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This is my collection of web sites and books that I've found useful in learning to program in Perl. I recommend these resources for those new to Perl especially.


Perl Resources - the Perl homepage by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

Perl CGI Scripts: Brokenly Installed by Art Sackett.

Troubleshooting Perl CGI Scripts maintained by brian d foy.

The Common Gateway Interface An overview of CGI along with the technical specifications.

CPAN - Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. As the name implies it is comprehensive; modules, documentation, source code, scripts, etc.

Perl Mongers - a Perl advocacy site with many resources. CGI - Internet Related Technologies has a series of articles on CGI, focusing on Perl as the language, from basic to more involved.

CGI-Resources - A large collection of scripts for many different purposes. Judge quality for yourself.

Homepage of Randal L. Schwartz. Perl hacker and author. Lots of good informative stuff here. (I will be providing some more links to articles of his I find particularly useful - when I get around to it.)

ActivePerl - ActiveState's free binary distribution of Perl. Available for Windows among other platforms.

The Perl Journal Online support site to the print version.

Perl I've Written


http_errors is a simple Perl script that handles 404 and 403 HTTP errors with a little more style than the server tends to. It gives different messages for images and temporary files (given that they're in a /temp/ directory). And you can include your own message as well.
http_errors Distribution Site >


gb is a simple Guestbook. It can generate the submission form dynamically, or accept submissions from your own customized form. In either case it'll update your entries and send the viewer on to view your Guestbook. For more information:
gb Distribution Site >


tina will insert a random line from a file via SSI. Typical uses might be to insert a random joke or quote, an affiliate link, or banner ads I suppose. For details:
tina Distribution Site >

Perl Books

I own these books, so my comments are based on personal experience not pulled out of the air. Click the titles to buy them or get more information. Sold in affiliation with

Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs With Perl by Joseph N. Hall with Randal L. Schwartz. Techniques and methods to aid the aspiring Perl hacker to write better code.

Learning Perl (2nd ed) - An easy to read introduction to Perl by Randal Shwartz and Tom Christiansen. If you have some programming experience in another language this one might be too basic. However, I found it a very nice introduction to Perl. Not nearly so dry as I expected.

Programming Perl (3rd ed) July 2000. By Larry Wall, Orwant, and Christiansen. Updated and revised to cover more ground. This one is more of a reference book; a definitive guide to Perl. It has a brief overview of Perl, defines the functions, and explains more details. Some material is Unix-centric.

Perl Cookbook - Just what it says. This book is full of answers to common problems. It contains pieces of Perl that can be easily modified or built upon to meet your needs.

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