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(1999-11-01) Raw. The Rock speaks about his upcoming title match, then calls out Road Dogg. They fight up the ramp and D-Generation X attacks the People's Champ. Vince McMahon helps break up the fighting then speaks to DX backstage, "This is not going to be a DX night..." Then he announces Kane vs X-Pac and Billy Gunn vs Stone Cold. Boss Man and Prince Albert tear gas the Big Show then attack him. Edge, Christian, and the Hardys vs Too Cool and Hollys - Edge wins the match after spearing Crash. Tori interrupts X-Pac's interview, she's upset about his treatment of Kane. Boss Man with Albert calls out Snow for a Hard Core Title match. However, Al decides he doesn't like the odds so he brings out Mankind as his partner and the two take the victory. During the match Val Venis takes some of Mankind's books, afterward the Titan Tron shows him setting them on fire. Mankind runs backstage to put out the fire.

Chyna enters with her own music and calls out Jericho, Stevie Richards enters dressed as Jericho and quickly gets defeated. The real Jericho arrives and puts Chyna in the Walls of Jericho. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Badd Ass Billy Gunn, the match takes place outside of the ring for the most part but Austin finally hits Gunn with a stunner. Before Stone Cold can get the win, DX storms the ring. But Austin sees them coming, grabs a chair, and clears the ring. Test vs Val Venis, Mankind chases Venis from the ring area ending the match and giving Stephanie (having regained her memory) the opportunity to break with tradition and ask Test, "Will you marry me?" Test replies yes. D-Generation X crashes the McMahon celebration backstage, then they storm the ring during X-Pac vs Kane and destroy Kane. But Kane recovers and attacks DX backstage, Vince and Triple H start arguing, Vince demands HHH defend the WWF Championship tonight. When HHH continues to get in Vince's face Shane takes him down, Vince agrees to Shane vs Triple H. Headbangers defeat Dudleys but get attacked by the Posse. Vince enters the ring to announce the WWF Championship Match. He introduces Triple H first, traditionally the challenger is introduced first thus its disrespectful to HHH, DX comes with him. Then Vince announces the guest commentator: Stone Cold Steve Austin, the enforcer: Kane, the guest time keeper: the Rock, and finally Shane. X-Pac gets involved and Kane chases him from the ring area, then Road Dogg nails Shane and the Rock takes care of him, when the referee gets knocked down Gunn gets involved and Stone Cold springs into action. After chasing Gunn from the ring area, Austin returns to stun Triple H. Vince tries to smack HHH with the title belt but hits Shane instead, Triple H retains the title. JR questions whether it really was an accident.

(1999-11-04) Smack Down opened with D-Generation X giving their interpretation of Monday night. Al Snow and Mankind defeat the Hollys for the Tag Team Titles. Backstage, Stone Cold questions JR about the remark he made last Monday - whether Vince hitting Shane was an accident. JR replies that it was nothing, an accident. Later the Rock, and Kane with Tori, question JR as well all getting the same response. Al Snow and Mankind celebrate their win in the locker room, then Mankind leaves to look for Val Venis. He ends up going to several local strip clubs, but doesn't find Venis. Test vs D'Lo, Posse walks out on the ramp but doesn't get involved, during the match D'Lo lands wrong and when Test stops to check on him D'Lo rolls him up for the win. Afterward, Test is angry but helps the injured D'Lo to his feet. Too Cool vs Hardy Boyz, Terri slaps Taylor allowing the Hardys to get the victory.

European Championship match: British Bulldog with the Posse vs Edge, Christian comes to ringside and the Headbangers walk out the ramp, Christian nails Bulldog and Edge goes for the cover but the Posse attacks ending the match. Vince arrives and questions JR, Jim Ross apologizes saying it was an accident. D-Generation X enters the ring and Triple H speaks about Monday's events, they show a clip of the WWF Championship match involving Vince and comment on JR's remark. Then Triple H offers to tell everyone the truth and introduces, "...the newest member of DX - Vince McMahon!" Vince walks out and replies, "I'd rather join WCW than DX." Then announces an eight-man elimination match DX vs Austin, Rock, Shane, and Kane.

Godfather vs Jericho. Stevie Richards, disguised as a ho, kicks Jericho giving the win to Godfather. Venis attacks Snow in the locker room. Boss Man vs Big Show, Boss Man tries to leave but Show drags him back into the ring but is counted out in the process. Show continues to clobber Boss Man until security arrives, then he takes out several of them before leaving. Eight-man elimination match, which will continue till one team remains. A brawl breaks out early on giving X-Pac the opportunity to eliminate Kane, Vince makes his way to ringside, then Pac eliminates Shane. The Rock takes care of Road Dogg, then Stone Cold eliminates X-Pac. Rock takes out Mr. Ass next but HHH hits him with a pedigree leaving himself and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince nails Austin with the belt accidentally giving the win to HHH; but was it an accident.

(1999-11-07) Heat opened with Acolytes vs Mideon and Viscera ending in a double disqualification when both teams got out of control. The Chyna /Jericho rivalry was reviewed, followed by a music video featuring Chris Jericho. Steve Blackman defeated Julio Fantastico. Dudley Boyz defeat Funaki and Taka Michinoku. Vince's recent questionable actions were highlighted. Val Venis defeated Christian in a hard fought match.

(1999-11-08) Raw. An angry Stone Cold Steve Austin calls out Vince, questioning his actions last Thursday. Vince insists it was an accident, and to prove it he announces himself as special referee for the triple threat match at Survivor Series. Rock arrives and doesn't like Vince's proposal. Stone Cold tosses a second microphone into the audience when it stops working. Vince reminds the Rock of what happened at No Mercy, "was that an accident?" Triple H steps out on the ramp to say he'll still win at Survivor Series.

Tag Team Championship Match: Al Snow and Mankind vs New Age Outlaws, Venis interferes distracting the referee long enough for Gunn to smack Snow with a chair, and the Outlaws are five-time Tag Team Champs. Triple H moons the camera during a D-Generation X interview, later Vince gives him a warning. Snow is distraught over the allegations concerning his action figure (WalMart pulled the product due to a letter stating that Head represented a severed woman's head rather than that of a mannequin). Acolytes bust up another bar. Godfather vs Val Venis, Val pretends to accept the hos then blind-sides Godfather. Mankind attacks ending the match, and chases Venis from the ring area. An announcement is made that Paul Big Show Wight's father died over the weekend, the bell begins to toll ten times in his honor. However, Boss Man interrupts and reads a disgusting sympathy card.

Edge, Christian, and Headbangers defeat Bulldog and Posse. X-Pac vs Rock, referee gets knocked down and Pac nails Rock with a chair. But the referee doesn't recover in time to make the count, Rock hits X-Pac with a rock bottom for the win. The rest of DX attacks, Vince comes out and sends all but Triple H backstage. He announces a WWF Championship defense against Test, tonight with Shane as the referee and himself as the time keeper. Furthermore he states, "If DX comes within 50 feet of the ring. I'll stop the match and award the title to Test." Triple H is livid when Rock slides back in the ring and delivers a rock bottom followed by the People's Elbow. Chyna enters the ring and Stevie Richards, impersonating Elvis, sings to her. Jericho attacks and the ring fills with officials to separate the two. Backstage, Mankind gives Snow Head; a new mannequin head. Boss Man defeats Kane with Prince Albert's assistance. Hollys defeat Too Cool. WWF Championship Match: Test vs Triple H. Vince cuts HHH's entrance short and Test gets the early advantage, Shane nails HHH when he gets in his face and Test gets a near win. When HHH slides out of the ring Vince shoves him back in. HHH goes for a cover and Shane ignores him, asking Vince the time. HHH nails both of them. Back in the ring Vince smacks HHH with the belt, and drags Shane in to make the count but HHH kicks out. The other DX members appear on the Titan Tron, apparently assaulting Stephanie McMahon causing Test, Shane, and Vince to rush backstage. Triple H retains the title via count out.

(1999-11-11)Arnold and Austin D-Generation X fills the ring as SmackDown begins, they show a video of their apparent assault on Stephanie McMahon. Then Triple H admits that it wasn't Stephanie but a college student. When HHH asks for the video a second time, to see Vince's expression, Vince himself appears on the screen and heads for the ring. Vince walks out the ramp, "I could come down their and fire all of you. I could go get an equalizer and leave you a bloody mess, but I'll have my fun at Survivor Series." Then announces an eight-man elimination match for tonight: DX vs Shane, Test, Kane, and The Rock. As he turns to leave, "By the way the special enforcer will be Stone Cold Steve Austin." Triple H angrily threatens to assault Stephanie. Test dives into the ring, but quickly gets flattened and leaves with a broken nose.

Kurt Angle is on his way to the WWF. Edge vs Hardcore, Edge rolls up HC but both their shoulders are down and HC lifts his before the referee counted three winning the match. Backstage, Vince and his associates greet Arnold Schwarzenegger. Later during a backstage interview Arnold remarks that he's been a pro wrestling fan for a long time. He jokingly said, "I made Jesse Ventura." and mentions numerous movies that he got Ventura in (Running Man, Predator, Batman, and others). A video from the funeral of the Big Show's father shows Boss Man harassing Show. Big Show jumps on the car but falls off injuring himself. Then Boss Man drags the coffin around the cemetery. Dudleys defeat D'Lo and Godfather because the referee was distracted by the hos. Venis vs Bulldog, Posse gets involved bringing Val's Survivor Series partners, Blackman, Gangrel, and Mark Henry, to the ring ending the match. Hardcore Title Match: Faarooq vs Boss Man, Boss Man retains the title after Albert sprays something in Faarooq's eyes. Bradshaw nails Prince Albert. Chris Jericho viciously assaults Chyna after her interview then stands on the ramp to reassert his plans to win at Survivor Series. Too Cool defeats the Hardys due to the referee being distracted.

Vince McMahon invites Arnold to the ring, he enters to a thunderous welcome, and Vince presents him with a WWF Championship belt for being the undisputed Heavyweight Box Office Champion of the World. Then they show a clip from his next movie End Of Days. DX plans to attack Arnold. They stomp some stranger mistakenly, then go looking for Arnold but get ambushed by Shane, Kane, and Rock. Ivory retains her title against Tori after their respective Survivor Series partners (Terri, Debra, Jackie, Mae, Moolah, and Luna) enter the ring and fighting erupts. Arnold joins commentary for the Eight-Man Elimination Match. Arnold Schwarzenegger The injured Test stays in the locker room leaving it 4 on 3, a brawl breaks out in the early stages. Kane and X-Pac fight up the ramp eliminating themselves, Shane gets clobbered and finally eliminated by Road Dogg. Test arrives and gets nailed by Mr. Ass with a chair. Referee eliminates Mr. Ass and Rock eliminates Dogg. HHH hits the referee then attacks Rock outside the ring. The enforcer, Stone Cold, accidentally hits the Rock with a chair when HHH ducks. Triple H goes after the recovering Test. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger hands Austin a second chair, Stone Cold nails Triple H then counts Test to the victory. Arnold says he had to do it. HHH goes after Arnold, Arnold takes him down, then Stone Cold takes over clobbering Triple H. Arnold and Stone Cold celebrate in the ring as SmackDown ends.

Visit Arnold's official site: Schwarzenegger.com. The rivalry between Big Show and the Boss Man was the first death written into the script, part of the WWF's "Get It" philosophy. Most fans had a negative response according to wwf.com, as did I. I don't believe they were ready for death. Love and romance, yes, but not death.

(1999-11-14) Heat explored numerous rivalries that led into Survivor Series: X-Pac / Kane, Boss Man / Big Show, and Chris Jericho / Chyna. Also the development of the Triple Threat WWF Championship match was reviewed. Big Show refused having partners for his Survivor Series match, and later pummeled his partners (Taka, Funaki, and Blue Meanie) in the locker room. Several of the ladies involved in a SS match were interviewed. Vince arrived and said he had a feeling the title would change hands tonight. Near the end of Heat, Triple H entered the ring and warned Arnold Schwarzenegger to watch out if their paths ever crossed again. Then he declared he was not a, "dumbass Canadian from Calgary" and wouldn't lay down. HHH requests Rock to come out and then Stone Cold, after they arrive D-Generation X storms the ring, but the Rattlesnake and Brahma Bull clear the ring.

For those that don't know the Canadian Triple H refers to was Bret Hart, and the match was against HBK Shawn Michaels in his first Federation Title win.

Survivor Series

(1999-11-14) Godfather, D'Lo Brown, and the Headbangers dressed as big bad pimp daddies took on the Dudley Boyz and Acolytes in the first Survivor Series elimination match. Bradshaw eliminated Thrasher, then Mosh went down, and Bradshaw was disqualified after laying out Buh Buh Ray and D'Lo with a chair. Faarooq and D-Von got counted out after they started fighting eachother outside the ring. Godfather and D'Lo easily put away Buh Buh for the victory.

The debuting Kurt Angle, former Olympian, defeated Shawn Stasiak much to the displeasure of the audience. Val Venis, Mark Henry, Gangrel, and Steve Blackman vs British Bulldog and the Mean Street Posse. Pete Gas was eliminated by Blackman, Rodney was eliminated by Gangrel, and Mark Henry annihilated Joey Abs. The British Bulldog quickly took out Gangrel and Steve Blackman, however Bulldog couldn't meet the challenge of both Venis and Mark Henry. The Womens Match pitted Mae Young, Moolah, Tori, and Debra against Luna, Jacqueline, Ivory, and Terri. All eight women went at it, with Moolah getting the victory for her team over Ivory. Afterward, Debra and Terri went at it, and Terri lost her blouse. Kane took on X-Pac in a grudge match. Kane had the match won until DX interfered, he still won via disqualification. Then X-Pac leveled Tori causing Kane more grief. Prince Albert, Boss Man, Mideon, and Viscera took on the Big Show, who rejected taking on any partners during Heat. Mideon and Prince Albert went down quickly, then Show choke slammed the 500-pound Viscera before pinning him. Boss Man ran off to the locker room giving the win to Big Show. Triple H lured Steve Austin into the parking area, where Stone Cold was hit by a vehicle. Triple H and DX claimed they had nothing to do with it.

This incident did raise a good bit of controversy and rumors. Reality is Steve Austin needed to have surgery due to prior injuries sustained through out his career. The hit and run was staged, it looked good in my opinion, but it was scripted to allow Austin time off to have the surgery. Austin returned to the regular WWF action 2000-09-24 at Unforgiven.

Intercontinental Title Match, Chris Jericho vs Chyna. Jericho pummeled Chyna in and out of the ring, going for numerous pins but Chyna continued to kick out. When Miss Kitty got in Y2J's way, he kissed her then leveled her. Jericho continued his assault on the champ but she refused to quit, when Chyna accidentally poked the referee in the eye Y2J nailed her with the belt and put her in the Walls of Jericho, but she reached the ropes. Finally, Chyna was victorious after a top-rope Pedigree. Backstage, DX confronted the McMahons and Shane told Triple H that he didn't know what he was going to do about the Championship Match. Hollys and Too Cool vs Hardys, Edge, and Christian. Edge accidentally speared Matt Hardy allowing Hardcore and Scott Taylor to eliminate them both. The Hollys began fighting each other after a disagreement, meanwhile Jeff Hardy eliminated Taylor. Then Christopher eliminated Jeff, before he was eliminated by Christian. Crash soon went down then Hardcore rolled up Christian for the victory. Shane McMahon came out after the match and announced that there would still be a Triple Threat Match, just without Stone Cold Steve Austin. New Age Outlaws retained the Tag Titles against Al Snow and Mankind.

Triple Threat Championship Match, The Rock and Triple H entered the ring and waited to see who their opponent would be. Surprisingly, it was Big Show. The Rock and Triple H were forced to team up several times to try overcoming Big Show's size. Both Rock and Hunter went for pins on Show, but the count was disrupted. At one point the Rock clobbered Show with a fire extinguisher to the head. The Rock and Triple H battled into the crowd, upon returning to the ring Rock inadvertently hit the referee. When Rock countered a Pedigree and went for a cover Shane ran out to make the count but Triple H kicked out. After a second Rock Bottom, Rock went for the pin again, but Show recovered and broke the count. Big Show fought Rock outside the ring, while Triple H gave Shane a Pedigree. When Big Show layed out both his opponents, DX hit the ring. However, Vince stomped out and nailed Triple H with the belt. Big Show quickly covered him and Vince made the count. Big Show is the WWF Champion.

(1999-11-15) Triple H led DX to the ring as Raw began, called the Big Show's Title win a crime, and called Vince out. Vince replied, "I think you should be the one worried about paying for crimes." He then showed a video of Triple H luring Austin outside the arena where he was hit by a car, and brought out a team of detectives to investigate. Backstage, DX is questioned and an angry HHH sends the detectives to question Vince; he has motive. They question Vince, "you're presence is accounted for but what about your associates Patterson and Brisco?" Vince says go ask them.

Mankind defeats Venis. Luna gives Test and Stephanie a gift backstage. Kurt Angle defeats Godfather, after GF gets distracted by a fan at ringside. Jericho vs Gangrel with Luna, Chyna and Kitty walk out to the ring area. Chyna reminds Jericho about his statement - if he lost the match against her at Survivor Series he'd get a sex change. Gangrel defeats the humiliated Jericho. Big Show asks Vince to give him Boss Man, but Vince tells him he's not ready. Then Vince visits DX backstage to announce, Road Dogg vs Al Snow, Mr. Ass vs Test, and Triple H vs Kane. Outside, the Acolytes take down four strangers apparently from one of the bars they wrecked in previous weeks. WWF Championship Match: Big Show quickly defeats British Bulldog to retain the title. The Rock accepts Boss Man's challenge to a hard core match to decide the number one contender. The detectives try to question the Rock, since it was his car that struck Stone Cold, but the Rock quickly dismisses the two jabronis. When Jerry The King Lawler gets questioned he suggests JR be questioned as well.

Back in the ring, Road Dogg defeats Snow. Mankind comes out to give Al a pep-talk and gets the crowd to join in He's a Jolly Good Fellow. Then tells Al that the two of them are going to Vegas for a vacation. X-Pac lures Kane into an ambush backstage. Jericho has Chyna hostage, apparently breaks some of her fingers with a hammer. Mr. Ass defeats Test. Vince joins commentary for Triple H vs Kane. X-Pac attacks Kane on his way to the ring giving HHH an early advantage. During the action outside the ring, HHH smacks Vince provoking him to get in the ring. Vince gets leveled, but after Kane knocks HHH down he attacks. X-Pac helps Triple H out of the ring, HHH won by disqualification. Hard Core Match: Boss Man vs Rock, Boss Man brought a noose but the Rock uses it to drag Boss Man into the ring. Boss Man breaks a broom stick across the Rock and the People's Champ retaliates by nailing him with a camera, then takes his photo while he's down. Rock whips Boss Man with the referee's belt and delivers a rock bottom on the ramp. However, Prince Albert interferes allowing Boss Man to get the win and the number one contender spot. The Rock is irate, he nails Boss Man with his own night stick and smacks Albert with a TV monitor, then Rock grabs a chain and delivers blows to both Albert and Boss Man. Officials enter the ring and several get rock bottoms for their effort, Rock continues his assault on Boss Man and Albert, bloodying both of them with the chain before delivering several chair shots as Raw went off the air.

(1999-11-18) As SmackDown went on the air Sgt. Slaughter met Vince at his limo to inform him D-Generation X had attacked Brisco and Patterson, Vince demands Triple H come to his office. Slaughter informs Vince that Hunter refused and demanded Vince come to him. Vince goes to confront HHH, Hunter says, "Don't make it personal." Vince replies, "It already is." Edge and Christian vs Too Cool, Christian pins Taylor but the referee is distracted, giving Christopher time to intervene, and Too Cool gets the victory. Kurt Angle defeats Gangrel. The fan who got removed from Raw is in at ring side. Stephanie and Test are opening wedding gifts backstage, Stephanie finds a note saying to come out to the limo for a gift. Test goes out and gets ambushed by DX and stuffed into the trunk of a car as Gunn drives away. After Vince finds out he calls the police, and posts three guards outside his door.

European Title Match: Bulldog defends against Godfather, Posse attacks Godfather giving the win to British Bulldog. Backstage, Viscera makes a pass at Tori and Kane clobbers him. Later Kane defeats Viscera when Viscera gets distracted by Tori. WWF Championship Match: Big Show easily defends against Hardcore Holly despite Crash's involvement, afterward Boss Man blind-sides Show with his night stick. Detectives question JR about Austin's accident at Survivor Series. WWF Womens Championship Match: Triple Threat and hard core rules are in effect as Ivory, Jackie, and Luna battle for the gold. They fight into the women's locker room, out into the concession area, and into a men's restroom. Ivory ultimately pins Jackie in a kitchen area to retain the title. A video of Snow and Mankind's Vegas vacation is shown. Mark Henry says he hates women beaters, and reminds everyone of he and Chyna's past. However, Jericho gets the win over Sexual Chocolate. Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs Hardy Boyz, the referee gets knocked down, HB goes for a cover but X-Pac interferes, HB goes for a second cover but Gunn pulls the referee out before the three-count. Road Dogg recovers and gets the win. DX apparently set fire to the McMahons office. Test, Shane, and Stephanie head for the limo as Vince goes to take care of business. The Rock defeats Boss Man in spite of Albert's interference. Boss Man and Albert assault the Rock but Big Show takes them out. Hollys jump in the ring and Rock flattens them both. Triple H calls out Vince and proposes that Vince draw up a contract for a match at Armageddon between: Triple H vs Vince. Before Vince can respond the cameras show his family was attacked backstage and he rushes from the ring area.

(1999-11-22) Raw begins with Shane telling the associates that Vince is probably going to do something drastic, they all go searching for Vince. As D-Generation X's limo arrives, Vince rams it in his own car. Then chases DX with a baseball bat. Back in the arena, Hollys defeat Al Snow and Mankind. Kurt Angle defeats Mark Henry after making fun of his poor performance at the Olympic Games. Jericho defeats Godfather. As an irate Vince waits outside the DX locker room, police arrest him, after he's cuffed Triple H attacks him. Vince is hauled down to the station and put in a cell. Edge and Christian defeat the Dudley Boyz. Jeff Hardy vs X-Pac, Matt gives his partner an assist but Road Dogg interrupts the count and Gunn nails Jeff while the referee is distracted by Dogg, X-Pac gets the victory. Highlights from Stephanie's bridal shower are shown.

Big Show makes an open challenge for the WWF Championship, Kane answers the challenge but gets counted out when Viscera comes after Tori. Big Show slams Viscera after Kane clobbers him and rolls him in the ring. Shane receives a call from Vince, and promises to deliver the message. Triple H enters the ring and declares that Vince's actions tonight prove he was the one who hit Austin at Survivor Series. Shane walks out to announce that Vince has accepted Triple H's challenge to a match at Armageddon, then continues to inform Hunter that he will face both Acolytes in a handicap match. Furthermore it will be a no-disqualification match, and any interference by DX will result in their suspension. Hunter calls Shane into the ring, the other DX members surround Shane, but help arrives. Test, the Associates, Hardys, and Acolytes all storm the ring to chase DX out. Venis and Bulldog vs Too Cool, Bulldog inadvertently hits Val and Venis leaves ring side. Bulldog gets stomped until the Posse arrives ending the match, then Rikishi Phatu flattens the Posse and ends up dancing with Too Cool. Road Dogg vs Test, Shane enters as the surprise referee, Shane blocks a punch and gets smacked by Road Dogg, Test nails Dogg and takes the victory.

Boss Man and Prince Albert arrive to face the Rock and a partner, the Rock announces that he chooses the people as his partner. However, after Boss Man smacks him with a chair the People's Champ could use some help. Backstage, Mick Foley and Snow watch the match and Mick decides to step into the Rock's corner. Rock makes the tag and Mick unleashes Socko, pinning Boss Man in a corner while Rock delivers a Rock Bottom and People's Elbow on Albert. Then Mick makes the cover, and the winner is announced as Rock and Sock Connection. Vince gets released from jail and is warned not to return to the arena; yeah right. HHH vs Acolytes, Acolytes continue to clobber Hunter all around the ring area, in and out of the crowd, finally Hunter ducks a clothesline and Bradshaw nails Faarooq. HHH smacks Bradshaw with a chair and heads up the ramp. Vince appears from the shadows and nails HHH with a chair then tosses him off the ramp.

(1999-11-25) As SmackDown came on the air Triple H was backstage telling the rest of DX that Vince was gonna pay. When Vince arrived a lawyer served him a temporary order of protection; Vince must not come within 50 feet of DX. Through out the show various foods are carried to ringside in preparation for a Thanksgiving feast. Moolah and Mae are in the audience, dressed as a pilgrim and turkey. Jim Ross begins to interview the WWF Champion Big Show, Chris Jericho interrupts and demands a title shot with no disqualifications. Show agrees, "Right now." Boss Man comes to ring side during the match, and Show goes after him. Meanwhile, Chyna and Miss Kitty enter the ring and Chyna gets revenge nailing Y2J with a hammer. Big Show returns, pins Jericho, and retains the WWF Championship.

Backstage, an angry Vince McMahon announces a Tag Team Title Cage Match: New Age Outlaws vs Hardys as well as X-Pac and HHH vs Test and Shane. Outside the arena D-Generation X invites a group of homeless into the arena for dinner, after teasing them with the food for awhile DX kicks them out. Later they were apparently allowed back in for their free feast. Kurt Angle defeats D'Lo Brown and British Bulldog retains the European Title against Val Venis after being disqualified for a low blow. Hard Core Title Match: Kane vs Boss Man, Viscera assaults Tori backstage and she runs to find Kane and Boss Man fighting in the backstage area as well. While Kane is distracted by Tori, Prince Albert clobbers him allowing Boss Man to retain the title. The recently reunited Rock and Sock connection defeat Hollys, Mankind apologizes for yelling at the Rock after finding out that the Rock never threw his book in the trash. Al Snow appears to be jealous of Mankind's partner. Joey Abs, of the Meanstreet Posse, gets defeated by Rikishi Phatu with Too Cool.

Gravy Bowl Match: Ivory takes on Jackie in a large pool of gravy in a non title match with Miss Kitty as the special referee. Jackie defeats Ivory then an angry Ivory takes down Miss Kitty, she appears to be choking on a mushroom and EMTs rush to help her. Ivory rips the shirt off of a lady EMT and yanks her into the gravy. Godfather defeats Al Snow after Snow hits himself with a chair accidentally. Tag Team Championship Cage Match: NAO vs Hardy Boyz, Matt Hardy dives from the top of the cage taking out his partner as well as Road Dogg and the referee. Gunn tosses Jeff toward the cage wall and Jeff pulls himself over the wall, however the referee is out and doesn't register the win. X-Pac shoves Jeff back in the ring then knocks Matt off the cage wall allowing Mr. Ass to crawl out the door for the win. Test and Shane vs Triple H and X-Pac, Billy Gunn interferes giving the win to HHH. Then DX pummels Shane after taking Test out of the match. Vince appears on the ramp but can't do anything, he briefly disappears and sends the Hardys to the ring. Kane, the Hollys, and Albert enter the ring to clobber DX. Apparently everyone left in the locker room then comes storming to the ring with brawls erupting all over the ring area, the Acolytes start a food fight with all the food that was carried to ring side earlier in the evening. Moolah smashes a pie in Lawler's face as SmackDown went off the air.

The Rock and Sock Connection began around 1999-09-20 when Rock and Mankind defeated Undertaker and Big Show.

(1999-11-28) Heat. Prince Albert defeated Mark Henry. Gangrel defeats Blackman with an assist from Luna. Several WWF stars give there best wishes to Test and Stephanie and a video review of their courtship is shown. Kaientai defeats the Head Bangers after Taka makes the save while the referee is out of position. Triple Threat Tag Team Match: Acolytes defeat Edge and Christian and the Dudleys.

This is the last Heat summary I will include since the matches on Heat and Jakked (formerly Shotgun) rarely add to the story lines. This will allow me more time to refine the Raw and SmackDown summaries. Important events that occur during these shows will of course be mentioned.

(1999-11-29) Test and Stephanie McMahon are to be married tonight. Raw opened with Viscera and Boss Man defeating Big Show and Kane with an assist from X-Pac. After the match Pac levels Tori with a spin kick. D-Generation X enters the ring and Triple H reminds Vince that he crossed the line making it personal. Hunter goes on to say that there will be no wedding tonight. Vince appears on the ramp and informs Hunter that, "...all Test wanted as a wedding present was a match with you. And he's got it." Then announces a six-man tag match New Age Outlaws and X-Pac vs Mankind, Rock, and a partner of their choice. Furthermore, Vince continued, "If anyone gets involved to disrupt the wedding they will be fired on the spot."

Edge takes on Matt Hardy, all four men end up in the ring with the victory going to Edge. The Intercontinental Champ Chyna challenges Chris Jericho despite her injured thumb. Jericho declines due to his apparent head injuries caused by Chyna on Smack Down. Chyna tells Jericho to chill out then Miss Kitty uses a fire extinguisher on him. Steve Blackman defeats Godfather. Backstage the Acolytes are shown playing poker with the Dudleys, both teams are cheating and a brawl erupts before the show ends. Also, Al Snow asks Mankind to let him be their partner but Mankind declines. Too Cool gets a quick win over Hollys, with some help from Rikishi. Test vs Triple H, Test pauses on his way to the ring to wait for a referee wearing a Vince McMahon mask to enter the ring. The referee is clearly biased in favor of Test. Backstage, the Stooges are calling Vince to watch his impersonator, supposedly he's in the bathroom. Hunter dominates the match until the referee refuses to count and he goes for the mask, Shane nails Hunter with a chair and Test gets the win via a quick count. HHH realizes he was tricked and sends the police after Vince, but Brisco and Patterson provide an alibi. The EMT from Thursday, Barbara Bush, challenges Ivory to an evening gown match. Ivory arrives in the ring and once again rips BB's shirt off. Kurt Angle remains undefeated after defeating Val Venis with an assist from the Bulldog.

Backstage, Snow is telling Mankind how much he hates the Rock, when the Rock enters the room. Mankind tells Rock that Snow wants to be their partner and Rock refuses. The DX members enter the ring for the six-man match then Kane enters as Rock and Sock's partner. The Rock has the match won when Al Snow storms the ring and gets them disqualified. Rock slams Snow. The Wedding: Edge, Shawn Stasiak, Christian, D'Lo, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Moolah and Mae, Patterson and Brisco, and finally Linda and Shane McMahon make way to the ring before Test enters to his music. Vince escorts Stephanie to the ring and the ceremony begins. Near the end Triple H makes his appearance and directs everyone's attention to the Titan Tron. A video revealed that Stephanie was already married to Hunter at a Vegas drive thru chapel. A furious Test chased Hunter as Vince consoled his crying daughter.

Recall that this is scripted. They're not really married and Stephanie was not going to marry Test in real life.

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