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Sites I've Designed

Way Cool Customs Custom painting and airbrushing. I made this for my brother who passed away a few years back.

Rob McAninch Photography My photography business site. Rob McAninch Photography specializes in location photography for all occasions: high school senior portraits, weddings, family and relationship portraits, group events, and team photos. The new home for my La Femme Nikita site. Episode guides, movie notes, cast profiles, Peta Wilson, and related information.

Car Audio

Back in 1994 when I got my first car; car audio was a serious hobby for me. Back then, you could compete (and do well) with a decent car and $2000 in equipment. The national organizations were just forming and car audio was either about the audio system sounding good or sounding loud. Now it takes a dedicated vehicle and very large budgets to modify the engine, video, navigation, game consoles, and all sorts of 'extra point' stuff.

All that stuff is neat, but car audio doesn't appeal to me anymore. Don't get me wrong, one of the first things I did with my 2003 Ranger was install a modest system (back in 1994 I could've probably done pretty well in IASCA with it;-). But the whole car audio industry grew up and if you pay a qualified person and make the investment you have a quality sound system; the competitions are about the extra stuff you add on that has little or nothing to do with the sound. FAQ Frequently Asked Questions from the Usenet group devoted to the topic. Access the group at Google.

Crutchfield sells these brands and many more. They are also a good source of information on car audio in general, especially for the beginner. Their service is excellent (and I'm not getting any commission for saying that). Or try Car Audio and Video at

Other Sites

Some other random sites.

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