Outside the Acolytes attack Dennis Knight. HHH with DX vs Shamrock with TC for the IC Title, Shamrock works on HHH's knee then gets disqualified for not breaking the ankle lock when HHH gets the rope. The ring fills with DX and TC and the associates urge Kane to clear the ring. Sexual Chocolate apologizes to Chyna. PMS comes out, D'Lo tells them to back off, then Chyna enters telling PMS to, "stay away from my man." BA Gunn is set to face Godfather, but TC attacks Godfather and send in Kane as a replacement. Shamrock attacks Billy, then the associates call for more punishment. X-Pac and DX enter the ring ending the match. The Rock comes out for commentary during Road Dogg vs Mankind, Rock gives a rock bottom to Mankind allowing RD the win but RD is not happy. Vince calls out HBK, who recently arrived, shows HBK some video clips then tells him he sucks as a commissioner and fires him. HBK retaliates with some Sweet Chin Music and leaves when TC arrives.

Looked like Val put Test to shame during their skirmish. Taker and Stone Cold are apparently on vacation till their next match on 1999-01-30.

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