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As this information has grown rather old, I moved it a step away from the main site. I know wrestling is entertainment, the competition is scripted, but it is entertainment none the less. While this section won't be modified significantly do keep an eye on the main index for my current thoughts in Synaptic Discharge.

In the past I focused a good deal of time on the World Wrestling Federation, or World Wrestling Entertainment as it is now known, but I don't expect to have that leisure for the forseeable future. Besides, the site started archiving their material quite some time ago (albeit not as early as I began to archive summaries). Hence these pages will sit here and collect cyber-dust till I decide to archive them for download only.

While I did think linking significant events together as I tried to do was useful I simply don't have the time anymore. Other sites have more time to devote to spoilers and reviews. Perhaps someone will eventually tie WWE history into a database so events and storylines can be followed much more easily. Then again, I believe the WWE is mostly about living in the moment - entertainment now - and not really meant to be analyzed in so much detail as such a database would allow.

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