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MacGyver: The Show

[ MacGyver Opening Screen Shot ] MacGyver originally aired Monday nights on ABC®. MacGyver cast Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver, a resourceful, friendly, mild mannered man - and later an agent for the Phoenix Foundation. It debuted in 1985 and aired for seven seasons through 1992. After its cancellation there were two made-for-TV movies starring Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver. Currently (as of January 2005) TV Land® airs reruns of the show. Spike! TV® is also airing MacGyver.

Unfortunately, I only became interested in the show during its later years and haven't seen many of the episodes. Now if only a network would do as Sci-Fi® is doing with Star Trek® - and show the whole series in sequence. And that is just what TV Land is doing!

Important Entities within MacGyver

Phoenix Foundation

A privately funded research institute whose primary functions involve fostering diplomatic relations, environmental studies, conservation efforts, and technological innovation. Pete Thornton became Director of Operations in 1987 and MacGyver joined the Foundation a short time later. The Foundation is well-respected by the media, world governments, and the public.

DXS - Department of External Services

A government agency equivalent to the Central Intelligence Agency. Pete Thornton and MacGyver worked at the DXS as field operatives before moving to the Phoenix Foundation.

HIT - Homicide International Trust

The organization that employed Murdoc. Once headed by Nicholas Helman, who used his exclusive Helman Club as a front for HIT's activities. Helman was killed by Murdoc. HIT quickly recovered and offered to reinstate Murdoc. The governing body of HIT was simply known as The Board.

Interesting Notes

Concerning MacGyver's dislike of guns. Due to a tragic childhood accident, MacGyver refused to use guns. This was prevalent throughout the show. However, in the season premiere he is shown shooting a rifle at pursuing enemy soldiers. This was attributed to a scripting error made before the MacGvyer character was fully developed.

Dana Elcar, Pete Thornton, indeed developed glaucoma in real life and was legally blind by the end of MacGyver.

MacGyver is the ABC-TV action/adventure series from Henry Winkler/John Rich Productions in association with the Network Television Division of Paramount Pictures.

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