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(1999-08-01) Undertaker and Big Show warn the WWF that no one's safe, and Undertaker says he's not done with Austin yet. Acolytes come out as they're about to leave. "If you guys want a fight you got it." UT and Show accept. Some angry Hardy Boyz get a win over Funaki and his partner. Edge takes on an exhausted Meat and gets the victory while Gangrel and Christian stand silent among the fans. Terri makes Meat kiss her feet. Jeff Jarrett challenges D'Lo IC belt for European belt tomorrow night. During an interview backstage Chaz attacks Albert for grabbing Marianna's butt. Due to the attack Prince Albert announces he can't fight Chaz, but when he gets cocky an angry Chaz attacks anyhow. However an unknown person aids Albert to clobber Chaz and Albert kisses Marianna on his way out. Mideon vs Blackman, the Lethal Weapon attacks him with various weapons till Mideon is helped from the ring by medics. D'Lo is training with Mark Henry. Tag Title Match: Acolytes vs Undertaker and Big Show, match ends when Undertaker uses a chain. Hardcore Holly tries to congratulate 'his boys', UT and Show, but Big Show quickly sends him out before UT gets angry.

(1999-08-02) Acolytes call out Big Show and Taker, but they have yet to arrive so Hardcore Holly comes out and offers to take their place. Acolytes reply, "Which one of us?" "Both." and gets clobbered. Edge interviewed he's upset over Christian siding with Gangrel. Blood Bath Match (win by pouring 'blood' over your opponent): Gangrel vs Edge. As Gangrel gets the bucket the lights go out, Christian gave Gangrel a bloodbath and joins his brother Edge. Shane officially disbands the Corporate Ministry, speaks about Vince's departure and what he accomplished in a candid manner. Then gives Test a warning. Test steps out on the ramp to tell Shane he's gonna go thru the Posse.

Road Dogg and Kane vs Big Show and Undertaker, Kane goes ballistic pummeling then choke slamming Undertaker but when he prepares for a tombstone Show interferes and Taker retaliates with one of his own for the win. Acolytes head for the ring but Hardcore ambushes them from behind with a bat, then tells UT and Show that he just saved them. Mr. Ass and Chyna enter the ring to insult the Rock, and the People's Champ responds from the Titan Tron. Jarrett vs D'Lo, belt for belt, Debra tries to distract D'Lo but when the referee gets distracted D'Lo nails Jarrett with the belt and gets the victory. D'Lo is the new IC Champ and still European Champ. The WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the ring and speaks about his upcoming match with Triple H. Undertaker and Big Show arrive, Undertaker demands a rematch, then the two attack Stone Cold. Backstage Austin says, "Okay Undertaker, tonight!" Triple H finds out about the WWF Title match and is irate. Test vs Rodney of the Posse, Joey Abs attacks Test prior to the match. But Test overcomes Rodney making him submit then grabs a chair and attempts to break his arm. Blackman vs Venis, during the match Shamrock chases Blackman from the ring and attacks him. No Holds Barred Title Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Undertaker, Big Show is in the ring when Stone Cold arrives and Triple H runs out before the match starts. Triple H and Show go at it as Taker and Stone Cold begin, the match ends in a brawl as Acolytes enter the fray followed by Kane, then Road Dogg, Hardcore Holly, Mr. Ass, and finally the Rock join in. Stone Cold stuns Mr. Ass as Raw went off the air.

(1999-08-08) D'Lo defends The IC Title against Venis, Jarrett makes his way to ringside and attacks Venis, giving the win to D'Lo Brown. Al Snow, with his dog Pepper, gives an interview. He challenges Boss Man for the Hardcore Title at Summer Slam, Boss Man accepts. Tori defeats newcomer Lexi, Ivory attacks. Road Dogg and Kane vs Acolytes for the Tag Titles, Acolytes double-team Dogg before Kane arrives, Holly attacks Kane then the Acolytes before they throw him out. Acolytes double-team Kane as the match ends. Droz, Albert, and their mystery partner attack Godfather. Chaz and Venis come to his aid. Backstage Snow attacks the Meanie for insulting Pepper. Boss Man gets a quick win over Meat. Rock joins commentary for Mr. Ass vs Undertaker. Rock attacks Mr. Ass. Big Show and the Rock fight as Undertaker gets the victory, then Rock gets clobbered.

(1999-08-09) The Rock enters the ring and insults Big Show, Undertaker and Show attack the Rock who refuses to back down. X-Pac and Road Dogg enter the fray but get knocked out of the way, Kane arrives and knocks Show from the ring prompting the Undertaker to retreat. Outside, Commissioner Michaels arrives unannounced. A pissed X-Pac gives an interview, challenging the Acolytes. Gangrel defeats Christian with an assist from Hardy Boyz. After the match the Boyz join Gangrel to attack Christian then Edge, who came to Christian's aid, until Hayes arrives and they attack him. Jerry the King Lawler interviews Jesse the Body Ventura. Ventura speaks about his qualifications to referee the WWF Championship match at Summer Slam and he makes fun of Hogan. Triple H interrupts the interview and gets in the Body's face threatening to kick his ass. HBK joins in, "Jesse has standards to abide by - I don't." Then he reminds Hunter who brought him into the game. Triple H gets angry and shoves HBK, Jesse intervenes and whispers something to Michaels. HBK replies that men in our position, referring to Jesse and himself, don't have to get physical. Then announces a Triple Threat Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Undertaker vs Triple H.

Venis defeats Jarrett then returns to Debra's aid when Jeff gets in her face. Backstage, Stone Cold was apparently attacked and is taken to the hospital. HBK returns to the ring. "Who's responsible? Triple H get out here!" Triple H walks out the ramp and acts innocent. HBK announces that the Triple Threat is now falls count anywhere, no DQ, for the number one contendership - and I'm the referee. Triple H is livid and says it can't happen without the third person. HBK picks Chyna. HHH says, "No place for a woman." Chyna accepts. Kane and X-Pac enter to a combined DX/Kane entrance to face the Acolytes for the Tag Titles. X-Pac and Kane are the new Tag Team Champs and Road Dogg joins the celebration, Kane has two words for ya - Suck It! Big Show and Undertaker dismantle DX and Kane. Shane to commentary for Joey Abs and Blackman vs Test and Shamrock. Test gets the win then continues his attack.

Rock calls out Big Show, but the Millennium Countdown ends. Chris Jericho debuts. And he has the same arrogant attitude (from WCW) which gets on the Rock's nerves. After listening quietly for several minutes the Rock replies, "Know your role, and shut your mouth!" Then an irate Rock puts Jericho in his place. Hard Core Champ Boss Man vs Road Dogg, HC rules non-title, Dogg gets the win with an assist from Snow. Rock vs Big Show, Holly distracts the Show allowing Rock to line up the People's Elbow. But Jericho gets involved ending the match then Gunn attacks. Jesse to commentary. HHH vs Chyna vs Undertaker, each person for themselves. Chyna nails HHH then gets slammed by Taker, HHH and Chyna are both knocked out of the ring, an angry Stone Cold returns. The Rattlesnake nails Triple H and rolls Chyna on top for the win. Chyna is number one contender for the WWF Championship.

(1999-08-15) JR interviews Chyna about her WWF Title shot, she means business. Edge and Christian get attacked by the new Brood Gangrel and the Hardy Boyz. Al Snow defeats Blue Meanie and continues the attack until Stevie Richards levels Snow. Kane vs Big Show, Holly attacks ending the match when Kane gets the upper hand. A rested Meat vs Jarrett, Debra and Terri argue distracting Jarrett and Meat gets the win. Shane speaks about the Test and Stephanie relationship. Challenges Test to a love her or leave her match at Summer Slam. Test accepts. Acolytes join commentary, Undertaker defeats X-Pac, Big Show slams him. Kane clears the ring the Acolytes attack them.

(1999-08-16) Triple H introduces Chyna, and he wants the Number One contender slot, you vs me. She declines. Triple H gets angry and she accepts. Road Dogg defeats Snow after both get nailed with a night stick by Boss Man. Big Show and Undertaker get interrupted by the 'Y2J problem' Chris Jericho, UT tells him to mind his own business. Chyna defeats Triple H when Mankind returns to smack HHH with a chair. Mankind asks Chyna for a match, she says no, but Commissioner Michaels says yes. Blackman defeats Test, Shane and Shamrock get involved. Kane and X-Pac retain the Tag Team Championship against the Acolytes. Hardcore Holly introduces his cousin Crash Holly debuts and the two end up fighting outside the arena. Chyna gets distracted by Triple H and Mankind gets the win. As HHH and Chyna are leaving Shane announces HHH vs Mankind for the Number One slot, and appoints himself the referee. Commissioner HBK says, "Okay but it'll be no holds barred, falls count anywhere, and I'm the second referee." Bad Ass Billy Gunn complains of a rash on his ass, Rock reveals that he put poison ivy in his treatment, the two clash in the ring and Mr. Ass gets the upper hand. Stone Cold Steve Austin joins commentary for Triple H vs Mankind. They battle in and out of the ring, Chyna gets several shots in, when Triple grabs a chair HBK takes it away. When Mankind goes for Socko HHH counters and both men go down, both Shane and HBK make a three count. But who won? Behind the scenes Linda McMahon decides they both win and introduces the Triple Threat scenario.

(1999-08-22) The new look of Sunday Night Heat. No matches just interviews and some videos looking at the matches for Summer Slam, accompanied by music. Due to time constraints I may or may not include summaries of Heat, highlights may be derived from wwe.com.

Summer Slam 1999

(1999-08-22) Jeff Jarrett vs D'Lo Brown for both the IC and European Titles. Jarrett sent Debra back to the locker room, but she returned to ringside with D'Lo. During the match Debra jumped on the apron and it appeared Jarrett was going to hit Debra with the guitar, but Mark Henry came out and nailed D'Lo with the guitar. Jarrett won both titles. Henry, Jarrett, and Debra were apparently working together. Tag Team Turmoil Match, six tag team elimination winner would be declared Number 1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship. Edge and Christian defeat Hardy Boyz, Mideon and Viscera, then Droz and Prince Albert. But the fresh Acolytes ended their winning streak, then defeated Hardcore and Crash Holly to earn a title shot on Raw.

Road Dogg challenged the winner of the Hardcore Title Match to a contest on Raw. Chris Jericho interrupted him, and the D-O-double-G had two words for him. Dogg joined commentary for Al Snow vs Boss Man. As the match got underway, Road Dogg played "roving reporter", following the two superstars as they battled out of the arena and into a nearby restaurant. When Boss Man got in Road Dogg's face, he got a night stick to the back of the head allowing Snow to regain the Hardcore Championship. Womens Title Match: Ivory defeated Tori, Ivory attempted to tear Tori's clothes off after the match, but Luna chased her away. Lion's Den Weapon Match: Steve Blackman vs Ken Shamrock, Shamrock won by knockout. 'Love Her or Leave Her Greenwich Street Fight': Test vs Shane McMahon, Pete Gas, Rodney, and Joey Abs all wearing various braces sat on a couch at ringside. The Mean Street Posse helped Shane clobber Test until Pat Patterson and Gerry Brisco made a return clobbering Rodney and Pete Gas. Test dropped Joey Abs then Shane for the win. Finally free of her brother's interference, Stephanie ran from the back and embraced her boyfriend. Undertaker and Big Show become the new Tag Team Champions by defeating X-Pac and Kane. Kiss My Ass Match: Bad Ass Billy Gunn vs Rock. Mr. Ass brought a fat woman to ringside saying that when he wins The Rock would have to kiss her ass.Austin and Jessie Mr. Ass laid out the Rock then waved the woman into the ring. Gunn tried to shove the Rock into her, but the People's Champ reversed it and Gunn got a face full of ass. Then Rock pinned him for the win. Triple Threat WWF Championship Match: Mankind vs Triple H vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jesse The Body Ventura served as the special referee. Mankind got attacked by Chyna outside the ring. While The Body was distracted Triple H nailed Austin's already weak knee with a chair. Chyna interfered again, and got sent to the locker room. Triple H smacked Mankind with a steel chair right in front of Jesse and went for the pin but Ventura refused to count. Shane sprinted out and got in Ventura's face. Stone Cold gave Shane a stunner then Ventura tossed him out of the ring. Triple H hit Austin with a Pedigree, Mankind shoved Triple H away and pinned Austin for the win. Mankind is the new, three time, World Wrestling Federation Champion. A furious Triple H brutally attacked Austin after the match.

(1999-08-23) JR calls for the new WWF Champ Mankind, Triple H arrives instead. An angry Hunter demands Mankind come out or he'll break JR's arm. Mankind says, "Let him go and you got your title shot tonight." Triple H still breaks his arm, Mankind says forget the match, but Shane says the title match will be tonight. Hardcore Title Match: Road Dogg vs Al Snow, Dogg chases Jericho backstage, Boss Man attacks Snow and takes Pepper. Kane and X-Pac to commentary for Tag Title match. Undertaker and Show vs Acolytes, Faarooq hits Kane, Kane and X-Pac get involved ending the match, both teams pummel X-Pac and Kane. Test proposes to Stephanie, she says she needs time. Jeff Jarrett, Debra, and Mark Henry enter the ring. Jarrett gives Henry the European Title, brings out an assistant for Debra - Miss Kitty debuts. Then announces an open contract hanging on the locker room door.

Meat vs Henry is scheduled but D'Lo attacks Meat backstage then gets in the ring to face Henry, Jeff interrupts ending the match. Backstage, Mr. Ass tells Chyna to protect the open contract till he gets a pen but she signs it. Rock defeats Gangrel, despite the new Brood's involvement. Says he's tired of his opponents and is coming for the WWF Championship. Howard Finkel enters the ring, after a pep talk from Jericho, and calls out Road Dogg. When Road Dogg arrives Jericho attacks him from behind. Crash vs Hard Core ends up outside. Mankind says Triple H has made some dumb mistakes: sledge hammer to my knee, damaging Stone Cold's knee, and hurting JR. Undertaker and Show to commentary. Kane and Pac vs Viscera and Mideon, Acolytes attack Kane at ring side allowing Viscera to get the win. Billy Gunn calls out Chyna, she comes out, Jarrett smacks her with a guitar. Gunn grabs a second guitar from Ms. Kitty and clobbers Jarrett. Rock to commentary for Mankind vs Triple H, with the WWF Championship on the line, and Shane is the referee. Shane ignores a cover by Mankind and gets Mr. Socko, Mick Foley tosses him out then reverses a Pedigree and gives Socko to HHH. Chyna tries to get involved and Socko strikes again. Foley hits HHH with a DDT but there's no referee to make the count, a referee runs from the back but not in time. Triple H nails Mankind with a chair then hits the Rock. Shane rolls Mankind in the ring and counts Triple H to victory. Triple H is WWF Champion.

(1999-08-26) Smack Down. Triple H enters the ring to speak about his recent WWF Championship win. The Rock wants a title shot. Commissioner Michaels says yes and appoints himself the referee. Shane McMahon runs in the ring and announces that he'll be the second referee. However, HBK informs him that he will be facing Mankind tonight. Mankind walks out mocking the Rock's entrance, fighting breaks out, the Meanstreet Posse joins in, Mankind and the Rock quickly clear the ring. Bad Ass Billy Gunn defeats Jarrett in a non-title match. Chyna nails Debra with a guitar then gives Mr. Ass a low blow after the match. Triple Threat Tag Title Match: X-Pac and Kane vs Acolytes vs Big Show, Undertaker says Show needs to prove himself so he defends the Tag Titles by himself. Big Show gets a slap in the face from Taker midway thru the match, he gets back in and covers X-Pac for the win. Test awaits Stephanie's answer. Boss Man demands a Hardcore Title match from Al Snow, holding Pepper as ransom, Snow gives it to him. But Boss Man wins and takes Pepper with him. Boss Man is the Hardcore Champ.

Road Dogg vs Chris Jericho, Finkel throws a drink in Road Dogg's face, then Jericho brings in a table ending the match. Then he puts Road Dogg in the Walls of Jericho (formerly the Lion Tamer). Shamrock heads for the ring, Jericho smacks him in the head with a chair, Shamrock chases Jericho backstage. Stephanie accepts Test's proposal. Posse attacks Test till Mankind takes them out. Then Mick tells Shane to leave Stephanie and Test alone and get in the ring. Mankind offers him one shot, Mick gets right back up and tosses Shane around the ring. Test returns the favor chasing the Posse away then taking Stephanie backstage. Shane gets Mr. Socko but then Chyna distracts the referee allowing Triple H to smack Foley with a chair, giving the win to Shane. Tori tries to enter the ring in a thong, the officials make her wear a shirt to. Evening Gown Match: Tori vs Ivory, Tori wins but continues the attack until Luna restrains her. Rock vs Triple H, Chyna low blows Rock and gets sent away by Commissioner Michaels. Rock goes for a cover but HBK is distracted by Chyna. Rock lines up the People's Elbow but HBK unleashes some Sweet Chin Music giving the win to Triple H. Triple H and HBK are together with Shane.

(1999-08-29) Heat.

(1999-08-30) Rock speaks about Triple H reuniting with HBK and calls out Triple H, when he doesn't show the Rock goes backstage after him. Triple H, Chyna, and Shane ambush the People's Champ. Mankind gives an assist to the Rock. Shane and the Mean Street Posse enter the ring, Shane announces that Rock and Mankind will both get a title shot as soon as they defeat their respective opponents: Rock vs Undertaker, no holds barred, and Mankind vs Posse, now. Mankind covers all three at once but Shane refuses to count. Mr Socko attacks and Mankind loses by DQ. Triple H enters and gets tossed right back out by the Deranged One. Rock vs Undertaker, UT makes Big Show take his place. Show choke slams Rock on the announcers table for the win. Triple H attacks Rock and UT pulls him away, Mankind comes out and gets clobbered while HHH slips away.

Boss Man calls out Snow, offers to give back Pepper if Al comes to his room Thursday, no tricks. X-Pac defeats Taka. Tag Team Elimination Match: Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, Acolytes, Hardcore Hollys. Blue Meanie and Stevie Richards get involved, Droz and Prince Albert follow and the match ends in a brawl. Rock calls out Undertaker and Big Show for a handicap match. Mankind says you don't have to do it alone, let's make it a Tag Title match. Rock agrees, "But don't steal the Rock's phrases." Meat arrives with Terri, GTV shows Meat with Marianna backstage, Terri slaps him. Then Chaz attacks, Terri and Marianna start fighting. Jarrett and Henry vs D'Lo and Mr. Ass, Chyna accidentally hits Bad Ass with a guitar giving the win to Jarrett. Test asks Patterson and Brisco to be the 'best men' for his wedding to Stephanie. Ken Shamrock defeats Gangrel, Finkel tells Ken to look at the Titan Tron. Jericho challenges Shamrock on Smack Down. Ivory gets attacked by Tori, Luna and Jackie get involved. Tag Title Match: Rock and Mankind vs Big Show and Undertaker, Bearer sends UT backstage, Mankind and Rock become the Tag Team Champions.

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