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(1999-12-02) Vince was awaiting Triple H with ball bat in hand as SmackDown began. Stephanie McMahon entered the ring and requested her father and brother join her as she delivered an emotional speech, then asked them to let her handle things herself. They reluctantly agree. Later, Test arrives upset and confused. Kane attacks Viscera backstage and the two fight out into the ring. X-Pac distracts Kane causing him to get counted out, Kane returns to the ring and choke slams Viscera. Al Snow challenges the Rock, and attacks him backstage - Mankind breaks them up.

Dudley Boyz defeat Edge and Christian. European Championship Match: British Bulldog defeats D'Lo Brown, retaining the title, after Val Venis attacks both men ending the match. D-Generation X brought some wedding gifts to the ring for Hunter. Triple H makes his match with Vince no holds barred. Mankind enters the ring to speak about his book, then asks Al and the Rock to put their differences aside. Chris Jericho interrupts and challenges Mankind. He replies, "Right now." Chyna and Miss Kitty come to ring side and Chyna smacks Jericho with her belt, however Mankind gets distracted when he runs into Kitty and Jericho takes the victory. Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman reluctantly team to defeat the Headbangers. Rikishi defeats Crash Holly. The Rock calls out Snow, Al puts on an impressive show but the Rock takes the win. Afterward, Snow levels Rock with Head and the New Age Outlaws join him in clobbering the People's Champ until Mankind clears the ring with a chair. Hardy Boyz and WWF Champ Big Show defeat X-Pac and NAO, Boss Man levels the Hardys and Show with his night stick. DX returns to attack the Hardys but the Rock and Sock Connection and Kane enter the brawl.

(1999-12-06) Raw opened with New Age Outlaws defending the Tag Team Titles against Too Cool, with Rikishi. Rikishi flattened Gunn prior to the match, later Gunn distracted the referee when Too Cool made a cover, then the Hollys entered the ring ending the match. Mankind asks Al Snow to come to the ring, after some arguing Snow challenges the Rock and Sock Connection to a match against himself and a partner. Then Snow tells Mick it was he who threw Mankind's book in the trash, the two start fighting.

Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman defeat the Hardys after Blackman nails Jeff with a kendo stick. Some weird video clip played during Blackman's entrance, and later during Jacqueline's. Backstage, Stephanie asks Hunter to sign annulment papers, he takes the papers then tries to humiliate her. Val Venis takes on D'Lo Brown to decide the number one contender for the European Championship, however the Bulldog and Posse interrupt the match. Godfather defeats Prince Albert.

Triple H enters the ring with roses and annulment papers in hand, acts distraught and sad blaming the fans for the annulment. "If this is what Stephanie really wants...c'mon out here and I'll sign the papers." Stephanie gets in the ring and tosses the roses to the fans, then Hunter changes his mind; he can't sign. Stephanie starts to leave, then Triple H replies, "If Vince beats me, I'll sign. But if I win I get a shot at the WWF Championship." Vince stands on the ramp and accepts the stipulation. Triple H kisses Stephanie infuriating Vince. Backstage, Mankind offers to give Vince some tips on his upcoming match.

Rikishi gets a quick win over Hardcore Holly. Ivory interrupts B.B.'s interview. Jacqueline enters telling Ivory to shut up. Then Ivory asks who the fourth participant in the Four-Way Evening Gown Match will be at Armageddon. Chyna's music plays and the ladys are all shocked, but Chyna informs Miss Kitty that she's the fourth person. Triple H and X-Pac defeat Test and Kane after Pac gets Tori involved distracting Kane. Officials break up a fight between Show and Viscera backstage. Later they meet with the WWF Championship on the line. Big Show wins with a drop kick from the top rope. Boss Man appears on the Titan Tron with Show's mother, she says Show was illegitimate upsetting the Champ who calls her later in the show. Rock and Sock vs Snow and Jericho, Chyna blindsides Chris as the match begins. When the referee is distracted NAO attack ending the match. Snow nails Mankind with Head as Raw went off the air.

(1999-12-09) Smack Down begins with Road Dogg vs Chris Jericho. Chyna makes her way to commentary, Jericho declared winner but Chyna informs the referee that Dogg had his foot on the rope restarting the match, Road Dogg takes the win after Chyna knocks Jericho's foot off the rope. Backstage, Test calls off the engagement. Too Cool and Rikishi are at a dance club, the Hollys flatten Rikishi. Kurt Angle and Blackman vs Dudleys, Dudleys get the win after Blackman tags himself in but is distracted.

European Championship Match: Christian vs Bulldog, Posse attack ending the match. Then Venis and D'Lo join the fighting. Boss Man and Prince Albert vs Hardys, Big Show arrives and stalks to the ring tossing Boss Man around like a rag doll. Then chases him from the arena. Mankind vs Al Snow, they battle in and out of the ring but Mankind hesitates to use a chair giving Snow the opportunity to nail him with one ending the match. Vince and family enter the ring for his contract signing with Triple H. Shane gets the contract from Hunter for Vince to sign then takes it back up the ramp for Triple H to sign. After signing it, Hunter and D-Generation X clobber Shane before tossing him off the ramp. X-Pac defeats Test. Rock defeats Billy Gunn, since the referee was out of position when Gunn went for a cover.

Backstage, Linda McMahon tells the Stooges to find Vince. Triple H vs Kane begins, prior to the start of the match Triple H clobbers the referee for his 'bad' officiating in the last match. Another official in a Vince mask enters the ring Hunter nails him, a second referee makes his way to the ring and once again Triple H clobbers him. A third official wearing a Vince mask arrives and is knocked out of the ring as well. Triple H gets knocked out of the ring by Kane and the three officials back him up the ramp to a fourth official in a Vince mask waiting at the top (this one is Vince). Vince levels Triple H with a pipe then takes out the attacking DX members as Smack Down went off the air. That weird video clip played during Bulldog's entrance and Test's entrance as well.


(1999-12-12)Tag Team Battle Royal: Headbangers were eliminated first, followed by Mark Henry and Godfather, Too Cool, Mean Street Posse, then Edge and Christian, leaving the Acolytes, Dudleys, and Hardy Boyz. Matt Hardy eliminated the Dudleys then battled the Acolytes until both Bradshaw and Matt Hardy fell over the top. The official was out of position to see who landed first so the match continued and Faarooq was tossed out, but once again the referee did not see it. Ultimately the match ended when Faarooq tossed Jeff Hardy high over the ropes. Acolytes will compete for the Tag Titles at Royal Rumble. Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman vs Kurt Angle, the two had an intense match with numerous near-falls. However, Angle got the win remaining undefeated. Blackman pummeled Angle after the match with his martial arts weapons.

WWF Womens Championship Evening Gown in a Pool Match, with special referees Moolah and Mae Young. Jacqueline, Miss Kitty, and B.B. were all in the pool before Ivory entered the competition. Jackie was eliminated first, and B.B. soon followed. As Ivory went for B.B.'s bra, Kitty dragged the champ back into the pool stripping her for the win. Miss Kitty is the new WWF Womens Champ. Afterward, Kitty stripped down to her panties as the crowd went wild. Mae Young tried to do the same but Sgt. Slaughter ended that. Rikishi and Viscera vs the Hollys, Viscera inadvertently kicked Rikishi allowing the Hollys to get the victory. Val Venis declared he would win the European Title during an interview with Lilian. Three-Way European Title Match: D'Lo Brown vs Val Venis vs British Bulldog, D'Lo got a near-fall but the Bulldog pulled the ref out of the ring. Venis pinned the Bulldog to become the new European Champion. Kane and X-Pac battled in a Steel Cage, a stipulation added on HEAT. Furthermore, Kane could only win by pinfall while X-Pac could climb out as well. The two rivals clobbered eachother around the cage. New Age Outlaws cut the chains to the cage door and tossed a chair into the ring, X-Pac laid out Kane and handcuffed him to the cage. Tori tried to help but X-Pac leveled her. Then Kane broke the cuffs and defeated his nemesis with a clothesline from the top of the cage followed by a Tombstone.

Intercontinental Title Match: Chyna defended against Chris Jericho. They each got several near-falls, then Jericho exposed a turnbuckle, but Chyna used it against him. Chyna tapped out to the Walls of Jericho, giving the victory to Jericho. Y2J is the new IC Champ. Chyna congratulated her opponent after the match. Rock and Sock Connection vs New Age Outlaws for the Tag Team Championship. The four men battled in and out of the ring. During the match, Al Snow drilled Mankind with Head while the referee was out. The Rock tagged back in and went for a cover on Mr. Ass, but Al Snow returned to break the count and give the match to the Rock and Sock Connection via disqualification. WWF Championship Match: Boss Man vs Big Show, Show took Prince Albert out early, slamming him through the announcer's table. And shortly defeated Boss Man retaining the WWF Championship.

Triple H vs Vince McMahon, no holds barred. Stephanie McMahon watched from ringside as Triple H entered with a sledgehammer in hand. McMahon quickly tossed salt in Hunter's eyes gaining the early advantage. Their fight spilled out to ringside and into the crowd. Mankind arrived with a shopping cart full of weapons. Vince battered Triple H with several objects before having his head bashed into the ring steps. Vince put up a respectable fight as the two fought into the parking area, Hunter tried to hit the owner with a speeding car. Then left the car and clobbered Vince, proceeding to drag the owner back into the arena. The Game shoved Vince off the scaffolding near the entrance on to the arena floor, then Hunter tossed Vince in the ring and grabbed his sledgehammer. Vince recovered and pounded Triple H with a pipe. As Vince grabbed the hammer, Stephanie entered the ring wanting to hit Hunter. She hesitated allowing The Game to take the hammer back and defeat Vince. Hunter appeared ready to hit his wife with the hammer, then they embraced and left hand-in-hand.

(1999-12-13) The new IC Champ Chris Jericho enters the ring as Raw takes off, X-Pac challenges him, Chyna and Miss Kitty make their way to the ring area as the match begins. Jericho gets Pac in the Walls of Jericho, but Chyna levels the referee, Y2J retains the title. Outside, Stephanie and Triple H meet Shane who's waiting for Vince to arrive. Shane is angry with his sister, "You screwed up." Godfather vs Mark Henry, GTV shows Mark with Mae Young, Mark gets the win due to Mae's involvement. Vince McMahon arrives with sledge hammer in hand, Shane tries to calm him down as a furious Vince busts down the door to an empty DX locker room. Then Vince heads for the ring and calls out Triple H, Stephanie enters and reminds Vince what he's put her through - having her abducted by the Undertaker and almost married to him during a rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stephanie says, "I'm doing things my way," then leaves with Hunter. Vince and Shane leave the arena, Stephanie and Triple H take over signing matches for the rest of the show.

Rock and Sock Connection vs Dudleys ends in a DQ when the Dudleys grab a chair. However, Triple H and Stephanie make an appearance and declare the match no-DQ. The match restarts and continues thru a commercial break, Rock lands a People's Elbow but Buh Buh knocks out the referee. Al Snow arrives in a Vince mask and quick-counts the Dudleys to an apparent win, but the official referee recovers and awards the win to the Rock and Sock Connection. Hunter and Steph announce a Womens Championship pudding bowl match. Miss Kitty enters the pool of pudding then Steph sends Tori out to compete. The unprepared Tori enters in her bra and panties, Miss Kitty retains her title due to X-Pac's involvement. Miss Kitty insists on being called The Kat and shoves Lilian into the pudding for not complying. Kane appears and slams X-Pac in the pudding but gets clobbered by the New Age Outlaws. The Posse stop in to congratulate Stephanie and Hunter, she tells them they're taking on the Acolytes. The Acolytes make short work of the Posse getting a quick win. Cage Match: Hardy Boyz vs Edge and Christian, the two teams are reluctant to fight in the cage. Matt Hardy and Christian land outside the cage at the same time, causing the match to continue. Jeff tries to climb out but Christian holds him off the floor allowing Edge to get the victory. Hunter and Steph stop Kane and Tori from leaving, then tell Kane he's in a Triple Threat Match: Kane vs NAO, Kane nearly wins but the Outlaws manage to recover and get the victory. WWF Championship Handicap Match: Big Show vs Boss Man and Prince Albert, if either Boss Man or Albert wins Boss Man gets the belt. Show dominates the match retaining the title.

DX and Steph Stephanie decides she wants to see a Tag Title match, NAO don't want to fight again but Hunter insists. Then she decides Hunter should compete as well and chooses Test as his partner. The three D-Generation X members end up pummeling Test, then Stephanie steps in the ring to slap him. Stephanie poses with DX as Raw went off the air.

Stephanie is sporting a new look, not so innocent looking anymore. Her confrontation was much like Shane's awhile back when he stood up to his father in an apparent show of support for Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, he sided with Vince in the end. Perhaps this will be an elaborate plan against Triple H.

(1999-12-16) Stephanie and Triple H are in charge of SmackDown since Vince and Shane are not attending. Hunter says, "Things are gonna be fair." Then announces Mankind vs Al Snow and Rock vs Big Show for the WWF Championship. Boss Man and Prince Albert enter the ring, Y2J Chris Jericho challenges them both and gets the win over Albert with an assist from Chyna. Test vs Kurt Angle, Stephanie goes ringside despite Hunter's wishes and has Test disqualified for a closed fist. Stephanie lures Test into a D-Generation X ambush. Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy, when tempers flare Terri tries to calm them down and gets shoved aside. Matt takes the win after a dynamic match and all three share a hug afterward.

Backstage, Tori tells Stephanie that she's tired of her and Kane being humiliated. Stephanie challenges her to a match. Posse tries to kiss-up again and Stephanie sends them after Kane. As Steph enters the ring Tori witnesses the Posse attacking Kane on the Titan Tron. Tori starts to leave but then Steph introduces her real opponent as X-Pac. Pac clobbers Tori for the win. Kane recovers and carries Tori from the ring during a commercial break. The Posse receive a rematch with the Acolytes for their troubles, they try to sneak away but Hunter and Steph catch them. Al Snow vs Mankind, hard core rules. Prior to the match Snow is seen conspiring with DX. Later he lures Mankind back to the locker room area and they both enter what appears to be the DX locker room. Moments later Snow stumbles from the room and Mankind makes a cover for the victory. Rock steps out and removes a DX sign from the door revealing it as The Rock's dressing room.

Edge defeats Christian (that weird video clip plays again). Acolytes get a quick win over the Posse then continue to stomp them. Faarooq, Ron Simmons, receives a tremendous reception in his home town. Lilian interviews Jim Ross concerning Triple H and Stephanie he replies, " They're an embarrassment...and Stephanie is acting like a little bitch." Hunter and Steph confront him and Steph slaps JR. Too Cool and Rikishi defeat Hollys and Viscera. Tag Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco, hard core rules. The Stooges come prepared with weapons and get a near win before NAO recover and retain the titles. WWF Championship Match: Rock vs Big Show, Triple H and Stephanie make their way out the ramp and inform the opponents that it will be a lumber jack match: DX, Dudleys, Posse, Viscera, and others are among the lumber jacks, who pound anyone that leaves the ring. DX prevents Rock from winning. Rock gets chokeslammed and DX pulls Show from the ring. Mankind brings a cart full of 'toys' to ringside and starts clobbering the lumber jacks. Rock and Big Show get weapons and clear the area. Viscera gets a rock bottom and People's Elbow as an irate Triple H watches.

(1999-12-20) Stephanie and Triple H are in the holiday spirit on Raw. Throughout the show the Posse fetches various superstars so Hunter and Stephanie can sign matches as Christmas presents. Test vs New Age Outlaws in a handicap-match, not surprisingly NAO are victorious. Edge and Matt Hardy vs Christian and Jeff Hardy, Jeff gets the win over Matt. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and Hunter call JR into the ring to humiliate him, when Triple H is about to break JR's arm Mankind makes his entrance. "I've had enough...the McMahon-Helmsley Era sucks!" and calls Stephanie a ho. Hunter replies, "You want a fight, how about a Boiler Room Match." But Triple H refuses to tell who the opponent will be. Kurt Angle remains undefeated against Viscera after Steve Blackman unexpectedly aids him. Triple Threat Tag Match: Dudleys vs Acolytes vs Moolah and Mae, the Dudleys immediately go after the women until the Acolytes try to help them. The Dudleys get an easy win over Mae. Afterward, Mark Henry clobbers the Dudleys.

Outside the Boiler Room, Mankind is informed he's to take on Santa Clause. The Posse blind-side him and shove him into the Boiler Room. Multiple Santa imposters attack Mick Foley including the NAO and ultimately Hunter delivers the final blow and walks out as the winner. Chris Jericho gets a victory over Godfather with another assist from Chyna. Backstage, Al Snow demands a Brahma Bull Rope match with the Rock. While Hunter doesn't like demands he grants the match.

Holiday Topless Top Rope Match: Terri represents Hardcore Holly and B.B. represents Val Venis, when someone gets tossed over the top rope their representative must remove an article of clothing until one of the ladys is topless. Hunter stands between the ladys as the match gets under way, Holly and Venis both go over the top rope - Terri and B.B. both remove their dresses. Then Holly pulls Val off the top rope for the win. B.B. reluctantly removes her bra as Hunter covers her from the camera. Brahma Bull Rope Match: Rock vs Al Snow, Snow gets the win after repeated interference by NAO. Too Cool and Rikishi defeat Posse.

WWF Championship Match: Big Show vs Kane, if Kane loses Tori must spend the holidays with X-Pac. The referee tries to end the match when Show slams Kane with a chair. However, Hunter declares the match no-DQ. Then adds, "Make it no count out and falls count anywhere." The former champion Kane puts up a tremendous battle but the New Age Outlaws distract Kane allowing Big Show to retain the title. NAO carry Tori away as Triple H wishes everyone a, 'Raw Christmas'.

(1999-12-23) Prior to Smack Down Mick Foley rallys the roster in preparation for a mutiny against the McMahon-Helmsley Era. Stephanie says she's not listening to Hunter anymore - she's in charge and things are going to change. She announces several matches and signs more thru the evening.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Chris Jericho retains the title against Hardcore Holly when Crash gets involved ending the match. As the Hollys attack Y2J, Chyna comes to his aid. Backstage, the Outlaws confront Triple H to come up with a plan, and Stephanie asks Kane to protect her from DX. Rikishi Phatu defeats Viscera, that strange video plays again. The Rock speaks about his upcoming match with Al Snow in a backstage interview. Test defeats Road Dogg, Stephanie promised no interference and lived up to her word. Hunter confronts Stephanie, she tells him to get used to it and brings in security to help. Kurt Angle vs Edge, Angle remains undefeated with Blackman's assist. Backstage, Steph tells Blackman to quit interfering.

Cage Match: Rock vs Snow, Stephanie promises Al a title shot if he wins (Snow enters to new music). They start fighting outside the cage, eventually stepping in the ring and continuing to clobber eachother. Both get several near wins, then Rock lands the People's Elbow for the victory. Ivory challenges The Kat (Miss Kitty) for the Womens Championship, Kat enters with Chyna and requests a no-DQ no count-out match which Ivory accepts. The Kat steps out and Chyna flattens Ivory, Kat makes the cover for the win. Christian and Jeff Hardy vs Kaentai with Posse, Christian and Jeff take the win. Posse and Kaentai start arguing. Kane gets a quick win over Billy Gunn, then chases Gunn into the backstage area. Road Dogg tells Kane where Tori's at and the Big Red Machine takes off. Mark Henry defeats Buh Buh Ray Dudley with an assist from Mae and Moolah.

WWF Championship Match: Big Show vs Mankind, Stephanie and the security escort Hunter to the ring and suspend him in a personal cage above the ring. Test, Edge, Christian, and Jeff Hardy are at ringside. Stephanie declares that after the match Triple H will be lowered and everyone can fight over the scraps. However, during the match seemingly the rest of the locker room attacks Test, Edge, and friends. Then Hunter's cage begins to lower and he has a key - he lets himself out and uses Stephanie as a shield. She kicks Mankind then Hunter levels the referee and Mick. New Age Outlaws pummel the Big Show then DX clobbers Mankind. Hunter and Stephanie embrace as SmackDown ends.

(1999-12-27) D-Generation X and Stephanie enter the ring at the opening of Raw. Hunter announces a WWF Championship match between himself and Big Show. Then Stephanie reminds everyone that she keeps her word, and announces X-Pac vs Kane. They continue, "Last Thursday we taught you a lesson Mick..." Mankind interrupts DX and points out how Hunter is using the other DX members, as he makes his way into the ring. "Hunter doesn't care about you." Then Mick tells Stephanie that Godfather wants her backstage with the other hos, DX attacks Mankind for the insult. Rock enters and the Rock and Sock Connection clears the ring. As DX retreats up the ramp, Hunter announces a 'Pink Slip on a Pole Match' (the loser is fired): Rock vs Mankind.

Chyna calls out Crash Holly and quickly defeats him. Tori and Kane reunite, backstage, she informs him that she had a great weekend with X-Pac. Remarking that he was a gentleman, and she only stayed to honor Kane's word. When she goes to get Kane a drink, she appears traumatized when Test tries to be friendly. The distraught Tori returns to Kane and tells him that Test violated her. The Meanstreet Posse assume the roles of time keeper, ring announcer, and referee for a four-corners tag team match: Godfather and D'Lo vs Dudleys vs Edge and Christian vs Acolytes. When the Posse pulls Bradshaw out of the ring, the Dudleys get the win with a fast-count. Afterward the Acolytes, once again, clobber the Posse. Stephanie is upset when Hunter tells her that he booked Kurt Angle in a handicap match against both Headbangers. Kane and Tori bust into the room and Kane demands Test, Hunter appears confused but agrees. Kurt Angle remains undefeated against the Headbangers with an assist from Blackman; Stephanie insists she told Blackman not to interfere. IC Title Match: Al Snow vs Chris Jericho, Chyna nails Al with Head allowing Jericho to retain the title.

Pink Slip on a Pole Match: (no-DQ) Rock vs Mankind, prior to the match Mick remarks that he hates going through with it and apologizes for anything he may have to do. The match stays even until Snow smacks Rock with Head and urges Mick to climb the pole. However, Mick clobbers Snow for interfering, then gets a rock bottom while he's distracted. Mankind retaliates with a low blow and puts Rock down with Socko. Just as Mankind stretches for the slip, Rock recovers and climbs the ropes beside him. Finally, Rock knocks Mick from the ring ropes and grabs the slip for the victory. An unhappy Rock returns to the locker room while Mick Foley says farewell to the fans, "I was planning to retire next year anyhow...but what just happened at the hands of DX, well, sucks. It was a farce...Have a nice day." Mick Foley departs to a standing ovation. Later, Mick is shown saying Good Bye to guys in the locker room , officials, the TV truck, and others until Hunter and Stephanie have security escort him out.

Four-Corners Inter-Gender Match: Venis and Kat vs Jackie and Viscera vs Prince Albert and Ivory vs Gangrel and Luna, Val covers Gangrel but the referee says Albert was the legal man. Albert levels Val and gets the win. X-Pac defeats Jeff Hardy in a fast paced match. Kane vs Test, who tries to tell Kane he didn't do anything but Kane doesn't want to listen. The match ends when Kane shoves the referee, but Kane flattens Test anyhow. Tag Team Championship Match: New Age Outlaws with X-Pac vs Too Cool with Rikishi, Brian Christopher pins Road Dogg but the referee is distracted giving Pac time to interfere and NAO retains the titles. Rikishi clobbers Road Dogg and X-Pac as fighting erupts, and Too Cool level Billy Gunn. WWF Championship Match: Big Show vs Triple H, as Hunter approaches the ring he declares the match no-DQ. DX watch from the ramp as Show and Hunter battle in and out of the ring. When the referee goes down, NAO enter the ring and level Show with a title belt. Surprisingly, Show kicks out and continues to fight off all four D-Generation X members. Stephanie hands Triple H a chair and he drills Show with it. As Hunter goes for a pedigree, Mankind appears with his own chair and nails Hunter. Big Show chokeslams Triple H for the win. Hunter is livid as Raw goes off the air.

(1999-12-30) Normally scheduled to air on Thursday 1999-12-30 Smack Down did not air on my UPN station until Saturday 2000-01-01.

During the night several 'Classic Mick Foley' segments were shown highlighting Mick's recent career. Triple H and Stephanie are discussing Monday's events backstage when Kane and Tori enter, Hunter asks Kane to repay the favor of a match with Test by facing Rock in a No Holds Barred match. Kane accepts the match after Hunter implies the Rock has been checking out Tori. Test takes on Prince Albert and Boss Man in a surprise Handicap match, Test stands his ground until Boss Man smacks him with his nightstick. Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah voiced their disapproval of Hunter and Stephanie's treatment of Mick Foley and received a match with the Hollys or be fired. Al Snow visited Triple H and Steph, happy that Mick had been fired then asks to take his spot. They agree and tell him to take out Jeff Hardy.

Rikishi with Too Cool vs Kurt Angle with Steve Blackman cuffed to a ringpost per Hunter's order. However, Blackman unlocks the handcuffs, nails Rikishi with a nunchaku, and re-attaches himself without the referee noticing. Angle takes the victory and remains undefeated. Stephanie claims she had nothing to do with it. Jeff Hardy defeats Snow with an assist from Matt. Mark Henry and Harvey Whippleman accompany Mae and Moolah to the ring to face the Hollys, the Hollys easily pick up the win then clobber Henry and Whippleman when they get in the ring. Backstage, Tori appears scared of the Rock. No Holds Barred Match: Kane vs Rock, they fight back the ramp and Kane gets shoved off the stage. Kane quickly recovers and chokeslams Rock through a table, they return to the ring and Rock goes after a chair. But Tori hangs on to the chair and gets pulled into the ring where Kane accidentally collides with her, Rock slams Kane with a chair and delivers a rock bottom for the win.

Jim Ross interviews Mick Foley at home. Mick told JR that his ideal departure would've been at Wrestle Mania as Federation Champion. Further, he said he was not angry at the Rock because it was Hunter's stipulation. "My two proudest moments were winning the Federation Championship and the return of Cactus Jack at Madison Square Garden in 1997." Mick finished the interview by stating that somehow he was going to do something about this. Backstage, Triple H tells X-Pac that if he doesn't beat Big Show in a non-title match he's fired.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Chyna vs Jericho, during the match Jericho grabs a chair but misses, Chyna hits the pedigree and covers Jericho but the referee is down. A second referee runs to the ring, but not quick enough to make the count. They continue the match and knock eachother down, both referees count but disagree as to the winner. (APPENDED: a decision will be announced on Raw 2000-01-03) Faarooq vs Buh Buh Ray Dudley, the Mean Street Posse watch from the stage. The match ends when their respective partners get involved, then the Posse storm the ring with clubs and destroy the Acolytes along with the Dudleys. Mixed-gender tag match: Gangrel and Luna vs Viscera and Jacqueline. Viscera slammed Luna for the win. EMTs, including B.B., carried Luna out. Michael Hayes confronted The Rock backstage, asking if he felt guilty for Mankind's firing. An angry Rock replies that it was Triple H and Stephanie's stipulation, and it was a shame what was done to a man who gave so much to this business. X-Pac vs Big Show non-title match, Triple H and Stephanie watched from the stage. Show tossed X-Pac around the ring like a rag doll. When X-Pac appeared in trouble, Triple H declared it a handicap match and sent Road Dogg in as Pac's partner. Big Show flattens them both, and Hunter adds Billy Gunn and finally himself as X-Pac's partners. D-Generation X finally get the big man down and clobber the WWF Champ giving the victory to X-Pac.

(1999-12-31) Eve of Destruction New Year's Eve special. Some of the year's best matches were highlighted (similar to 'Greatest Moments' aired on UPN earlier in 1999). Matches included:

Also in the show were special interviews with various superstars concerning the matches, and Stone Cold Steve Austin's road rage - driving everything from a monster truck to a zamboni to the ring. Chris Jericho delivered a special message at midnight, reassuring the WWF that Y2J is coming.

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