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Well, I was always meaning to post an updated fb.cgi but never got it finished and packaged up. I've been messing around with some PHP lately but doubt I'll update anything here. It seems that website guest books aren't used much these days. You'd have to put in all sorts of bot and spam filters a captcha and maybe silly question to prove you are a human - all before you get to leave a message on the guest book. I will probably put up a blog at some point. [ Updated: 2010-10-28 ]

All documentation that was online is still available in the zip file below along with version 0.31 of gb.

Overview of gb

gb is a simple guest book program written in Perl. The latest version of gb and all documentation can always be found at <>. gb is an easy to use program for allowing your website visitors to leave a name and brief message, and optionally their email and URL. It will generate the submission form dynamically, which is what I recommend you do since there's less to fuss with that way.

If you have trouble getting gb to run, or are new to CGI and Perl, see my Webhelp: Perl.

Download gb (11.6KB zip)

Can I see gb in action?

Presently, no. I had too many folks spamming the guestbook. You're still welcome to download it and try it as is; though at this point it is a very basic Perl guestbook.

Why gb?

Why not? Most aspiring Perl hackers end up writing guestbook.cgi at some point - so there's a bunch of them out there. This one is mine, and I'm a little different so I call it gb (not GB or Gb). Actually, I went to Jr. High with a cute little brunette we called G.B. ...but that's getting off topic.


Ah, fooey! Maybe you screwed up. Alright, I haven't run this on a wide variety of systems so if you encounter a problem send me feedback.

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