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[ Rock with Harry Kim ] The Star Trek: Voyager (at ODP) episode Tsunkatse aired 2000-02-09. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson played the part of an alien fighter in a match against former Borg drone, Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan).

The show opened at a futuristic gladiator arena where two combatants just entered to fight. B'Elana Torres and Chokotay (Roxann Dawson and Robert Beltran) were in the audience, while Voyager's crew was on shore leave. Seven decided to go on an away mission with Tuvok (Tim Russ) and their shuttle craft was captured. Seven reluctantly agreed to fight in a Tsunkatse 'blue' match (red was to the death) to protect Tuvok. Seven enters the ring to face 'The Rock' (his alien name wasn't given). The Rock gave the People's Eyebrow upon entering the pit and later finished Seven of Nine with a Rock Bottom. Voyager crew members were at the match and Chokotay tried to beam her out but they realize they're watching a hologram. They return to Voyager and begin to search for Seven's location. Meanwhile an alien champion agrees to train the reluctant Seven for her next match, a 'red' match, to the death. Seven ends up facing her trainer in the pit but luckily Voyager finds and rescues her before they're forced to kill eachother.

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