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This is the hypertext version of an article I have at times posted to the Usenet group alt.html. It is (or was) posted in an effort to both help newcomers find good answers and to help regulars from being overwhelmed with noise.

Plain text version: http://rock13.com/webhelp/usenet/newbie.txt (Probably the most current.)

Updated 2001-12-31
For those new to alt.html, or Usenet in general, following
this advice should keep you from getting flamed, get you
better answers quicker, and make you look smarter.

Helpful Sites list at the end of this document.

1. Before asking a question, check a FAQ first.
http://hyweljenkins.co.uk/mfaq.php *Brief and to the point*
http://www.html-faq.com/faq.php    *The alt.html FAQ*
http://www.htmlhelp.com/faq/html/  *c.i.w.a.h. FAQ*
http://allmyfaqs.com *A wiki with a large amount of information*

2. Post ONLY plain text.
No HTML, images, or other binaries. Place these on the web and
post a URL. Posting HTML is fine, posting _in_ HTML is not.
Basically, it makes you look foolish.

3. Quoting Style: Quote what is relevant to your reply.
Do include some of what you're replying to, preferably using a
Question-Answer format. That is, reply directly below the statements
you are responding to. Using this format makes for a much easier to
understand discussion, not just in the present but in archives.

4. Use a meaningful Subject Line.
HELP! URGENT!! PLEASE HELP! are NOT meaningful.

5. Do not post the same question to multiple groups.
Crosspost if you must, that is address the message to all groups.

6. Be helpful.
If you can offer advice or have solved a similar problem,
please add your knowledge. Try not to mislead people. If you
have a solution you know only works part of the time, say so.

7. Do not request email replies.
Well, you can request them...don't mean you'll get them:-)

- - - - - Helpful Sites - - - - -
HTML http://allmyfaqs.com/faq.pl?HTML_Tutorials
CSS  http://css.nu/pointers/

During the time I posted this article to alt.html, I did at times highlight an individual link as an FYI. These sites addressed some of the most often asked questions (near the time of posting). Those sites, and other resources, can be found in my Authoring Resources.

This document was originally based on The Seven Dont's of Usenet

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